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April 2, 2014

A few months ago, I remember a friend asked me if I know of any bomohs or dukuns or pawangs. Apparently, his friend, a girl suspects that, she is a victim of “santau” or witchcraft, a spell which made her feeling unwell after she rejected a man’s love. Honestly, as resourceful as I could be, I don’t know any bomohs.

I think I know one but I don’t like the person as I know of his terrible and dubious character. So, I didn’t recommend him to her.

Now, unfortunately, things have been happening in my sister’s company. One of the cleaners has been afflicted with witchcraft/santau.

She’s been feeling unwell, having breathing difficulties and went to see numerous doctors but couldn’t be helped. So she suspected that, she was being “santau” so her husband took her to see one orang asli bomoh at Batang Berjuntai.

The moment the orang asli placed his hand on her head, he told her that she kena santau from a colleague who is working the same dept as her – as a cleaner. The orang asli even describe the woman’s looks to her. A slightly plump and pretty woman.

The cleaner never ate anything given by this woman. But she remembers she put her milk in the fridge. So maybe the woman go and put santau in her bottled milk.

After the session with the bomoh, she went back to work. The woman came with a bottle of Korean aloe vera drink and told the cleaner to drink it because she has been feeling “unwell”. The cleaner of coz didn’t want to drink so she lied that she just had a big breakfast and she’s full already. The cleaner told the woman to leave the bottle in the fridge so that, she can drink it later.

Then, she asked my sister and another staff to come to take a look at the bottled drink. The staff’s grand dad is also a bomoh but he’s a good one. He helps people to get rid of bad spirits. The staff knew a few tricks up her sleeves. She placed her finger into the water of the bottle and said a prayer. The water felt hot and sipping through her skin. The moment she took out her finger, her hand was trembling profusely.

Apparently, she could feel that the drink has been spiked with a really harsh santau and it’s too dangerous to drink it.

Actually, the whole department has been really careful. They don’t eat or drink things given by this wicked woman. So now, I told my sis to lock her room door, and lock all her drinks inside the drawer to avoid people from putting things in them when she’s not around. Also, not to trust anybody at all!

After the cleaner went to see the bomoh, she mandi air bunga and now, she’s feeling much better.

If you ask me, I would leave everything to God. I profess for the blood of Jesus Christ to protect us from any harm. I told my sister to say the same prayer and since she has a Bible in office with her, she flipped through the pages and the first thing that she was “directed” to read was this:-

” Don’t you know that you yourself are God’s temple and God’s spirit lives in you? If anyone destroy God’s temple, God will destroy him for God’s temple is sacred and you are that temple.” 1 Corinthians 3:16 -17

Yes, we shall not be afraid for Jesus is with us.

I also believe in karma actually. Yeah.. am that screwed up spiritually. Haha. Anyway, I am pretty sure one day, the wicked woman would have to stand before God to be accounted for all the misdeeds she has committed.. and karma will get her really bad for having committed such ill intention and malice towards a fellow human being!

The Man in Black Mesh Top

February 19, 2014

Been thinking of a man of the past. The man in black mesh top.

Had two dreams in two consecutive nights – not related.. and nothing dirty! Couldn’t really recall the dreams but they were pleasant. He is still his young self in my dreams – tall, dark and athletic. In both dreams, what I remember was his megawatt smile. His perfectly aligned teeth in his soft supple lips. How do I know his lips are supple? Well, I don’t. I just imagine they were. His eyes turned into two long slits because he was grinning ear to ear as he was teasing me incessantly.

When I woke up, the memories of yesteryears flooded my mind. They were all bittersweet memories. Weird thing was, the brain somehow selectively chose the good memories, amplify them and discarding bad ones. The neurons just happened to sweep away the bitter memories. Perhaps signs of old age… forget the past, keep the good ones, live in the present and bring on the future?

So, what’s with this black mesh top?

I was watching Girls HBO’s episode where Hannah was trading her skimpy top to a even skimpier yellow mesh tank top while high on drugs. The sight of the yellow mesh top just triggered some cells in my brain.

I remember him telling me he once wore a black mesh top and went out with his friends to Sg. Wang. Well, he has a nice body and has every right to flaunt it if you ask me. Further it was such an 80s thing.. maybe he went for some costume party? I am not sure but he sure has his own peculiar style of dressing.

He was having teh tarik with his friends when suddenly an old woman came from behind him, hugged him and grabbed his chest. She ran away after that. He was confused and shocked at the same time. Probably all his friends laughed till they fell off their chairs. I would if I were there! I think it was a pretty hilarious moment!

There you have it.. seriously funny incident of the man in black mesh top.

Knowing Your Roots Part III

January 26, 2014

… continuation…

As my mom and third aunt were working at the amusement park at night, they asked around if anybody would want to buy the house off their hands, so they could settle for the house in Port Weld.The lady boss knew that they were desperate for cash and offered them half of the value of the property. Another evil bitch. Luckily, they were not that crazy to sell the property lower than market value.

