Telephone Etiquette

This morning, as I was busy at work, I received a phone call.

Girl: Hello? Can I speak to Mr or Ms …… Clear River? Hee hee

(It is actually annoying that my boss’ name is very unisexual. People always tend to think he’s a female)

Me: Mr.

Girl: Oh… hee hee hee…

Me: What is it regarding please?

Girl: Oh I am calling from ABC company. I have an enquiry. Can I speak to him? Hee hee hee

Me: What enquiry?

Girl: Some enquiry about a project. Hee hee hee

Me: What project?

(At this point, I am already boiling inside. Please get straight to the point! Offer information which would assist me to direct you to the right persons –in-charge! Rather than letting me keep pestering you for more info! And what the fuck with the overdose hee hee hee?? @#$%^&*)

Girl: …… in a very inaudible voice…… heee hee..

Me: What???!!!!! Sorry, I can’t hear you! Please speak up.

Girl: ….. for Johor… Erica* call you……..

*Erica is a colleague in Johor.

Me: @#$%^&* If it’s Johor project, can you please call up our office in Johor. Perhaps they can assist you.

Girl: No no… heee.. heee… heee…


Girl: I have enquiry. Can I speak to your boss?

Me: My boss is not in.

Girl: He’s not in office? When will he be in the office?

Me: Look, if you need to speak regarding a project in Johor, you can call Erica again in Johor!

Girl: No no.. Erica is my office colleague…. Heee hee hee..

Me: CHOW CHI BAI!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Of course I didn’t say that! I wish I could!)

Me: Okay. Take down this number and please call our Johor office. They will be able to assist you. BYE!

First of all, please intro yourself properly and say what project/ matter you want to speak to my boss about. If my boss is not in, I would take down your number, messages you wish to convey and return your call as soon as he’s in the office. If you going to give me hee-hee nonsense like this, I won’t call you back and better yet, I would lead you to round-the-globe chase before I even let you speak to my boss! Even if he’s in the office!

I believe the language I used is crystal clear. If you cannot even understand simple English, I suggest you go back to school and learn how to speak properly before you even pick up the phone. Or better, since you can’t speak so well, and like to giggle so much, I suggest you go into phone sex industry. At least all you do is moan and I hope the excessive giggling helps.

9 Responses to “Telephone Etiquette”

  1. izzy Says:

    HAHAHA kelaka lah, kesian you Gina have to deal with Morons!

  2. takeshi Says:

    ask her to call me mahh…can go dating with her….then maybe she will touch me….lol lol lol…..

  3. asstha Says:

    hahahaha… i can onie imagine u seething inside… i mean i aso hv d giggles but rarely wen it comes to work (usually comes out wen i messed up something small)… specially NOT during a phone call inquiry… i’m guessing the girl to b quite young… judging from the amount of giggles in ur convo… but apart from dat…
    *mental note to self: dun giggle so much if i ever meet u in person… =.=

    • Gina Says:

      Save your giggle for your bf lah. Hahahaha! Yes.. young girls do giggle alot. They better do it now than later, age 50 and giggle.. then people sure vomit. Haha!

  4. lingzie Says:

    ok i totally understand how you feel. ppl who waste your time when you’re really busy can be REALLY IRRITATING. i’ve been getting a lot of that lately, having to deal with incompetent, ineffective ppl when i’ve got so much to do is really making my blood pressure go up sky high!! ugh.
    hopefully that moron doesnt call you back and giggle giggle.

    • Gina Says:

      lingzie: I guess I’ve somehow mellowed down over the years.. so there won’t be a shouting match over the phone. Haha! Imagine me in my 20s – hot blooded and impatient!

  5. john Says:

    that’s life …..what goes around comes around…!!!

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