This is going to be another restless long weekend.

After the ordeal of having to spend 5 days holidays without the internet during Raya, it’s going to be another 3 days holidays without the internet this coming Christmas. It’s not because of the streamyx line this time, it’s due to the TM cable breakdown in my area. It seemed there were people stealing the cables till they broke it. Been having problems of unresolved cross lines for as long as I could remember.

I remember I read somewhere that TM has lost million of ringgit due to such theft. I wonder; with their multimillion ringgit empire, they cannot even protect the phone cables from being stolen?

Plans of going to Johor and Singapore for Christmas this year were scrapped when one of the car pool mates had to work on Christmas weekend. She is the driver, so, the whole gang couldn’t go because of her – Bitch! Hahahaah. Anyway, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. Look at Johor now. It’s bloody flooded!!

Apart from going to another boring Christmas Gift Exchange party this weekend and lunch appointment on Christmas Day itself ( I turned down a mindless booze party on Christmas eve – fuh!), I would sit at home, spending a not so quiet Christmas.

Little Jumbo is progressing by leaps and bounds. Can you imagine a baby, not even 2 months old; already able lift his head? And he is starting to inch out of his crib with vigorous kicks. Carrying him is such an ordeal because he moves around too much. Don’t know what his mom has eaten while conceiving him. He is so hyperactive at less than 2 months, and I couldn’t bear the thought of him behaving when he starts to crawl!! She has created a monster!!!

I won a camera (or was it two?) two weeks ago in Make Someone Happy Contest, sponsored by Canon, Delighting You Always: a brand new Canon Ixus 60 & Canon Selphy Printer 710 from FlyFM.

I called up just now to check when I will get the prize. And this is how the conversation went:-

Receptionist: Hello, Radio Network.
Me: Hi, I am calling regarding the Canon Selphy contest.
R: HUH???
Me: Is this FlyFM?
R: Yeah.
Me: I am calling regarding the Canon Selphy contest. Make Someone Happy?
R: You are the winner or what?
Me: Yes, I am the contest winner.
R: Hold on ya. I pass you to the person in charge.

Hold on for like.. forever.

R: Hello, Radio Network.
Me: Hi, I am the winner of Canon Selphy?

You can hear a mobile phone ringing and there was interference.

R: Err.. . ahh… you hold on ah…..

Putting me on hold again.

R: Oh.. the person in charge is not in yet. Can you call back later?
Me: Oh.. Who is the person in charge?
R: Tony.
Me: Ok, I will call Tony later. Thanks.

40 minutes later….

R: Hello, Radio Network.
Me: Morning, can I speak to Tony please.
R: I am sorry….. she has resigned.
Me: TONYYYYYYY worr??? You gave me his name just now when I asked you.
R: Oh… Tony is it? I ingat Noni… sorry ya… Tony is on leave today.
Me: So, who can I speak to regarding the Contest Canon Selphy?
R: You can speak to Alex.
Me: Erm.. ok.

Alex: Hello?
Me: Morning, Alex. Merry Christmas to you.
Alex: Err….
Me: I am calling regarding the contest Canon Selphy. (Christ.. I am repeating it like a bloody parrot).
Oh.. who told you that you win ah?


Me: Err… the DJ called me up some two weeks ago and announced on air that I have won it.
Alex: Oh.. then you don’t have to worry lah. Sure get already. Just that the person in charge is not in. She will call you when she gets back…

Me: Aiyoh. I thought can give my friend as Christmas present. Apa lah. I mentioned in my entry mah. Will give him as Christmas present.

Alex: I think you better not wait lor.. you go buy a new Christmas present lah.. while waiting.
Me: Ah??? Fork out RM2,000??? I don’t think so man!!
Alex: Hehehhe..
Me: So actually ah.. who is right? Your webpage stated, win one for yourself and one for your friend. But I heard the DJ said, win camera for your friend and a printer for yourself.
Alex: Then the DJ should be right.
Me: Wah lao… why the web content stated winning two sets one??
Alex: Err… sorry worr.. I am just a web designer… I just cut and paste only… I am not the copy writer.

Me: Ahh???? What?? So should I sue the copy writer for misleading the public?
Alex: No ah… hehehehe.. sorry ah… but not to worry lah… Mira will call you next week.. err… I mean, next year lah.
Me: Ok lah.. then I will wait for Mira’s call.
Alex: Or… if you need anything ah.. you can call me also lah. Hehe!
*Flirtatious bastard!*
 Err.. okay. Merry Christmas. Bye.

Now, I am waiting for FlyFM people to call me up.

For the benefit of people who didn’t know what crap I wrote in less than 15 minutes, which won me the cameras; here it is.

The winning story

Just about a month ago, I went to purchase a digital camera with a friend. It was the first step to cultivate love for photography. He was very excited with his newly bought camera. He was snapping away as if he had been possessed by a photobug.

However, his happiness was short lived when he went for dinner one fateful evening with two other friends. They were mugged and robbed off their belongings at KTM Kuala Lumpur. During the scuffle, he refused to let go of his new camera. But when he saw his friends were in danger, he let it go to save his friends. He was sad to let it go, at the same time, felt glad that he and his friends escaped unharmed, despite sustaining some bruises.

By winning this competition – the very irresistible Canon Ixus 60 & Canon Selphy Printer 710, I believe it would be the best Christmas present for him for his unselfishness, to put the smile back on his face and to foster his love for photography once more.

I know.. it’s kinda cliché and lame (according to Ed); but it won me a camera, if not two!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007, everyone!

14 thoughts on “Restless

  1. Finally, you came around to blog about this big win eh.
    Glad that you won🙂 – truly happy for you – estatic actually.

    I wrote in 3 times but, nothing – then again, I am not as good a writer as you. Which is why I am so proud of you. Although, I didn’t win anything in the end but, I still like to thank you for tipping my on this contest and for all your encouragement. I wouldn’t have tried if not for you.

    The experience gained was priceless. I didn’t know I could come up with 3 entries as at first, I wasn’t even sure I could write one😛 – sometimes we all need true frens like you to push us a little. You have been an inspiration in my life.

    Thanks for being a true fren and Merry Christmas to you and happy holiday.

    P/S: I am still keeping my fingers crossed for you that there will be 2 sets of cameras arriving at your door steps.

  2. Ann: Thanks. You can say that again. Haha.

    inaesb: Yeah. This month’s been a pretty lucky month for me.

    laymank: Enjoy yourself in Phuket!

    Shae: Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks.

    Kleio: I believe that we should share good things with friends and people we care about. I am glad that I get the chance to share good things with you. No worries. In future, we will do it again and I will make sure this time you get it too!

    VJ: Same to you! May all your dreams come true.

  3. i’d like to know whether you actually got the prizes as promised. for me, when i went top collect it today, (13 June 2007) Mira told me all winners only got the printer…no camera! I am disappointed!!!

  4. i’ve been calling & calling them like hell! finally mira picked up the phone on 12 June. So today i just had to go there to collect!

  5. frankyly, i do feel cheated. i have waited so long for their call (but never received any!!) & all i got was the printer…some more got the cheek to tell me that all winners only got the printer…mira promised to check. if i dun hear from her by tomoro, i am going to make a formal complaint. btw, when did you collect your prize?

  6. gn: I wrote you an e-mail with the address you left me with. I collected it on 14 February – as soon as they called me to collect it. I have been calling them 2-3x prior to that to ask when am I supposed to go to collect the prize. It was supposed to be a Christmas present and ended up as my bday and Vday present.

    I didn’t use the printer till today.

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