My grief stricken grandma took a boat to the other side of the river to pray to the gods. She usually would go pray at the temple concerning all needs and also “kao chim”.This time, she asked if she should keep the house in Taiping Garden and forgo this one in Port Weld. So should she be selling the Taiping Garden house to buy up the Port Weld house.

The temple priest took a look at her “chim” and said calmly to her that, she has nothing to worry about because she will get to keep two houses for herself! My grandma was not convinced and she just returned home, with down cast head of defeat and feeling totally downtrodden.

It was then my first aunt decided to try her luck on buying 4D. Truthfully enough, my aunt struck the first prize of RM5,000!! So almost half of their burden was gone! They now need to look for the additional RM3,500 to pay the neighbour. With good reputation, my grandma managed to borrow money from friends and relatives (except the douchebag grandaunt).

In the end, they managed to purchase the house – which proudly stands till today along the busy Trump Road, and our point of gathering during festivities.

My mom and her sisters are quite well known in Port Weld for their tenacious and industrious characters. The old school generation usually would prefer sons to daughters. My grandma and grandpa had only one son, who was still young when all these were happening. So the family totally relied on four sisters to make things happened for them and they appeared triumphant in the end.

My mom and aunt said, they were probably the first to defy all odds working in the amusement park while safeguarding their modesty – as many people would jeer on girls working at amusement park and aligned them to be in the same category as prostitutes. When villagers’ tongues wagged, my grandma was concerned but my mom said to her mom – “Are those gossipers going to pay for the food on our table and the roof over our heads? We are doing a decent job and nothing hanky panky.” It was at the amusement park that my mom met my father.

When my grandpa passed away, the sisters managed to give him a decent sent off, with a whole roasted pig as well – which was kinda a big deal during that time. Some families, even with sons could not afford to give their dead old folks a decent burial.

I had a long and deep contemplation of what my mom and aunts had to go through in their early lifetimes so that their next generation would have a much brighter future. I feel rather remorseful that, even with so many things being handed to me since I was born without me asking, I couldn’t even achieve half of what they had done. I really feel like a failure.

I guess the only thing I could do now, is to be as filial as I could be to them, so that they would have a better remaining lives on earth, hopefully another 50 more years! I must be more patient when dealing with old people – be understanding that they are naggy and they will always be naggy.. and explain things clearly without losing any temper. I am sure one day, when they are no longer there to nag us, we will miss them tremendously. So, I guess I rather be nagged than having to spend the days in silence and void of the voices of the ladies who had made such a great impact in their lives as well as ours. May God bless the four sisters always, for their courage and perseverance.

Knowing Your Roots Part II

January 24, 2014

As the story continues…

My mom and her sisters had been enduring psychological and physical torture, living under the mercy of this evil landlady. They harbored hopes that, they could move out of the hell hole immediately. They worked hard and saved every sen they had for their house fund. They managed to buy a place, which was still under construction during the time in Taiping Garden – where I spent my initial 13 wander years.

Another horror story was, my grandfather was stricken with stroke when he was in his late 40s. So he couldn’t walk properly, he would still walk, dragging his leg along. One day, they were busy hawking refreshments and food during a festival, so they ran out of sugar water and rojak paste, so they told my eldest aunt to bring them the stock. Before leaving the house, she informed her father (my sick grandpa) not to walk anywhere and she would be back in a jiffy.

Knowing that the poor old man was left alone to his vices, the evil aunt of the landlady started to wash the whole house and flooded the floors, with malicious intention that if my sickly grandpa stood up to walk about, he would slip and probably got himself killed! I am sick to the stomach learning this story!

My eldest aunt rushed home and horrified to find the entire lower ground was flooded and my grandma’s things, left on the floor were all wet! They had to spend the whole night cleaning up after a long day hawking.

Seeing my aunt and family in agony, living with morons from hell, the next door neighbour’s wife, who was also my aunt’s loyal hair customer took a pity on my aunt and family that she offered them a place to rent instead. And she offered a rather cheaper rent, Rm50 for two rooms instead of the current rent of RM80 for two rooms.

The next door’s house was currently rented out to people who were banished from their home states – usually gangsters, so not many people would want to rent there after they were gone. However, the landlady assured her that, now most of them already moved out and she could start by taking a room first, then later on, add on other rooms when the rest of the people were gone. It proved to be quite a good decision.

Since they were moving, they split their hair dressing business assets into two and moved on. Of course, my aunt’s business was definitely way better than her conniving friend’s salon and eventually, the evil friend’s business had to close down because nobody wants her to do their hair! Karma!

Not long later, the neighbour’s husband got into trouble with mobsters and had no choice but to sell out all their properties. Apparently, it was some kind of kidnapping, so the husband had to sell most of their properties to pay off some ransom and then, uprooted his entire family to another place.

The neighbour was kind hearted and kept her word that, no matter what happened to her, she would give ample notice for my aunt to find a new place to move her entire family. Caught with the situation, my aunt and family, decided to buy up the house that the neighbour offered to sell.

