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Happy New Year 2014!

January 1, 2014

I spent the last day of the year in the comfort of my cousin’s home. I think I did the same thing last year – watching fireworks from her house on the 9th floor. Had a pretty good 360 degrees of fireworks view – even if they are too far away! Nice view from KLCC, the KL tower, the Curve.. and sporadic individual homes’ fireworks! I think last night’s fireworks superseded all fireworks the year before as they lasted more than 5 minutes! Followed by families in Selayang who have too much money to burn! I think later this CNY, there will be another round of crazy fireworks now!

I miss the days spending countdown at Datin’s place, watching fireworks from a distance at his balcony and watching the celebrations in Dataran Merdeka on TV. I heard that last night Dataran Merdeka’s crowd was really huge and it was filled by people rising up to protest the hike in prices in everything that affected the livelihood of all Malaysians. It is indeed frustrating and disappointing (and very, very angry!!!)  to have a stupid government governing an otherwise great nation! We need fresh blood and new ideas, corruption free leaders to lead the country! I sincerely pray for the betterment of the nation. I hope Malaysia would improve NOW and would be a better place for every individual living here irregardless of race, creed and religion.

Fellow blog readers, let’s pray for the betterment of our nation to our respective Gods. Let’s hope drastic positive changes would take place. Let us all believe in each other that our harmony and togetherness do not falter due to threats of the “leaders” that supposed to unite us but did otherwise. Let’s pray for new wave of changes in the minds of the people to embrace differences and celebrate diversities! Let’s pray that we will continue to protect the sovereignty of our nation from corruption, nepotism, greed and wastage!

Wishing you and your family, a year of love, good health, success and much happiness. Happy 2014!

Good Manners

November 29, 2013

Recently, my office had a short trip to Hat Yai. So, the 39 of us went to spend a few days together to shop, eat and be merry. Well, I doubt the last part, be merry as some people are really assholes. Well, we can choose our friends but we definitely can’t choose our colleagues!

As all of us were traveling together on a bus, it’s kinda inevitable that we had to help each other out. When we reached the hotel, we were all waiting for our luggage to be brought down from the bus luggage compartment. Guess what? All the dungus standing near the bus and didn’t even lift a finger to help with the luggage. I know you are waiting for your OWN luggage but I think it won’t hurt if you help the poor luggage handling guy to move luggage out of his way, so he could get more luggage down from the bus! It’s really ridiculous to even have to TELL them to move their butts. It’s amazing that our office need to send us to “team building” seminars and none of them even bloody learn from them! I probably would need to suggest to the management to stop all these nonsense trainings and save money because no one ever benefit from these!

After the trip – it was quite enjoyable sans the idiotic assholes who think too highly of themselves. Trying not to think about them. Then, it was time to share photos taken during the trip. As usual, I would do my duty to share photos with the rest. I sent out an e-mail to everyone to inform them that I have shared photos (of them also!) in our server. So, when they are free they could have a look. I waited and waited… three days.. then a week later, not even a word of thank yous from any of these assholes. Hahahhah. They probably think it’s their birth right to get all the photos from me without even saying thank yous.

I think good manners indeed have flown out the window. I guess not only the “team building” conferences don’t work….. even their parents don’t teach them manners. I am quite alarmed that some of them ARE parents themselves. Sigh.. good luck, world!

Black Magic I

August 26, 2013

I learned from a colleague that, when she joined a trip to China a few years ago, she was cursed with black magic just because she argued with the tour guide when they spent long hours in novelty shop buying things. You know about China trips right? They would take you to places to buy things so the tour company could earned commission. So it’s almost inevitable if you were to follow tours.

But this group was really feisty. They didn’t want to buy things and demanded the tour guide to take them go visit somewhere else. The tour guide refused and forced them to stay at the silk factory by bolting the door. After some shouting match ensued, the tour guide finally relented and let them go.

The leader who scolded the tour guide – while she was still in China, she would sometimes wake up naked. Since she’s sharing the room with a colleague, I think the colleague must have been shocked with her antics. This colleague said, seriously, she didn’t have any recollection on why she would wake up naked, and didn’t even know who took off her clothes in the middle of the night!

When she got home, matters got from bad to worse. She would forgot to pick her kids up from school, or forgot to run errands or come to office, picked up the phone and didn’t know who she is calling. She didn’t know what’s got into her. It went on for weeks until her family finally intervened. Not too sure what she did but, thankfully she has recovered from this cloud of daze.

Another colleague also suffered the aftermath of the black magic. She came back, not being herself either. She just lost appetite and couldn’t pinpoint what happened. She was hospitalized because she was always feeling pain everywhere in her body but the doctor couldn’t find the cause. Also, when her husband and children visited her at the hospital, she asked if there’s a garbage truck near the hospital because she could smell an unbearable stench. But the husband and children couldn’t smell anything weird. She kept complaining she smell of garbage.

She kept putting off going to church because of her condition. When she was about to go to church, there would be things hampering her to go. For example, one Sunday morning, her neighbours were having a wedding ceremony and many cars parked in front of her house and at her gates so she couldn’t get out from her house. Another time was, her car broke down when she and husband were driving to the church so they didn’t go. On her third attempt, she finally got to the church but once she reached the church, she refused or was too afraid to get down from the car, so the husband went inside the church to fetch the pastor.

