Move it!

I was toying with the idea of going back to my blogspot but somehow, the whole blog interface is not as nice as wordpress. So I decided to continue using wordpress.

Early last week, there’s somehow a nagging thought in my mind that, one day, I might be noticed by the vodka company for using its trademark abs0lut. Well, you know, I am a great fan of this brand of vodka. In fact, most of my yesteryears parties were always filled with this brand and hence the name of the blog, abs0lutginger.

Today, this news woke me up. I know am not as famous as Ikea Hackers (not even nano near there!) but I guess it’s time to move away.

So, if you are still following this blog (if you still bother, actually), please change your blogroll address to the one below. Thank goodness it’s still there for me to use it!

Happy to say, I’ve incorporated all old blogs from blogspot into this “new” address… so altogether, there’s 1358 post altogether since 2004.. and this will be my 1359th post! See you there!


Last month, my cousins went back to Kuala Sepetang to attend a wake. A distance relative’s daughter passed away from cancer. She was the eldest daughter of the family and she was unmarried. The parents loved her very much because she took the responsibility as the eldest sister to work and bring home the bacon to ease the parents’ burden. All her life, she’s been working really hard to ensure her siblings have to enough to eat and go to school while she neglected her own health and affairs.

Her younger brother got married a few years back and is blessed with two daughters. The brother always wanted a son. So when the wife was pregnant with the third child, the eldest sister promised to help with the newborn, she could even become her godmother. But somehow, fate took the upper hand, and took her life away instead.

The wife gave birth to another baby daughter, much to the husband’s dismay. He loathed the daughter and kept asking if anybody would want to keep the baby as he doesn’t want a daughter and he wants a son badly.

Honestly, I don’t know what is wrong with this idiotic fella. This is the new era. I think daughters would be able to take care of their parents better than sons. No offense to the guy readers out there. If you observe around you, most guys who got married would move away from their parents because pressure from wives, who prefer not to live with their husband’s parents, especially mother-in-laws. I guess they have this stereotyped mentality that all mother-in-laws are from hell. Although there were many cases MILs can be a real pain in the ass, they must always remember, where their husbands came from. Yes – from your mother in law’s vagina, whether you like it or not!

Ok! Before I get carried away discussing this topic which might burst a blood vein in my brain.. I better not deviate.

So, back to the story of the unwanted baby. The father (who is also some sort of our distant relative) asked us if we would want to adopt the baby. The baby is really cute, gorgeous even! She is perfect with no handicap. Honestly, all of us are tempted to keep the baby, especially when we are already in our late 30s and yet to have a family of our own. I thought of the baby constantly and felt really sad for her. Why would anyone want to part with their own flesh and blood is beyond me. Even her own siblings who are in primary school detest the baby because of their own parents’ rejection. The two sisters also agreed to give the baby sister away because they refused to help to take care of the baby!

A far cry from what my family would do. My uncle lost his father when his sister was born. His mother threw out the baby girl in the dumpster right after birth because she blamed the child for taking away the husband’s life. I don’t remember how did the husband die, but the innocent child was blamed for his death. The mother claimed that the baby is a bad omen which caused her husband’s death.

My uncle – being about six years old that time, ran to the garbage bin to retrieve his sister. He nursed the baby sister together with his brother and kept her alive. I don’t know where he put his sister to bed at night but miraculously, the sister survived. She is probably in her 60s now and my uncle is already in his 70s.

I am saddened by the thought of this relative’s feudal mentality. I am very tempted to adopt the baby myself but I am not too sure if I could handle the responsibility of being a mother. Being a mother scares me. If this really meant to happen in my life, I pray for God’s guidance.

What’s Your Problem?

Ern Ern now turning four this September 15.. and for someone as young as her, she sure has a vast grasp of vocabulary. I guess by starting her young – watching plenty of Sesame Street, Little Einstein and other American shows is proving to be good… however…

Here are some of the things that came out from her mouth, which caught us off guard most of the times.

Story #1

She was climbing down the stairs and her mom was shouting at her not to go downstairs.. and be extra careful.

So she came upstairs again and with a hand on her waist, she said to her mother, "Mommy, so.. what’s your problem? Why did you ask me not to go downstairs?"

Haha. Of course her mom was not amused..

Story #2

Today during lunch, I kept on calling her name and she was ignoring me. So her dad scolded her and asked her to answer me.. so she said to me, "Yes, yi yi… what’s your problem?"

