Yesterday, I had to sit through a lunch for matchmaking. Before all of you feeling very happy for me, it’s not for me lah! Haha! It’s for my cousin’s cousin brother. Let’s call him Ben. The girl is my sister’s friend – whom I don’t really like because I feel, she’s slightly dim witted. Okay, it’s not fair to call her like this. Just say that, I always have communication breakdown when talking to her. Let’s call her Fish.

We just finished watching Harry Potter and we went to look for the group of my sister, her husband, my other cousin sister and her brother. I suggested going to Kluang Station, because the food is fast and good. Then Fish said, she has bad stomach and doesn’t want to eat anything spicy. So I ask her if she wants Chinese food and suggested Dragon I. My sis said Dragon I is too expensive. Hello? You people are bringing people to matchmaking and not me! You should have decided earlier?!

So, Kluang Station it is. We have finished ordering and Fish had yet to decide on what to eat. So my other cousin brother said, she could order the noodle soup, since it’s the only thing non spicy on the menu. Fish reluctantly agreed. I asked her if she would like to order some coffee or tea, but she said she has digestive problems, so it’s not good to take caffeine. I tried very hard not to roll my eyes.

The lunch went on uneventfully. Fish was sitting next to me and Ben was on the other end of the table. I cursed my sister for not knowing how to arrange seating. They should have let them sit face to face. In the end, my other friend, Cili Padi was sitting opposite Ben! It was damn hilarious because after the lunch, Ben’s sister told me, she likes Cili Padi! Haha! Cili Padi then told me, Fish was looking at her from head to toe and then, toe back to the face and thought she was another candidate for Ben and Fish didn’t look quite happy. Haha!

Actually I didn’t want to join them but then, I didn’t drive, so I had to follow my cousins to the very boring match making lunch! And I dragged Cili Padi into it. Haha! So after lunch, we decided to split and let them get to know each other.

I guess, there are some ground rules when going out to do match making!

1. Keep the group small and intimate. Perhaps only, the intended couple and some close friends. Too many people can be quite intimidating! And defeats all purpose of matchmaking!
2. If both are shy, perhaps can go do some group activities. Arrange for a makan trip to nearby destinations like Ipoh or Tanjung Sepat. Normally when you are doing an activity, the match making session would be less obvious and more fun. You also get to see people’s true character during a short trip.
3. Keep an open mind. Match making doesn’t mean you will definitely marry the guy/ girl! You can be friends also if things don’t work out the way you wanted it to be.
4. Try not to appear fussy during the first meeting. Nobody wants to know about your digestive problems on the first meeting!
5. Remember that, if you have requirements or expectations, the other person is the same too! So, don’t be delusional and think you are some hot stuffs. If you are a hot stuff, you don’t even need help to find a date!

8 Responses to “Matchmaking”

  1. takeshi Says:

    then match cilipadi with ben laaaa…whats wrong? why not? i sokong cilipadi…lolz. (like reality show…sial)

  2. izzy Says:

    HAHA!kelaka lah u Gina..yala fish is so whiny..i VOTE for cili padi too!

  3. shorthorse Says:

    Kasi pedas pedas so that she gets a stomach ache la…. kekeke!

  4. asstha Says:

    omg… :lol:
    i wonder what cili padi has to say in all this… ;)

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