Thank You

Two weeks before the wedding, my first aunt decided to give the house a new look by painting everything! Imagine, she has the whole year to do so but she only started to paint the gate two weeks before the wedding. Three days before the wedding, she decided to paint the brickwall fence. She decided to spring clean the store room on Saturday morning before relatives came in throngs!

At first, I asked the family if they would like to have a buffet dinner the night before the wedding so I could get people to cook for us. My mom shot down the idea. They decided not to have anything at all. Mana tau, my mom and aunts decided to cook for the family, relatives and some friends on Saturday. The preparation for the dinner started a week earlier – buying ingredients, setting the menu, etc. My aunts from Taiping came to our house on Tuesday night itself and started to prepare things for the Saturday cook out.

On the Saturday morning, all aunts were busy cooking to prepare dishes to be presented at the ancestral altar. There were lobak (meat spring roll, taiping style), fish, stir fried vegetables, acar, yam cake, nam yue chicken, pig’s intestines soup, etc. It was said that, there should be 12 dishes on the table as offering to the ancestors to ask them for blessings for the wedding.

After pouring tea and wine 3 rounds in each tea cup and glass, my sis kow tow to the ancestors 12x to show respect and pray for good marriage and good luck.

Then, my mom “puak puay” by flipping two coins and throwing them on the ground – if the coins showed one side up and one side down, meaning the spirits of the ancestors had arrived to consume the food and gave their blessings for the wedding. Things were rather smooth because every time my mom flip the coins and threw them on the ground, it was always affirmative.

The entire afternoon was spent entertaining relatives and friends that came intermittently. Imagine, we had to prepare the table, warm up the dishes, scooping rice, washing the dishes, etc around the clock till night time! And I was in charge to check in outstation guests at Vistana Hotel and the guests all came at different hours that I had to make 3 trips to the hotel that day!

By the time we finished helping out at the kitchen and making sure all things are packed for the big day on Sunday, it was already 2 am. And I had to wake up at 5.30 am with my sister to follow her to my cousin’s makeup studio at 6 am. After brushing teeth and changing clothes, we headed out to the makeup studio. It was an auspicious day to get married because my other cousin sis is registering on the same day too! So, she was also there at our cousin’s makeup studio. I took a picture of the three of them and my sis was excited to compare it with a picture taken of the three of them some 10 years ago during her 21st birthday!

It was a mad rush at home at 7.30 am. Imagine, there were 15 people in the house and all wanted to use the bathroom and getting dressed in the morning. The whole scenario really pumped up the adrenaline to the max!

Thank God for the fairly good weather. There were drizzles the night before so it was not a very hot morning. However, with some 40 – 60 people walking around the house, you could imagine the heat emitted from everybody. I was practically drenched in my own sweat to the verge of drowning! I couldn’t bear to watch the video because I believe I would be seeing myself wiping my sweat frantically at every scene or me showing disgusted face whenever simian-like kids running around the house, knocking everything and blocking the walkways and their parents were too busy (body) to care!

Night dinner started well before 8.45 pm. I guess it’s a good timing considering there were 60 tables this time.

I wish to thank all my friends for their helping hands during the two busiest days. Thank you to friends who came and also those who didn’t come. Hahah! It was a good thing to have good friends around to celebrate my only sister’s happiest day in her life.

8 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. zing Says:

    Clap, clap, clap. Weddings are big events. Can showcase the best and worst in people. But, well done! All went relatively well! :)

    Now waiting for your turn. :P

  2. Gina Says:

    Zing: In a few days time… I am gonna bitch about the wedding. Hahaha! Your turn first lah. On and off. Haha!

  3. unkaleong Says:

    Congrats to your sister again. when your family puak puay, do they do it like best of three ar? Hahahaha….

    We hired caterers for my sisters ‘lau thia’ ;)

  4. Gina Says:

    unkaleong: I get what you mean! But then, we only do once for every question now. Last time, we used to do the best of three. HAHAHHAAH! I suggested caterer for my sis’ lau thia also but my mom said no need mah.. then last minute pergi cook pulak for everybody.. then at night, sapu yoko yoko on her legs before sleeping. LOL

  5. Kleio Says:

    Really happy for your and your sister. She got herself a fine hubby. She looked so radiant and happy. Now looking forward to you inviting me to your new niece/nephew’s fullmoon :D

  6. Gina Says:

    Kleio: I agree too. :D Keeping fingers crossed! I will be more than happy to help her distributing red eggs, nasi kunyit and curry chicken. :D

  7. shorthorse Says:

    Wow…. 60 tables …. sounds like a mammoth affair! Congrats to your family….. your sis must’ve been feeling like she was in 7th heaven :)

  8. Gina Says:

    shorthorse: For Chinese wedding banquets, no matter how many tables.. people will still come late.. yum seng will be late.. then it’s always chaotic. Haha! Thanks

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