The pastor came out and immediately knew what was going on. So he prayed for her and arranged for a cleansing ceremony at her house. So, after a few sessions of exorcism, she is finally cured. She lost so much weight, as if she just recovered from dengue!

I guess, when you go overseas, it’s better not to create too much conflict. Avoid conflicts at all costs. Sometimes, it’s ok to pay more rather than to get unwanted attention.

Cerita Hantu

August 23, 2013

Since we are now observing the Hungry Ghost festival, I have a few ghost stories to be told.

Toilet Ghost

A friend of mine works in a call centre. So, most of her staff are on shifts. One night, her colleague was working the night shift when she went to the toilet to answer nature call. On her way into the toilet, she felt a sudden chilly wind. She ignored it and went to the second cubicle. When she was about to close the door, she saw a reflection on the mirror of the cubicle next to her. It belongs to a lady with her hair covering her entire face and all dressed in white. Since she was in need to answer nature’s call.. she ignored the reflection and actually went through it all, including washing her hands before she calmly walked out the toilet. I think if this were to happen to me, I would probably shit in my pants.

Cow’s Head and Horse Face

I am not sure if I had told you people about this story but it’s shit scary, so it’s worth to repeat. Haha

A friend was visiting another friend within the same neighbourhood. As it was getting late, almost 10 pm, she quickly bid farewell and rode her bicycle in a hurry to get back home when she passed by a huge tree in the playground. She saw two black figures standing under the tree. So she slowed down to look who they were (mind you, this happened a few years ago when our crime rates were still not this bad). She thought she saw the two in cow’s mask and horse mask standing and drinking from bottles. She was in shock and sped home. The next day, she was down with terrible fever which lasted almost 2 weeks. And she found out that, the neighbour’s old grandmother who happened to live opposite the tree in the playground had passed away the day after her encounter with the two figurines. Then she realized what she saw – she saw the hell’s gatekeepers… Mr Cow Head and Mr Horse Face.

Moving Car

A colleague shared with me, a neighbour’s car suddenly moved backwards and stopped at the front porch of a neighbour down the lane. There was nobody driving the car. So she called on the neighbour to ask him, why didn’t he pull his hand brake properly? The neighbour scratched his head and said, he remember very well that he did pull the hand brake. Also, the lane where they lived, is a flat lane. So, they doubt the car would just back itself if they don’t pull the hand brake. The neighbour then went to collect his car at the back of the lane and drove it back to the front of his house.

So my colleague went back to her house, going on with her business when her maid suddenly said to her, “I saw a lady driving our neighbour’s car down the lane. Don’t know what was she doing!” My colleague was shocked because both she and her maid were packing things from their car when they saw the car backed to the end of the lane. So, my colleague knew what her maid just saw. And it was only about 6 pm that day when this happened…

Thoughts After A Weekend in Singapore

August 13, 2013

I was away in Singapore for the long Raya weekend. Managed to snag a good deal on flights and off we went. I sort of forgotten that, the long weekend of Raya coincide with Singapore’s national day. Only when I got to my friend’s house, I realized it’s National Day. Singaporeans are really patriotic lot. I heard you have to put your name for balloting if you wish to join the National Day parade! A cab driver once told my friend that, he has tried for 10 years and somehow didn’t get pick! So most of them spent time glued to the TV to watch the entire National Parade and stuffs. And after that, the next day, I joined my friend’s family members for lunch and they were all talking about the National Day parade! So much sense of pride in every Singaporean!

I wish I could say the same for myself. When I was little, I would wake up early and wait for the Merdeka parade on TV with my family. We always look forward to watch the parade on TV as we were in Taiping then. We always look forward towards the marching of the army – Angkatan Tentera Malaysia as my dad was an army back then. I couldn’t remember if he did join the national parade though.

Now, as I grow older, I couldn’t be bothered to go to Merdeka Square. Not that I am NOT patriotic. I think patriotism is not measured by how many times you attend the national parade. Or how you could recite the pledge to the country by heart or how well you sing the national anthem.

I think patriotism is doing my part for the country, by paying taxes to build the country. Helping fellow brothers and sisters in the country who are in need. By being mindful of your actions and words as they do reflect your principles and what you believe in. Going the distance to contribute in whatever way we can to give back to the society.

With the escalating crimes to the point of alarming state, ridiculous insensitivity and overly insensitivity over minute things, lack of tolerance, lack of respects and understanding are eating into our society. I know the authorities are trying their “best” to tackle the issues but their best simply couldn’t cut it anymore. I think we need to demand for extraordinary measures in such trying times. There is no use of political parties paying lip services to the people when they couldn’t do what they say or promise. What use is there with the finger pointing the obvious while everyone is just crossing their arms doing nothing when a fellow brother or sister is crying for help? I wish the so called politicians and authorities would stop putting the blame on everyone and everything but themselves and get their asses to find solutions immediately!

I long for the day I could walk out from my house and join the Merdeka Parade or other festivities without having to keep looking over my shoulder for imminent danger. I long for the day I would be more than happy to invite my foreign friends to our beautiful country without constantly worrying for their safety while they are traveling here.


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