Destination: Sitiawan

You must be thinking I had gone mad for going on a road trip back-to-back for the past few days… well, you are right. As I am typing this, I am suffering some a mild ingestion. But this trip is worth every mouthful.

We drove to Sitiawan on drizzly Saturday evening, as soon as Kikuchi knocked off work. As soon as we turned into the highway, Sailor Boy complained he was hungry. It’s not even 6 pm yet. We made a brief stop at Sg. Buloh jejantas for a quick bite – KFC.

Mr Ketchup: I want snack plate – chicken thighs only okay! Hot & spicy. And I want orange. Thanks.

Kikuchi: I want snack plate – two breasts, hot & spicy and Pepsi.

Sailor Boy: Get me dinner plate please. Mix Hot & spicy and original with Pepsi.

Kikuchi: Eh? They don’t let you mix. It’s either hot & spicy or original. I worked in KFC before leh!

Sailor Boy: I have been ordering this since the day I was born.

Mr Ketchup: Why you ordered original? It’s not nice!

As for myself, I ordered a Zinger maxx combo.

Guess who is the uncomplicated one here?

After eating the intricately prepared dinner at KFC, we went on our journey and not even 2 hours later, Sailor Boy complained he is hungry again. And this fella is so damn thin. God is never fair. Instead of taking advised direction from ML to take Gopeng exit, we took the emergency exit to Bidor to eat at the famous Pun Chun restaurant selling Duck Thigh Noodles and Wan Tan Mee.

Apart from Mr Ketchup who traveled before to Lumut once last year, the rest of us are totally clueless on how to get to Sitiawan. Kikuchi failed his geography and Sailor Boy only knows how to read directions from the stars while he is at the sea and unsure whether it might be the same on land, we decided to just follow the road signs and our gut instincts.

We were quite relieved that it was actually a lot simpler to get to Sitiawan through the Bidor exit. You just need to follow the signboard all the way to Pulau Pangkor.

Mr Ketchup: Where is Orient Star?

Me: It’s in Lumut town. Jalan Iskandar Shah. The locals told me, it’s just along the road. You should not miss it. It’s huge.

Mr Ketchup: I don’t like the sound of this.

True enough. We didn’t see Orient Star Hotel along the road like what other people told us. Damn. It was at the end of the universe after the jetty towards Pulau Pangkor. The irony is, such “famous” hotel don’t even have a decent signboard to show the way. We think it would be better to stay in smaller and less expensive hotels or motels (never mind special effects sounds at night) in the future. There has been a few new motels mushrooming around the Lumut area, which look quite decent.

After dumping our knapsacks in the hotel, we went out with our host for the weekend, Hot Momma Sharon. She took us to this Malay stall in Seri Manjong for its famous kueh teow basah. Don’t let the picture conned you. It might look somewhat disgusting but the taste is unbelievably good! This is probably the best kueh teow I had, at the beginning of this year! Haha.

We called it a day once we finished planning for our breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea time tomorrow.

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12 Responses to “Destination: Sitiawan”

  1. Lingzie Says:

    these makan road trips are the bestest kind of road trips… :)
    and i hope your friends didn’t tell you all their complex orders and expect you to order on their behalf! i would have just ordered the same thing for everyone – 3 snack plates please!

  2. zewt Says:

    melaka and then setiawan… yeah, you do sound mad hahahah….

    it doesnt look disgusting at all… it looks yummy!!!!!

  3. shorthorse Says:

    What a culinary adventure indeed… do admire your healthy appetites! Hmmm.. you guys into KFC too eh? I know its frowned upon by some but seriously… when you’re watching a really good movie in the middle of the night, don’t you just crave for a good bite into a succulent piece of fried chicken…spicy or original notwithstanding …

  4. Mama BoK Says:

    Awesome..! can i join..??

  5. Gina Says:

    Lingzie: Why I complained is because I was about to be the only one making the order when the rest gone to the loo. It was then, Kikuchi who saw my annoyed face, helped with the orders and he did it pretty smoothly.

    zewt: Tonight I am going to KLCC to pig out with another friend also.. I am super mad. Hahah! Yummy?? It’s as good as it looks then!

    shorthorse: These pics are merely the tip of the iceberg… watch this space for more mouth watering pictures…. yes, we are pretty much KFC people. My family loves KFC too.

  6. Gina Says:

    Mama BoK: We were just talking about this yesterday. In order to join fei chai trips, one has to weight at least 60 kgs and above.. but we made an exception this time round for the skinny ass Sailor Boy and Hot Momma Sharon.

  7. asme Says:

    Wah! KFC at 6 pm, Wan Tan Mee at 8 pm and Wet Keow Teow at 10?? pm. Wah!!
    I am feeling hungry.

  8. zing Says:

    Think it was said more like “could you help get me a… need to go to the loo”… LOL!!! Don’t remember any “I want, I want!”s.. :) Oh, you left out the “orange, not the juice, but the FnN one” :P

  9. ml Says:

    i used to order KFC with combination of original and spicy once in a while wor, no problem so far. :)

    had the duck noodle at bidor many years back, it’s yummy.

    looking at the pic, i can imagine the delicious taste of the kueh teow basah. had something similar b4 but not as basah as this.

  10. Gina Says:

    asme: Eh.. since you go hiking so many times ah.. I think you should have a makan trip to compensate the calories burned. Hahahah! I am okay to be your guide to Tg. Sepat. :)

    zing: Got meh ah? I heard I want, I want only. Hahahha!

    ml: Kikuchi said don’t have worr. Look at pics also know it’s nice already?

  11. yuin Says:

    i’m still hungry. burp.

  12. Gina Says:

    Yuin: Puberty is it? Hahah. Man.. you can really eat.

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