Fish Dreams

I had another weird dream the other night.

I was happy to finally have a big room to myself. It has large windows which allow natural sunlight to shine through the room. The floor was tastefully done in lacquer wood. There was a big white bed. One thing weird though – there was a display section. In the display section, I saw a big aquarium. Thinking it contains only possibly kois, I didn’t look into it till 3 days later. (Yes, the dream told me that it was three days later).

Then I notice there was another aquarium in the room covered by a white screen which made the whole section seemed blended to the white wall. That is why I didn’t notice the aquarium at the first place.

To my horror, I saw the aquarium packed with fish! There were palm-size fishes with silver scales and black dotted bodies and there were 3- 5 pre-historic fishes! They were all very hungry looking! After all, it has been 3 days that I blissfully spent in the room without feeding the fishes!

I gestured to somebody (I cannot remember who he was) to come and have a look. The guy came and then laughed and told me that the fishes were harmless! While he was laughing, he pointed at the fishes as if he was making a mockery of them. It was really disturbing. Before I could warn him that the fishes might jump out and bite him, the pre-historic fish really jumped out and ate his arm! Out of reflex, I went to his aid and pulled the fish way from his arm. The fish somehow disintegrated!

Then, I went to check on the display room’s aquarium – there were a few pre-historic fishes in there too. I demanded them to remove the fishes away. Before they do, I woke up.

It was said that if you dream about fish, someone is actually getting pregnant! I hope this is good news even if the pregnant one is not me! Haha! I surely hope someone close to me is getting pregnant!

Meaning of fish dreams, click here.

5 Responses to “Fish Dreams”

  1. Ann Says:

    Woman..this post almost had me burst out laughing. I had to control..

  2. Gina Says:

    You gotta take care of your recovering rib cage. Avoid reading this blog for awhile. Haha!

  3. Cee Says:

    hahaha… u have any fishes at home ah? You dreams all weird weird ones, can write into movies u know :D

    Oooo…..i can check the meaning of my dreams then.

  4. lingzie Says:

    somehow when i read this post, i immediately thought of the fishing pond in pet society!! (this silly Facebook game)
    too addicted liao la me….. lol

    happy holidays gina! :)

  5. Gina Says:

    Cee: The only fish that can be found in my house… is on the dining table everyday. LOL! My dreams memang ada Mr Steven Spielberg’s touch. Hahahaha!!!

    lingzie: Haha! I don’t play facebook games.. or any online games for the matter.. really no time.. pang sai pun boh eng! LOL! You have a good holiday too!

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