Genius.. problem?

Recently, there were a few interns reporting to office. A particular one stood out.

She drafted a letter and decided to capitalize the name of the company and address of the addressee..

123, JALAN 456A

So, her boss told her not to use caps on a letter, looked kinda rude.

She ended retyping this way.

mr so and so
abc company
123, jalan 456a
taman gembira
50450 kuala lumpur



11 Responses to “Genius.. problem?”

  1. TLNee (@TLNee) Says:

    LOL interns / graduates these days are so darn ‘smart’ aren’t they? LOL they can bring your blood pressure up & down instantaneously like magic without taking a doctorate degree haha

    • Gina Says:

      Damn pissed! Told her to e-mail me the draft, so I will amend it myself before my boss signs it, she came with hard copy… worse, there were some other typo errors, I wanted to change.. sometimes, being nice just don’t do it!

  2. Carol Says:

    oh my…i am always tickled with your encounters

  3. sue Says:

    b-b-but boss said rude to use caps worrr… :P

  4. Jack Bee Hang Chua Says:

    Nice joke! I love it! Just tasted the Hua Soon fried kway teow 2 days ago, taste as good as before ( after 15 years).

  5. shorthorse Says:

    Yup…. ‘BIG PROBLEM’… umm… i mean ‘big problem’..

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