This morning, I informed a Senior Contract Manager to go to a function next Friday on behalf of my boss, who will be leaving for Vietnam on the same day.

Him: Me again? Sien lah. Some more.. aiyoh.. no lucky draw kah? Wasting my time.

Me: How do you know there will be no lucky draw?

Him: The invitation card has no numbers on it. I know lah.

Me: You might get a number when you register your name on that day. Who knows? You just need to be more optimistic!

He smiled.

I can’t believe this. The cynical me has turned optimistic.

11 thoughts on “Optimistic

  1. Smart-aleck. lol

    Optimism is always the best way to go. Especially if your life sucks – just choose to ignore it. lol – look on the brighter side of things, everyone!

  2. way to goooooooo!!!!πŸ™‚

    have the same optimistic mind when you go for dating, you never know heheheπŸ˜‰

    frog turn prince, nehhhh hahaha, but possible!!!πŸ˜‰

  3. Kleio: Life sucks all the time. It depends on how you manage the “suckiness”.

    VJ: Haha. How I wish I am optimistic in that dept.

    Takeshi: You pay me also I won’t go. Have to bloody dress up.

    Ann: Yeah. You also – be optimistic. Sure pass exams!

    Yuin: Shucks. I prefer to be a bitch.

    laymank: You older than me you know – so.. ssshhh.

    Shine: I should have gone to do sales, just that I am not pretty enough.

  4. Selling is not about being pretty. I would love a complete team of Sales persons as Hustlers. Not pretty faces considered as Bimbos as first glance.

    You’re it when I think about me being a better person, remember?

    You know you’re high up on the pedestal already. At least with me.

  5. it’s good to be optimistic. it’ll definitely makes your day better and something to look forth. at least you won’t be in BM(bad mood) but GM! keep it going!:)

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