Mr Raba Raba

A friend was complaining to me about a guy she just met. They met via MSN and went out for a date. However, during the first date, the guy walked very close to her and was trying to hold her hands, which she didn’t like. So, she told the guy not to walk too close to her, he sulked. During second date, they went for a swim at the girl’s condo. In the swimming pool, the guy was all gung ho, trying to show her some swimming styles and started to hold her waist and hugging her. She pushed him away and he sulked.

I believe if a girl likes you, she will let you touch her. If she’s squeamish when you touch her, it’s time to back off and recalculate your next move. Don’t assume that if you are touchy feely, the girl is too! Some girls need some time to warm up before you could get physical with her. So, patience is virtue.

There was a guy friend who likes to touch people when he talked. When he was talking to you, he would be touching your arm or your hand. Then he tends to get very animated with his hand gestures. Most of the girls he talked to would suddenly feel defensive and would fold their arms to guard their boobs. What if his octopus hands suddenly landed on our boobs?? LOL!!

Once, he touched my thigh when talking to me. If it’s only to get my attention, perhaps I was aloof when he’s talking and he slapped my thigh, I probably wouldn’t give it much thought. But his hand lingered on my thigh for awhile before he pulled away.

I would stare at his hand on my thigh and got totally lost in my thoughts while waiting for him to move his hand away. I know he was not aware of this, so when I told him that, he was embarrassed and apologized. It was a very bad habit of his and I guess, I am glad at least somebody told him it’s inappropriate to be touching someone, especially from the opposite sex during a conversation without consent!

Then, there was another guy friend who likes to hold hands when talking to me. He would hold my hand on pretext to read my palm for “future” and then, he would continue holding my hand and said my hands were very soft. Geez. Probably that was sexual harassment but I didn’t know because I was too naïve then. Haha. Now, I want to go hold a guy’s hand also, no chance liao. Haha!

These two case scenarios made me think and I came up with this conclusion.

If a guy touches you a lot when he is talking to you, it doesn’t mean that he’s interested in you. So don’t perasan! He might be unaware of his raba-raba habit. Also, if you are a guy and you are interested in the girl, I guess you just need to tell her. Express yourself effectively. Communicate well. Arouse her curiosity to know you more. “If you love her, you gotta tell her”, said Rod Tidwell in Jerry McGuire. If the girl likes you, you don’t even need to use such cheap shots! She would reciprocate accordingly!

10 Responses to “Mr Raba Raba”

  1. takeshi Says:

    yeah, i agree. thats why, i really no mood touching all these girls when i talk..however, many times….a girl try to touch me….then i stared at her…with a “please F off face”….. cool or not? styloh myloh lehhh???

    no need give face since all this women(ahem) want lately…is equality apa……lolz.

    • Gina Says:

      Wah.. got girl nak touch you ah? I am so surprised. Hahaha!

      Yeah.. I forgot to mention somebody walk around the house in only towel when there was a guest in his house. Wonder who is that?

  2. Gina Says:

    I just had my breakfast lah dude. Don’t make me puke! *Blekkkkkkkk*

    I guess the girls must be blind. Itu pasal they touched you. Hahahahahahaha

  3. izzy Says:

    LOL, kelaka lah korang. I have had my share of dating guys frm internet in my “younger” years. Thank God they never Raba2 me, but i Raba2 them instead!haha!Gatal kan

  4. asstha Says:

    guilty as charged… it’s true some ppl are more errmmm… animated? n they gesture n touch but most of the times it’s fleeting n never erm… the other party’s hand/thighs… well i dunno… i dun do it consiously… >.<
    really… i don't…
    but reminded me of the time wen me n my bf were jz going out as frens… i seriously tot he din like me cos we had like ZERO contact at all d whole one year we were frens although he already liked me long b4 den… n yup, he's shy… :P

  5. shorthorse Says:

    Kakaka… great title … brings d song Mr. lova lova to mind… Am dedicating this (regretably unclear video) to all that kena raba raba … (No discrimination, boys & girls alike) …. Just change d lyrics to Mr. Raba raba….. :)

    • Gina Says:

      Yes, shorthorse! I also thought of this Mr Loba Loba when I wrote Mr Raba raba. hahaha! It’s ok to put video here! :D It’s DAMN FUNNY! Haha!

  6. shorthorse Says:

    Aiks…how did it get embedded? I thot of putting in d link only wor…. Sorry dear…

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