Riding With the Boys


Interesting stuffs when you go on a road trip (Tanjung Sepat – Morib – Klang) with 3 boisterous boys:-

1. Exposed to danger of sun burn – due to too much of no. 2
2. Cam whoring – they LURVEEEEE taking pics of themselves. I have never seen guys; being so in love with their own images before (except Chris, the body builder)
3. Coconut and palm tree joke – I swear it was a coconut tree.
4. Confidence shattered for not being able to tell the difference between an undernourished palm tree and a real palm tree.
5. Stomachache from too much laughter – a bit of too much food, too much sun, too much MSG caused disorientation of the minds and you tend to say the darnest things
6. The Pao incident – somebody being flirtatious when he tried to get his hands on some paos from a 10 year old girl. And I thought, Takeshi is the only one interested in underaged girls.
7. SPM certificate – Yuin forgot to collect his certificate from his school, when he left SPM 5 years ago. It made the rest of us feel so darn old. We couldn’t even remember when we took SPM.
8. A man can surely multi task – while talking on the phone, he could still managed to scratch his crotch.
9. They like banging, licking and fingering (as in eating crabs).
10. It’s official – girls can eat more than boys (observation from the numerous fei chai trips I had been).

Full stories (and pics of food!) of the trip on AJ’s blog:-

Part 1 – The Place
Part 2 – Funnies
Part 3 – The Food
Part 4 – What nots

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