Big Brains

What would you do if you have big brains?

Grow BIG hair to conceal your oversized skull! Like them.

We are proud of Lok Lok that he didn’t cry when we pulled out his first baby tooth.

Sasha, getting prettier as she grows.

QQ aka Little Jumbo can crawl now and would bite anything at sight!

There is never a dull moment growing up in this family. Heh!

As for the other “Big Brainer”, Yuin is going sailing again – Bon Voyage!

PS. My aunt better not see this. She will kill us for messing around with her expensive wig!

12 Responses to “Big Brains”

  1. yuin Says:

    thank you! see you when i see you!

  2. anigma Says:

    Be good, Yuin!

  3. YY Says:

    thanks for giving me a good tips of what to put on Jandro’s head next time seeing him…

  4. anigma Says:

    HAHAHAHAH!!! You can use your mom’s wig! LOL!

  5. Simple American Says:

    So big hair covers big brains? Boy am I in trouble. *Looks at receding hairline*

    Cute kids. All of them your cousins?

  6. anigma Says:

    Can always wear a wig. Hahahaha. I am too old to be their cousin! They are the monsters my mom is baby sitting.

  7. Kleio Says:

    Oh gosh.. I tot it was a 60s flashback or sumthing. LOL
    They are so adorable :D
    My son lost 3 baby toothy already. Too soon, too soon. And it seems like the new teeth aren’t growing the right angle. Shit.

  8. colourmecrazy Says:

    Awwww, they are soooo sweet! How can they be monsters!

  9. anigma Says:

    Kleio: The hair is really in the 60s. They are adorable in pictures but if you meet them in person… you will faint.

    colourmecrazy: You should spend one day with them before you say they are not. HAHAH!

  10. inaesb Says: Cute.

  11. Kenny Mah Says:

    Awwww… so CUTE! Even with the auntie wig on, haha…

  12. anigma Says:

    inaseb: I think after these pics, probably parents won”t send their kids to our house for baby sitting. They would worry their kids will be a bunch of freaks like us. Haha!

    Kenny: Haha. I think there is another wig around the house. Would scout for it and take pics again. Haha!

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