I had to lecture her for 15 minutes on not to use "What’s your problem?" ever again unless she wants to pick up a fight.

Story #3

She was feeling unwell and I asked her if she’s ok. She said she is not. So I asked her if her throat is hurting? That’s why she cannot swallow.

Then she said to me, "My esophagus is in pain. Cannot swallow."


Story #4

The teacher was asking the class to draw watermelons. So all the children were drawing round watermelons. Ern Ern drew a triangle watermelon.

So, the teacher asked her out of curiosity. "Ern Ern, why is your watermelon not round? Why is it triangle?"

To which Ern Ern replied, "Because I’ve cut the watermelon. So it’s triangle."

Luckily, she didn’t add, "What’s your problem?" after that. It would be hilarious.

Cameron Highlands Trip

It’s been awhile since I last visited Cameron Highlands. In fact, I think I’ve only been to Cameron Highlands once in 2007. And now, this is the second time, I stepped foot at Cameron Highlands. Many of my friends commented that, it’s no longer cooling in Cameron Highlands, found it to be dusty and dirty and too packed with holiday makers. Well, against all good intention advice, I planned my family trip up there anyway, since my third aunt – who is a “tai kam cher” and she has been going to Cameron Highlands numerous times for work and never pleasure, I thought it would be a good time to bring her there. Also my sister has promised to take Ern Ern for strawberry plucking. And it’s my sis’ birthday!

We chose to go on a Sunday as we were trying to avoid the crowd on Friday to Saturday. Well, it proved to be a good choice. But then, on Sunday, most of the holiday makers were making their way home, and there were some jams near the pasar malam curved road. After that, it was all smooth going.

02 Lata Kijang

Lata Kinjang, the waterfall before reaching Tanah Rata

03 Lata

The crystal clear waters!

We went in two cars as Ern Ern has a class at 3 pm. So they joined us later after that. Since we were early, we decided to check out some of the places of interest so that, we would be able to save time tomorrow. At the same time, we picked up a strawberry strudels from Strawberry Moment shop, nearing Simpang Pulai. The Strawberry Moment’s cafe in Brinchang is already closed so, the only place you could get the strawberry strudels is from the main manufacturing shop located on the way towards Simpang Pulai.

01 Cameron Bharat

 We stopped by this beautiful Cameron Bharat tea plantation and had tea before going to our apartment.


 Saw these lovely hydroponic vegetables at Avant Chocolate – Strawberry Moments

I’ve listed numerous restaurants for our meals there. The restaurants are not very packed but unfortunately, we couldn’t get parking spot. We ended cooking most of our meals in our rented apartment at Iris House. It was a good thing we brought along our own steamboat pot and ingredients!
We rented an apartment in Iris House – named Teaz Apartment, which is privately owned. It’s clean and the owner is clear with his instructions. So, I think if I ever go to Cameron Highlands again, I would rent the same apartment.
When we were there, it was quite cooling as it rain a little. It was nice to sleep at night because it was cooling without air conditioning. I stood out the balcony for awhile to breathe in all the good fresh air that we city folks are lacking!

I guess one do not need a map when in Cameron Highlands. Basically, it’s just one road from the winding road up from Tapah and going down to Simpang Pulai, another winding road. We didn’t go to cliche places like Time Tunnel because I think my late grandma’s house has more old antiques compared to the shop. Haha. We just went to Healthy Strawberry Farm to pluck some strawberries, eat strawberries popsickles – God! They are delicious!


Lovely cactus at Strawberry Healthy Farm near our apartment


 Boh Plantation, endless greenery!

We visited the Boh Plantation at Sg. Palas – which is quite a nice place to visit – unfortunately it rained while we were there.. and I made it just in time to the top before it started to pour!

A tip though, if you have elderly people above 60 visiting Boh Plantation, you will be allowed to drive up to the station directly and skip the 10 minutes walk up the stairs. We didn’t know, so my mom and my third aunt decided to sit this one out. The climb wasn’t too bad.. if a buffalo like me can climb uphill, I guess you could too!

Also, due to lack of tea produce – must be due to the torrential rain, the manufacturing plant is closed. We still could go in to see how tea leaves were being processed but we decided to skip it because of the rain. After that, we visited the “Bee Farm” opposite the road.. which is such a run down place.. and basically, there’s nothing there to look at. Since it was already late afternoon, we decided to go for early dinner.


