Smelly Friday

I came to work this morning, thinking it would just be another ordinary Friday in the office. I made a mug of Neslo and headed back to my cubicle. I had my breakfast and reading news online till the clock hit 8.30 am.

I went about my business for about an hour, I received a phone call from my colleague.

“Hey! I believe you owe me a story this morning!”

“What story?”

“Somebody shat in the photocopy room at your floor!”

“Crap! How come I didn’t know! I’ll be right back! Going to find out NOW!”

I went to the photocopy machine room to snoop. I didn’t want to get too near because I worry it stinks.

Tikus told me that, this morning, as she was going into the photocopy room to put her bag, a strong, pungent stench filled her nostrils that she almost vomited. Then she saw a packet of “stuff” on the carpeted floor, covered by crumpled paper. She lifted the paper from covering the pile with her foot and saw a humongous pile of human feces!


We had a CSI moment in the office. The Admin checked the access point and found only three colleagues went home late last night. The thing is, these three colleagues – one is a pregnant mom, one is the head of contracts dept and one is the IT guy. It is very unlikely that they would do it.

We suspect that it had to do with the window at the photocopy machine room. Tikus said she had closed it before going home last night. The cleaner confirmed it because she came in this morning and smelt something weird in the photocopy room. She went to open the window to clear the air, didn’t notice the pile of shit there. She didn’t want to touch the paper on the floor because Tikus will accuse her of stealing paper from the photocopy room. It’s a good thing she ignored it. Haha!

So now, it left only the main door to our floor. They have cctv in the elevator but they didn’t see anybody suspicious. Nothing in the office was taken either. But the culprit left the lights on in two manager’s room.

I spoke to the cleaner lady just now and she said, she discovered a trail of sand on the carpet from the fire escape door till the photocopy machine room. I guess it must be done by somebody who came from outside office, perhaps. The fire escape door supposed to be closed all the time so now, if it’s open, then, somebody is going to be in deep shit this time.. figuratively speaking.

Then, friends began to share stories. A colleague said that, her Indonesian friend said, they would shit at the site before starting work to ward off evils or accidents. A colleague rebutted the claim and said that there were many people shitting at construction site because there is no toilet around!

Another colleague told me about a case in Klang. There was such a case before where, the house owner found a pile of shit in the house and some traces of the same on the walls. A few days later, the house was ransacked even when there were people in the house! The thief came into the house, totally naked – but nobody saw him and he ran away with their belongings. They only discovered things went missing once the naked man left. He was caught subsequently and that was how the story was told. This surely makes Harry Potter’s invisible cloak looked more appealing!

When I relate the incident to my family during lunch just now, my aunt said that, since there is nothing stolen, the thief would think this is bad luck for breaking in and stealing nothing, so he would shit at the place to ward off bad luck!

A few years ago, there was an amok case in the office. And I thought that was bad enough.. and now this! Anyway, investigation is still ongoing. So, we hope to find out who the culprit is. At the mean time, I am going to back up everything in my hard disk to my thumb drive in case if my CPU goes missing the following week!

10 Responses to “Smelly Friday”

  1. Ann Says:

    Oh my! can’t believe this…so uncivilized! hahahha

  2. boo_licious Says:

    Amazing! I guess the intruder wanted to leave a striking message saying, “I was here!”. Hope nothing from the office gets stolen.

    • Gina Says:

      Nothing was stolen.. that was the eerie part. Some people say that, probably the thief will strike again since it’s the weekend so, he’s “marking” his territory. So, I locked all cupboards and make sure my boss’ door is locked before I went home on Friday!

  3. shorthorse Says:

    For sure this has got to do with some sort of job (theft) related superstition … either that or he (or she)’s got a seriousssss case of tummy ache man…

    • Gina Says:

      Yes.. aunt said it’s superstition – to shit at the place if you couldn’t steal anything. The best part is, he was nice enough not to dirty the carpet and put some paper on the carpet before shitting. Haha!

  4. shorthorse Says:

    … Come to think of it …. it sure takes skill to be able to poo at will no?

  5. unkaleong Says:

    A couple of years ago, 6 houses down the road got broken into. All of them had a “present” left for the owners in the living room as well. Thankfully dawn broke and their spree ended before my neighbor’s house :S

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