Pure Luck

I am so happy today! I scored my first 100 points in bowling!

100 points!

I know it’s kinda pathetic. But I never scored past 90 in any game… Probably pure luck.

Then, when I was at MPH, browsing some books while waiting for Yuin to make payment at the counter, a gentleman walked towards to me and said, “Excuse me, can I give you these?”

I looked at him, bewildered.

They were 2 RM5 cash vouchers.

“Err… Thanks a lot!” I quickly said and took the vouchers.

Looking at the expiry date, it’s today’s. I have always wanted to buy another book of Haruki Murakami’s, but they are too expensive. In fact, I just purchased 3 of his books the past 2 weeks alone (and finished reading one of them!) – Norwegian Wood, Underground and After the Quake from Borders – 3 for 2 prices. I was hooked right after I read the first book of his – the Wind Up Bird Chronicles. With the RM10 voucher, I got another book of his – the Elephant Vanishes. Guess, Christmas came early this year!

And… to top it all, AJ bought us dinner at TGIF’s! Thanks, AJ!

9 thoughts on “Pure Luck

  1. Wah… got one strike and a spare too. Not bad. Your fren Ale’s score was way too cool. ‘Kam-Yau-Ying’ – must be a pro.

    I can get many strikes and spare too you know…. on my mobile bowling I mean. Ahem… Kahahaha

  2. That bowling score is way better than mine. hahaha… Wah..how come I don’t get people walking up to me and giving me vouchers no strings attached? Hmm..there was no strings attached was there?šŸ˜‰

  3. Zing: Yeah… probably I should have just shove my phone number to him. LOL. Anytime for bowling – BRING IT ON!

    Kleio: Nothing beats the real stuff, I think.šŸ™‚

    JoeC: Wah.. then you shud come and humble Alex. He is so lansi. Heheh.

    inaesb: I don’t know why ppl shove vouchers to me when I am just standing there doing nothing. My friend said – I have the pathetic look – like no money to buy books or movie tickets. LOL.

    Mr Tattooed Eye Brows: No need to be jealous one. You also get more water and more attention from waitresses what….

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