Random Notes

Absent mindedness

I think my absent mindedness is getting more and more chronic. I sent my passport to the travel agent to get my China Visa done on Wednesday, only to remember that I have a Bangkok trip this weekend. It was a lucky thing that I remember about Bangkok before the travel agent submitted my application form to the China embassy on Thursday.. or else I would tear my hair out! Geez! This is definitely a close call!

Hospital visits

Partly suffering from amnesia, I am glad I still remember to visit a friend in the hospital. She just underwent a double replacement of heart valves. Thanks to those who offered to donate blood. I truly appreciate your kind gestures. She is doing just fine now, apart from the recurring flooding of the right lung which needs to be drained. It pains my heart to see her walking about lugging a flask of her own blood and water in a small trolley and having so many puncture wounds in her small lithe body. There is also an almost 20cm long scar on her chest. So, friends, I guess what she needs now is your prayers for her speedy recovery. Let us pray for her together. Thank you so much.


Preparing for wedding is no joke. Like my aunt aptly described it – two persons getting married, hundreds of people would be busy as well. Haven’t been getting enough sleep the past two weeks before the wedding. There was so much to be done, last minute things to look into. I was relieved that we hired a photographer or else, I think it would be much worse. I ended being the adhoc runner – fetching things from the room, the car, the house, etc. The chair arranger, crowd controller, money and gold guardian, usherer, multi media organizer, etc.


A few days ago, I dreamed of my primary school friends and we were all sitting in a flying bus. All of us were in pinafores. One of them was my best friend back then, Zarina. We were talking about how we are going to laugh at this moment on a “flying bus” many years from now as most people would reminisce their childhood years with such fondness. We lamented how most of us would not admit that we are getting old. Then, I woke up.

As at today, I haven’t spoken or kept in touch with Zarina since I moved to KL some 20 years ago. We have totally lost touch. The last I heard from a friend, she was in UK under some scholarship scheme. Then, only yesterday, a friend asked me if I am interested to go on a road trip with an old primary school friend who will be coming back from the US this October.

Then, she further mentioned that we will go and look up for Zarina in Taiping. I was flabbergasted. I thought Zarina is in the UK? She said, “No. Zarina has been mysteriously hiding in Taiping for some time now according to her mother.”

I told my friend about my dream and how creepy it was because I never dream or even think about Zarina till now and all these happening so suddenly! Instead of expressing curiosity over such coincidence, she kept asking me if I dreamed about her also. Geez.

4 Responses to “Random Notes”

  1. hcpen Says:

    I have had dreams of primary and secondary school friends out of the blue too..hehe

  2. Gina Says:

    hcpen: The creepy part is.. you dreamed about them once in a blue moon and a few days after that, your friend mentioned about them and asked u to go on road trips… on a flying bus perhaps?

  3. shorthorse Says:

    Well I guess there’s a 6th sense in every one? Just like you always happen to turn & look when someone is looking at you ……

  4. Gina Says:

    shorthorse: Eh? I encounter that too. I was walking out from the staircase when I felt someone was staring at me, so I looked to the person’s way and found my friend looking back at me! So I just waved lah. Haha!

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