50 Favorite Shots IV

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my 50 favorite shots taken around Malaysia….

#16 The Devil and the Angel. KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. After the power failure on 13 January 2005, government had a hard time to pacify the public outcry. And it sort of happened again on 25 June the same year. I was at KLCC in one of my routine window shopping after office hours to wait for the jam to subside. On the way back to the car park, I positioned myself unsteadily; snapping away at the Twin Towers and suddenly one of KLCC tower black out. Not a superb picture, but it captured an awkward moment.

Tanjung Sepat. I know most of you read about my numerous trips to Tanjung Sepat. Most of my favorite pictures are from Tanjung Sepat. So, here are four of my favorite shots.

#17 Simplicity. Countless rebuilding had been done to this bridge. Decayed wood were changed. Roof redone. Thanks to influx of visitors to a mushroom farm next to it. Taken on 2005.

#18 Regeneration. Taken on 2006.

#19 Almost Human. This is a tree overlooking the beach in Morib, 15 minutes drive from Tg. Sepat.

#20 Life After Death. Ear fungi growing out of a dead log. It sort of reminded you that death is not a solution to all problems. Even in death, there might be life.

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15 Responses to “50 Favorite Shots IV”

  1. laymank Says:

    that’s an hard to get opportunity on a black out Twin Towers there!! and you got it!Cool!

  2. zewt Says:

    i like that not so twin tower shot… i am going to save it down, hope u dont mind.

  3. Short Horse Says:

    Last installment of pics are my personal favorite …… love the Tanjung Sepat shots & what a lucky break get the twin tower nemesis shot…

  4. anigma Says:

    laymank: I should sell that to the press that time. Haha.

    zewt: Haha. Not so nice worr. Shakey hands. No problem if you want to save it was wall paper. But don’t use it for something else.

    Short Horse: I prefer LRC2 – the nickname. Hahahaha. Yeah. I love Tanjung Sepat shots as well. It’s amazing that I had been there 4x and all the pics still look different from different angle!

  5. Simple American Says:

    Wonder what those ears have heard?

    That shot of the twin towers is classic. How often can someone capture that shot?

    Neat looking bridge. Can hear it creaking with traffic. :)

  6. frank Says:

    all r nice shots! u really hv compilation of some many of them… like shot #16 as well… “the devil and the angel”…cool!

  7. anigma Says:

    SA: Hahah! That is a nice take! Should have thought of that. I am running out of ideas to name captions for my pics. Help please. Heh! Yeah. The darken tower is purely coincidental.

    Frank: Thanks! With comments like that, I would definitely post more pics! Thanks people!

  8. Simple American Says:

    Please don’t stop. I bet it is hard. But I love the peek of your country. :)

  9. anigma Says:

    Haha! I already have the 50 pics to load. Just that need sometime to think of captions. Haha. Thanks.

  10. ml Says:

    sharp eyes tend to catch the beautiful angles. nice shots! the devil and the angel reflects the stupidity of some people that never learn from lessons… after lessons… sigh… hopeless mud that can never cling on the wall.

  11. anigma Says:

    ml: Too late already. The hopeless mud is now using super glue… even if they know it won’t work. Hahahahah.

  12. visithra Says:

    gorgeous shots dear – i really love this series you’ve been doing.

  13. anigma Says:

    visithra: Hey! Why don’t you do the same thing too? You have really wondrous shots of Malaysia that I really like. Saw in your flickr. :)

  14. visithra Says:

    lol im thinking of it but i havent travelled much in msiala not as much as u ;p – n some of the travels were done before the age of my digital cam – so lacking variety in places la ;p

  15. anigma Says:

    Visithra: Actually, I started to really travel only from late 2004 onwards. Yeah. Most of my travels earlier do not have digital camera so, it was somewhat ridiculous to waste film takings pics of sorts like now. Hahaha. I understand. At first, I have problems coming up with 50 pics too. If I put in foreign pics like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Bali – where all my best pictures are, it would defeat the purpose of our National Day.

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