First Poll

Take a poll, peeps!

PS. Actually just wanna see got people layan me or not nia. Hahah!

7 Responses to “First Poll”

  1. Life for Beginners Says:

    Voted! :)

  2. inaesb Says:

    Why change again? :P

  3. Gina Says:

    LFB: Thanks for layan-ing me. Haha!

    inaesb: Sebab the domain punya server not reliable. Also, am too cheapo to pay for domain! So doing the el cheapo way – wordpress is free! Haha!

  4. unkaleong Says:

    Okaylah. I like the new baju. Do you like mine? :P

  5. Gina Says:

    Unka: Been meaning to comment on your new layout – I like it! Especially orange color some more! But then, office sudah ban parts of blogspot… so by the time I balik rumah, I don’t know what I want to comment dah.

  6. lingzie Says:

    voted!! :)

    nice new home you have here! hehe :)

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