Sawadee Ka

Before my trip to Bangkok, I received a lot of “advices” and comments from friends and colleagues alike.

“Wah… you dare to go there nearing the anniversary ah?” A colleague was referring to the demonstration by anti government protesters last year in November that had the entire airport shut down for almost a week.

“You not scared of H1N1 meh?” Hello? Eh… got people stay at home also kena H1N1 lah.

“You are the one getting married and your sister went for honey moon?” a colleague teased my sister when she found out I am going to Bangkok after my sis’ wedding. LOL.

Well, thanks but, I still think I will go to Bangkok no matter what. My main concern is probably the King. His health has not been good of late. I am glad however that His Majesty is getting well again after a few days losing appetite. Actually I worry for selfish reason lah… I couldn’t imagine what will happen if the unfortunate happens. *Touch wood*

Day 1 – 26th September 2009, Saturday

Our AK 746 flight was on time. I am glad that my luggage bag was not tampered. I guess there is really some form of improvements in Air Asia within the last few years. Even the chief stewardess speaks really good English and Malay – unlike the past few years, most of the announcements made were mainly gibberish.

We settled down in Bangkok City Suite Hotel along Petchburi Road. It’s a good value for money hotel – RM120 per night on triple sharing basis. So we ended paying only RM120 each for 3 nights! Also, they give us a free transfer from airport on the first day we arrived. Tai dou lan lorrrr! Haha! Thanks to Peking Duck for recommending this. I really appreciate it.

It has a tv, a fridge, nice hard bed, shower and bath tub, bidet and hair dryer. Unfortunately, the door has no latch which is our major concern for safety. Also, no kettle provided in the room. There goes our coffee fix. Even though the hotel mentioned that, it’s very near to the attractions like Grand Palace or MBK shopping mall, we still need to take a cab there. In order to buy water, we need to walk like 5 minutes to the nearest 7-11 where we passed by some dingy pub and dingy massage parlor. But, the dingy massage parlor provided a good service for foot and body massage; totally not as dingy as it looks from outside. Haha! The breakfast spread, despite being quite modest, is quite good.

No laughing matter

As soon as we got into the hotel elevator, we were greeted by this sign advising us to beware of  tuk tuk syndicate ferrying people to buy fake gemstones, jewelry, souvenirs or tailors. We laughed at it because we have been warned by so many people who visited Bangkok and confidently think that we will not fall into such trap because we are such smart people. Well, too early to say that! Stories later.

We started our late day in Bangkok by going to Suan Lum night market. It was about some 15 minutes ride away because of the unthinkable jam. Bangkok is always jam. Tak pasal pasal jam. Suka suka jam.

Suan Lum Food Court

Anyway, we had our dinner there at the Suan Lum food court before shopping. The food is not too bad. I had the stir-fried minced pork with basil leaves and the girls had the phad thai and fried rice. Never ever drink beer before walking about Suan Lum or else you will sweat like as if you have fallen into the river.  They even have a live band there playing. Kinda cool. You should try the many colored ice cream though! It’s delicious! It’s a good way to cool down yourself from the sweaty walkabout in the market.

Suan Lum night lights

We ended the night early to prepare for an early morning and proud of ourselves that we managed to control our spending at Suan Lum Night Market.


11 Responses to “Sawadee Ka”

  1. Ann Says:

    I really miss BKK.

    I still remember I almost got stuck there last year. Imagine if I did. Gosh!!

  2. ai shiang Says:

    Bangkok is definitely too congested. No doubt of the jams. A journey that takes 15 minutes would end up hours. I slept most of the journey in the van – because of the jams. It might be fastest to take the train, but I didn’t try at that time.

    I believe the tour guide told us that it is best to avoid traffic by getting to where you want to go at about 4 am. But, you won’t want to be in the office at 4am!

  3. Gina Says:

    Ann: I miss BKK too.. Haha! Yeah! That was a close call for you, last year. You were so lucky!

    ai shiang: Actually if you avoid going out during rush hours, it’s fine. We stayed back at the shopping mall till 9 pm to wait for the jam to subside. When we went to Ayutthaya on the 3rd day, which is a Monday, I was surprised the road was rather smooth!

  4. unkaleong Says:

    I miss bangkok :(

  5. shorthorse Says:

    Hi hi… welcome back! Missed u! … Hey, you managed to go to Ayuthaya this round…. I love Ayuthaya!

  6. Gina Says:

    unkaleong: So, when are you going back to your hometown? Hehe!

    shorthorse: Hello! I miss you and Tony too! Yeah.. I went to Ayutthaya. Well, you will know later when I write about it. Hehe!

  7. lingzie Says:

    oooooo bangkok… keep telling myself that i will go one day. until now, the one day has not arrived!
    but most likely if i tell my dad that i’m going to bangkok he will kick up a huge fuss (about safety)!

  8. fallen angel Says:

    The water in your room is free. The hotel will replenish the water daily when they clean your room. Then again maybe they have changed.

  9. Gina Says:

    lingzie: You go lah. It’s not dangerous. Even if they go on protest or strike, they go to places like the Grand Palace only. Hopefully, they don’t go and close down airport lah. I guess it all depends on luck one. Hehe. So good luck.

    fallen angel:
    Yeah. I know. We got a bottle each. But it’s not enough. I advised my friends to bring the bottles with them when they go out but one of them forgot, so they only replace two bottles instead of three. We need the kettle coz we want to make our own coffee. :D

  10. peking duck Says:

    wah still managed to hustle for free transfer from airport ah? geng lah u…

    great pics as usual!

  11. Gina Says:

    peking duck: We didn’t hustle for it leh. It was given one. But it does help if you have someone speaking in Thai with them on the phone. Hehe! Thanks to Lil’s sis in law who is a Thai and helped us with the booking. We actually paid the driver 100 baht as tip! And also, thanks for the recommendation!

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