Long Weekend

This is how One U 5th floor parking lot is like last night. I took almost 25 minutes , just 5 minutes short of getting my parking ticket invalidated because of the stupid jam in the parking lot! All cars were trying to get out, everybody is impatient (since when Malaysian drivers were ever patient? Tell me!). Some cars even use the entrance to get out.

In view of the long weekend, I just want to wish everybody a very happy holidays and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Also, don’t forget to do the following:-

- Ensure your car is properly inspected before a long journey home. Safe journey!

- Your bills have been paid because there’s a delay in post – I was told! Because I have yet to receive my credit card statement. I know I should be signing up for electronic statement! Perhaps everybody should to help save paper, hence save a tree!

- Tell your neighbours that you are not at home so that they can help to look out for your house and give your phone numbers to them in case of emergency.

- Unplugged all your electronic items – to save energy, except the fridge lah, I supposed. Haha!

- Speaking of fridge, ensure the perishables in your fridge have been consumed – milk, yogurt, vegetables, meat, chicken?

- Ensure your insurances have been paid and updated.

- Inform your newspaper man not to deliver newspapers to your house during the long holidays.

- Remember to pray!

I won’t be going anywhere this weekend. Looking forward to spend sometime with the family and also friends who will still be in KL during this raya break.

Have a good weekend!

11 Responses to “Long Weekend”

  1. takeshi Says:

    sien…sigh..lol. this raya is really not the same, getting lamer and lamer (from my perspective la). dint get to eat any ramadan delicacies too. anyhow, u hv a good time…..

    • Gina Says:

      What? Just because you don’t get to eat? Everything doesn’t resolve around your stomach, sayang. I’ve got invited to Open House tomorrow. Don’t jeles! haha!

  2. takeshi Says:

    no la, my sien and lamer raya is not related to ramadan makan at all. the ramandan makan is juz a ‘by the way’ thing. sorry sista, i got 2 open houses invitations, but no mood to go. if go oso, give face sahaja….lolz.

  3. Miram Says:

    Hi Gina,

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for months, really cute and funny to me.

    Read and support this if you agree with the petition to amend, i am not from them or pay by them to leave a comment here. I am just an animal lover who trying to fish some vote for good reason.



    • Gina Says:

      hi Miram. Thanks for reading my blog and the encouragement! Just what I need to continue blogging.

      Yes, I’ve signed up the petition and send the link via facebook to my friends. I am all for harsher punishment for animals abusers.

  4. Ustaz A Says:

    Lucky ME!

  5. clim Says:

    hahaha…selfish me but i’m happy to be in kl during these times. U know it took me 2mins to get a parking spot at 1U yday….and it’s jz near the mall entrance. Walking around is a bliss, less crowd. And the roads….wat can i say, my 1hr journey was only 15mins on Thursday…sigh. So enjoy it while we can :)

    • Gina Says:

      yeah.. I guess the moral of the story is.. probably don’t even bother going out on the days nearer to a festival because there will be crazy people doing last minute shopping.. like how I got stuck at Mid Valley parking lot last year during Christmas eve!

  6. yuin Says:

    what to do, go and leave when everybody is leaving..lol

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