However, with already a house in Taiping Garden to finance, they were short of cash to pay for another house. Initially, my grandaunt (the coffee shop tigress – my grandpa’s sister) offered RM3,000 to help with the house. The house costs RM8,500 only. So my mom and sisters had to find a way to raise the other RM5,500.

When it was about time to pay for the house, my grandaunt said she had no money. What a bitch!

Burdened with the promise to buy the house, as well as shortage of cash, my grandma was so grief stricken, she told my mom and aunts to sell the Taiping Garden house to pay off the nice neighbour who promised us the house. The neighbour’s wife even offered them the house and not to her own relative who wanted to buy it for RM13,000!

Story to continue….

Knowing Your Roots Part I

January 21, 2014

My cousins need to assist their old folks back in Kuala Sepetang to get their CNY groceries shopping done, so we were off to Kuala Sepetang for the long weekend. I was there just to eat lah as usual. Haha. But, I think things turned out to be more satisfying than gluttony alone.

Each day I spent doing nothing (I didn’t pig out like crazy either!) but hung around at my aunt’s hair salon, reminiscing the old post I wrote earlier in year 2010. That was four years ago! Sad to hear that, the elderly ladies who lived on the other side of the river had passed on. So my aunt no longer need to cross the river, with her apparatus to perm their hair. This year, I saw more elderly people coming to my aunt’s salon – most of them are wheel chair bound.

It’s been so many years, the residents of Kuala Sepetang relied on the sampans to get them across to the other side of the river, eventhough they have been pestering the government to build them a bridge! Promise after promises after so many freaking years and finally, they built a bridge for the residents. I am already almost 38 years old and this is the first time, I stepped foot on the other side of the river using the bridge as I am rather panicky to ride on the rickety sampan to cross over!

As I was sitting there, I thought of the house that I have been visiting since I was little. So I asked my aunt about the house they are staying now. I know they had a rather difficult childhood. I know of the pains and tribulations they had gone through as children, living in poverty and at mercy of their relatives.

When my mom and aunts were little, they were all living under one roof with their aunt – their dad’s sister. My aunt told me, actually, her dad (my grandfather) had a house but then, since the sister (my grandaunt) is in need of cash to start up a coffee shop, offering him (my grandfather) a partnertship and also for my grandfather’s family to stay with her and her family, my grandfather sold his house to put in money for the coffee shop.

As usual, the promise was not kept. Indeed, they stayed with her family in a house but they were all treated like servants. My grandma had to cook for the entire family and coffee shop workers – no less than 30 of them, and had to hand wash all their clothes, iron and starch them! And my mom and her siblings had no freedom, they had to help out to do work for the coffee shop, as well keeping the house clean.

As my aunts grew up, they already planned their next course of action. They couldn’t possibly live in such repressing house the rest of their lives and my grandma was not getting any younger to be working like a mule! So my eldest aunt took up the responsibilities to go learn hair styling so that, she could open up her own salon and make money to fend for the entire family. They finally moved out to a house, offered by a friend who wanted to partner with my aunt for opening a hair salon.

They started the hair salon on 50:50 basis. However, customers very much preferred my aunt to style their hair compared to the friend. So this got the friend really jealous and embarrassed at the same time.

I asked if the friend is also entitled to her cut since she’s not doing anything and my aunt said yes. So what is there to be upset about? Apparently, the aunt of this friend who also lived with them in the same house – without paying rent, was bad mouthing and creating grapevines due to jealousy. It’s obvious that they were jealous of my aunts and my mom because of their industrious spirit, their network of friends and not to mention, their beauty. My eldest aunt is considered one of the fair maidens of Kuala Sepetang in her hey days!

The aunt began to spread lies that my aunt was not truthful in reporting the profits she made to split among them two. Whenever my aunt was not around, the friend would still take business and reported just half of it, in order not to pay the right amount of profit to my aunt. So things began to sour since then.

My mom and third aunt, were hawking refreshments at the other side of the river to assist with the family’s expenses and by 6 pm, they would go back home, jumped into the shower and traveled to town to work at the amusement park till midnight.

Then, the husband of the evil aunt would purposely hog the bathroom from 6 pm onwards so that the girls (my mom and aunt) couldn’t take shower in time to rush to work. He did that on purpose. I don’t know how my aunts and mom could tolerate this but they had no choice because they didn’t have a house back then and had no where to go. So, they began to come home earlier and hog the bathroom so that they could be on time to get to their second job at night.

This angered the husband tremendously and he maliciously put some kind of chemical (which could accelerate the ripening of fruits – and I was told it was very poisonous) into the bath tub before my mom managed to take a bath. My mom ended having allergies all over her body.

I was horrified by this story. There were indeed people with really malicious thoughts and act despicably in this life! And if I didn’t know this story, I would probably still think my mom is too naggy to be tolerated. I wonder how much more could my mom and aunt bear, being caught in such dead end situation when moving out is the solution but then, with limited cash and resources, they were trapped. Furthermore, my grandfather was bed ridden due to stroke and couldn’t work or fend for his girls…

Stories to continue…


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