Pulau Pangkor Revisited

8th – 9th April 2012, Sunday to Monday

After our brief stop in Penang for Ching Ming and catching up with relatives, the family decided to visit Pulau Pangkor as most of them haven’t been there or had been there many years ago. I went to Pulau Pangkor once for some church camp back in 1993, I think. Wow! Some 19 years ago!

I made a hotel booking via Agoda for a place to stay. We decided to stay a night in Lumut in order not to be rushed into getting to Pulau Pangkor to catch the last ferry at 8.30 pm since we were already traveling up north to Penang and Kedah and back to Port Weld on the same day! It was hectic! We decided to visit Pulau Pangkor for a one day trip.

We got onto the trunk road from Taiping via Kuala Kangsar to Manong and finally reached Lumut in about 2.5 hours. If we were to take Bidor route ex the North-South highway, it would be too far away. It’s like going one big round then back! Thank goodness for google map, which made things easier! We basically tracked our movement via google map till our destination. It’s cool!

We went to check into our hotel at this GM Holiday Inn. It’s a small budget hotel which is clean, comfortable and comes with wi-fi! A bonus point! However, I was staying with my mom and aunt in the family room together with the little monster Ern Ern downstairs at the Family Room and the wi-fi connection kinda failed there. Sis, husband and another cousin and dad stayed upstairs, and wi-fi was good there! Since it’s a budget hotel, there’s no complimentary coffee/tea or mineral water. But it has an electric kettle in the room and you can buy your own coffee/tea outside from the reception at RM1 each, which is rather reasonable!

We went to the Tua Pek Kong temple again in Pasir Panjang, Sitiawan since mom and aunt haven’t been there. We hung out for awhile till it started to drizzle. It was already almost 7 pm when we decided to go for dinner. Our friend took us to this shop at Kampung Cina, famous for seafood. Dinner was okay. After dinner, we went around for a short ride around Lumut town to check out the night life. Since it was a Sunday night, the town was rather quiet and sleepy. It has been a long journey from Taiping, so we decided to go back to our hotel for an early night cap and be prepared for the next day.

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The next morning, we went to have roti canai and teh tarik before heading towards the jetty to take a ride to Pangkor Island. You may park your car at nearby multi-tiered car park. I guess we were lucky because since it was a Monday, there wasn’t a long queue at the ticketing counter. There are 3 ticketing companies to choose from but I guess it doesn’t make any difference because you get to hop onto any ferry that is waiting at the jetty to get to your destination. We chose Pan Silver Ferry – RM10 for adults and RM5 for children for a return ticket (Same price for all ferries!). According to the website, ferries depart every 30 minutes starting from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm daily.

The journey would take about 30 minutes, with a brief stop after 20 minutes at one destination, which I couldn’t identify. But the place looked somewhat like Pulau Ketam. Not many people would get off here, except for some individuals who work at this place. Saw a nurse alighting here, perhaps she just got back from her night shift from the hospital in Lumut?

The ferry finally docked at Pulau Pangkor jetty and we were greeted by the clear blue sea! I was surprised to find Pangkor this clean after 19 years! As far as I could remember, the sea water wasn’t this clean then! So, it was a pleasant surprise.

As soon as we got into the arrival hall, we were greeted by many touts, asking us to hire their cars or motorbikes for a day for only RM60. Unfortunately, since we are a family of 7, we would need to hire a van but there wasn’t any van for rental. We settled for a pink van, with a driver. Eventhough it was stated in the banner that, they would only take you around the island for 2 hours for RM80, the man told us that, it’s up to us. If we want to go for a swim then, he could give us his phone number and he would come to fetch us once we are done with swimming, at no extra charges.

Since we didn’t bring a change of clothes and it wouldn’t make sense also to be swimming in the hot afternoon sun, we said, we would like to just go-see the island. The man said, 2 hours is actually more than enough to round the island and he was right!

We were taken to the Dutch Fort – nothing much really, just a small brick fort. Then we were taken to a temple where a miniature Great Wall is. I remember this Great Wall because I took a photo 19 years ago! Hahaha! Here, at the Chinese temple, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name, they rear huge arowana fishes and you could feed them, if only you bring your own bread lah. There were also some tortoises there. It was a quiet and small temple.

Next, we were taken to the satay factory where you get to see how the very much loved fish satay is made. My mom said the prices were rather steep so we didn’t buy anything. Actually, we could even buy fish satay back in KL! However, the view at the back of the satay factory was rather nice, so I took a picture there. The people working at the satay factory were a friendly lot, so I asked them for permission to snap their photos and they obliged.

After a short stop at the fish satay factory, we were taken to another temple, they called it the Kuan Yin temple or Lin Je Kong. The temple is overlooking a rather picturesque Pangkor sea. We spent a considerable amount of time here as Ern Ern was catching up with her nap, while the others prayed and sought their fortune here. We kinda regretted that we didn’t bring a change of clothes because the crystal clear waters near this temple was beguiling.. we almost wanted to jump right into it to quench the heat!

It was a little over two hours and we decided to go back to Lumut. Since we had a late brunch, we weren’t hungry but, as soon as we reached the jetty in Lumut, some of them complained being hungry so we drove back to Sitiawan town for a bite before hitting home to KL.

All in all, it was rather a pleasant trip despite being overly hectic. The next time we visit Pangkor Island, I guess we would put up a night or two in the island itself so we could spend time doing nothing but to bask in the sun and play in the sea water all day long!

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6 Responses to “Pulau Pangkor Revisited”

  1. shorthorse Says:

    You know what… haven’t been to Pangkor for ages too … I think it was for a school trip in Form 6 .. .so you can imagine… AEONS ago…ahahahaaha…. I likey the slide format for the photos! What’s that Chinese letter on the rock? The red one…?

    • Gina Says:

      I guess it must be the “IT” Place to go when we were in school/college! Haha! Yes.. aeons ago! The Chinese letter is “Sau” meaning, longetivity.. I think lah… Hahaha!

  2. suehwey Says:

    the slide format is nice, but would be better with captions… just my two sen :)

  3. Gina Says:

    Ok.. let me figure out how to do that. LOL!

  4. irene Says:

    Thank You!

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