Year End Budget

I guess most of us always find it difficult to budget. We may budget, but spending money can be real fun and before we know it, we are again broke before the end of the month!

For the past few months, my family has been plagued with some serious budget problems. The house we are staying in decided to boycott us by having a leak on the roof, the leak in the bathroom and cracks appearing at some corners of the house. Can’t blame the house. It has been our faithful protector and shelter for the past 20 years.

To add more bruises to our already injured pocket, we bumped into a con man. Apparently, our neighbour’s worker was a new employee. I said WAS because he ran away with our money and also his boss’ money!

We didn’t know about it, till he decided to abscond with some money after painting our house half way. He only got the base coat done and my mom was duped into believing he has finished his job and paid him Rm2,000 for the paint and work. I’ve told my mom the job was not completed because he merely painted a base coat but she refused to listen! Jesus. I hope I am not THAT obstinate when I am old!

She thought this guy – Ah Weng is God sent! At some point of time, she even considered introducing him a woman because he’s divorced with two children. Man, thinking about this makes my blood boil! Mom can be too trusting at times. I should have taken his pic and plastered it here so that you people will be aware of this bloody fucker con man.

We realized that we have been conned when my neighbour’s wife dropped by my house and complained about him. Ah Weng also disappeared with their money and refused to answer phone calls. It was then only my mom and aunt realized that they have trusted the wrong person.

We cursed the new neighbor because he’s an asshole for not informing us earlier that he’s not their lou for kei (old worker) and we should be careful of him!

So I guess, I will cut down spending on myself for next year and focus more on the family. Have to save! Save! And save! Hope for more bonus next year!

6 Responses to “Year End Budget”

  1. ai shiang Says:

    Jobs like painting and repairing should be paid after the work has been completed. I called that my mom refused to pay the handymen if they didn’t even get the job done. Mom is an hard ass I should say hahaha!

    As for me I have difficulties trusting people with such jobs. Luckily here, handymen (so far) are professional. They do things properly, and invoice for the job done. Get you to inspect it before taking payment.

    • Gina Says:

      Precisely! Already told her that but she just wouldn’t listen!! We have a trusty handyman but he’s getting too expensive. Anyway now, we had to redo the leaking roof now and it cost us 6x more than the conned man. Haha!

  2. suehwey Says:

    aiseh, u do have a blog! i was telling your sis, after reading your entries for KL stories, that u should blog but she didn’t mention that u’re already a blogger.

    anyway, i like your style! u always nearly have a “moral of the story” or “lesson learnt” at the end of you posts… keep it up! i’m gonna follow u… :)

    • Gina Says:

      Sue: I have a blog but I forbid my sis to tell others – actually, more like colleagues. NOBODY should share their blogs with their colleagues.. ESPECIALLY colleagues! Haha!

      The KL Stories – I plucked them from the longer version in my blog and summarized them! So they are old stories, actually.

      Haha.. so now this blog is pendidikan moral blog? But I swear a lot. So it’s a 18PL pendidikan moral blog. Haha

  3. datin Says:

    gimme ah weng’s phone number
    i will gao dim him in my next trip in KL

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