Wild, Wild River

I was on the bus with some family members and other people whom I not known. We were traveling to the crocodile farm. Upon reaching the place, suddenly the bus driver stepped on an emergency brake and sent everybody in the bus flipping all over the place, except for my family members whom I held on tight. Without warning, the bus fell off a cliff heading towards the crocodile farm at 90 degrees and rolled over a few times before hitting a stop.

The bus doing a 90 degrees drop

Miraculously, nobody was hurt. Apparently, this is the only way buses can enter the crocodile farm. We were welcomed with open arms by owners of the farm. From the waterfall to the river, we could see crocodiles the sizes of bolsters were swimming along the water current. We were somewhat not afraid of what we saw.

Shooting the rapids along the crocodile infested river

Then, the owners ushered us to a very long boat with its hull looking somewhat like the built of Noah’s ark but without the roof. We were shooting rapids in the very long board, going against the waterfall current. Everybody was wet. It was a fun ride. I kept warning people to lay low to avoid falling into the crocodile infested river. Also, to avoid the crocodiles that were jumping out of the river and above our heads. When we reached the destination, we got off the boat to get to our place of rest.

A platform surrounded by crocs

To my horror, the place of was just a nicely decorated, slightly alleviated platform on the river! Before we could prepare ourselves, the owners suddenly shouted and asked us to pretend to sleep and ignore the crocodiles if they go up the platform. If we do not heed his advice, we would be attacked or eaten alive. It was then the crocodile climbed over a child and came for me. I quickly pretended to sleep and the crocodile opened its mouth and sunk its teeth between my left armpit and back.

I know.. the croc here looked like giant lizard.. and I wish I am THAT slim

I could feel the teeth sinking into my flesh. I didn’t even budge. I tried not to make any noises and remained as dead as a log. I even tried to pace my heart beat slower. The croc was still gnawing on my back for a few more minutes before letting go. I heaved a sigh of relief when the crocodile went back to the river.

I was furious. The owners of the crocodile farm should not put us in such dangerous situation. I was about to write a strongly worded complaint letter to the management, then I woke up.

LOL!! The dreams just got weirder and weirder.

10 Responses to “Wild, Wild River”

  1. ai shiang Says:

    My god! At first I got worried when I read the first paragraph! I don’t like crocs, they scare me to death.

    Glad it was just a dream for you !

    I was dreaming about James Spader last night. Unfortunately, can’t remember the details exactly.

  2. Ann Says:

    To me that’s a scary dream. Hate reptiles.

  3. asstha Says:

    reminds me of the croc farm i went to in langkawi wit my pals… there was a makeshift bridge combing the length of d pond and beneath us wer d croccies… my fren was so petrified bcos as she walked she cud hear d crocs gathering beneath her… scary i tell u (well for her la) will post up soon… ;)

  4. Ju Ann Says:

    I think u can really collect all ur dreams and make a book out of them. Can sell!~ hehe =D

  5. Gina Says:

    ai shiang: I don’t like crocs too. I think they are the ugliest creatures alive! Haha!

    Ann: Majority people don’t like reptiles… yucks. I hate snakes too!

    asstha: Imagine the crocs jump up and have a bite on the juicy succulent legs. LOL! Yeah.. I think there was once too, I was in Melaka and the croc was resting next to my right leg.. and I thought that was a log. Even if we were separated by a fence.. I couldn’t help imagining the worst.

    Ju Ann
    : Haha! Ok. Please ensure you be the first in the line to get my autograph!

  6. Wai Ling Says:

    wonder what experience you had in China triggering such a dream.. ;)

  7. Gina Says:

    WL: I dreamed this a week before the China trip lah. Haha!

  8. shorthorse Says:

    This story takes the cake! Love it….. Love the illustration!!!!! Quit your DAY JOB!

  9. Gina Says:

    shorthorse: Hahahaha! Then I had to rely on imagination every night.. and ensure that, I dream every night! Thanks.. I took a few minutes to draw these from my memory. It’s good to exercise the brain sometimes.

  10. YY Says:

    initially I thought you put some ancient wall drawing in your blog… rupa-rupanya you are the olang paleolitik..

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