 Utmost favorite.. flowers at Kea Farm, Brinchang


 Cheap strawberries… Rm18 for 2 boxes at Kea Farm Brinchang

On our way back to our apartment, we stopped by Kea Farm. I remember coming here the last time and we rather fascinated with the freshness of the vegetables. This time round, the corns on sale didn’t look as appealing as they were many years ago. In fact, we bought some corn from a trader and somewhat got cheated because the corn cobs he was selling were not fresh at all! I miss the really colorful flowers in pots. Probably went to the wrong side of Kea Farm.


 While waiting for dinner to start in an hour’s time… kill time taking photograph


 This is really good! Pumpkin with butter crisp.. at Golden Ship Restaurant, Ringlet

Oh well, we went to Ringlet to have our early dinner. Since the restaurant was not open yet, we waited till 6 pm for the restaurant to open. We could have gone on a ride to Ringlet to check out the roads that our company built – the Ringlet. But it was raining, so we just had some snacks and coffee at the food court nearby before dinner. After dinner, we went back to our apartment to rest.

15 Daisies

I love gerberas!

Next day, upon checking out, we went to the Avant Grand chocolate farm again – where I got the strawberry strudels. They have hydroponic plants there, which are as pretty as a big green rose. There is a small flower farm there so we took some photographs here. We also stopped by the Lavender Park. Entrance fee is RM5 for adults and RM3 for children below 12 years old. Senior citizens get in for free! After a short visit, we headed to Ipoh for late lunch before we parted ways back to Kuala Lumpur and to Taiping – to send off my aunts back to Port Weld and heading back to KL again there after..  that explained the backache I am having right now.. the long road rides. Sigh.


 We stopped by Ipoh for lunch, before parting ways to KL/Taiping


 Eating nga choi gai!


Taiping’s Cashier Market


 My favorite order in Taiping Cashier Market, the teow chew styled fishball char kueh teow!

Random Notes


Nowadays, if there’s no rain the whole day, I would panic. Imagine now, we are all living in the 21st Century and we have to worry about where we are getting our water??

I have a friend who works in Cambodia and told me that, the bosses of a brewery in Cambodia open their business in Cambodia and never have to face water shortage even during the longest drought. We are in Malaysia, for God’s sake! We are already a developing nation… 8 years ago, Phnom Penh looked like Ipoh during the 70s.. now it’s already developing really fast with sky scrappers and even a Ferris Wheel near Sisowath Quay. I remember reading a news on Asian Games and it was a Cambodian who is leading in the swimming event! Vietnam even bypass us already in Science and Technology ranking! This is shit man!

Bread Baking Bug

I went on a bread baking spree the past one week. Well, I know that I am those type who has very short attention span, so if I am into the mood to bake bread, I better take this advantage to bake healthy breads for my family. My friend, whose husband is a chef, bakes their daily bread! She said, the bread sold on counters has too much additives that they might affect brain synapses in children. Well, I guess not that bad lah. Just that, if you bake bread yourself, you could opt for unbleached flour, control the sugar and salt level.. and you know for sure you don’t have any foreign or unwanted ingredients in it!

Since I am just starting to catch the bread baking bug, I didn’t want to invest in a bread maker. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend RM250 to buy a bread maker machine and use 3-5 hours of electricity each time! Also, I have a feeling that I might just abandon the machine after a few months!

So now, I am just googling for no knead bread recipes. So far, the results have been quite pleasing.. so I guess I am going to stick with this recipe and would add on other ingredients when I am more familiar with the bread making process. Yup.. am getting more and more “aunty”! Haha.

First attempt
Second attempt


Now, I think I can’t stand it when it’s cold. Even in the office with only 22C air cond. I would turn it off whenever it’s raining because I could feel the coldness sipping into my bones. Sigh. I guess it’s sign of old age.

Too Domesticated

I think I am overly domesticated now. I rather spend time at home, than going out. That explains why nobody is asking me to go out anymore. Most friends now go out among themselves coz they don’t have to accommodate my requests to meet only at places familiar to me – like Lau Heong and One Utama. Haha. Can’t blame them. Ah well, my adventurous streak seemed to end abruptly. Not that I am complaining. I think my laziness has evolved into a full blown level. Sorry friends… it was nice knowing all of you. Lol.