Christmas Snippets

I thought I would be spending Christmas at home, since I am broke and not in any festive mood. To think what the country is turning into – the increase in toll and petrol, serious waste of tax payers money on useless and mindless projects, etc. Malaysia is a so called “democratic country” but it appears as if we have no say in anything. Guess who am I gonna vote for in the next election?

Come to think of it, for someone who don’t really give a damn about the politics in the country, I am rather surprised that I am actually quite bothered with all these issues. Yeah. Such a good time to think about this. Christmas! I am such a wet blanket.

Well, the past few weeks, had been attending quite a number of gatherings and parties. I was rather pleased with myself that I didn’t touch any alcohol this Christmas. Not even a drop! It was a clean Christmas this year (heck, in fact, last year, it was clean too, just that it was a sheer gluttony trip to Johor-Singapore-Tanjung Sepat).

Annoying kids at Christmas Party

I had attended 3 Christmas parties this year – two of them were church oriented – yes, where you cannot make sex jokes, flirt with potential bachelors, and use swear words. I even brought along two children to blend into one of the parties; of which I totally regretted because Sasha and Lok Lok cried “Murder!” when they were hungry because the party started late.

Worse, Sasha chose to scream at the top of her voice – “I am starving, gimme the damn bread” in Mandarin when the crowd was saying grace before feasting. And, “I want my presents!” throughout the entire party.

Mental note to self – to feed the children before the party starts or better still, just abandon the kids there when the party is over.

Managed to catch the much hyped movie, Curse of the Golden Flowers at the Curve with Hot Date. Hot Date wanted to watch the movie because of the jiggling boobs even if he denied it profusely. Well, it sort of put an unglamorous end to all the anticipation – the plot was weak, they spoke in over exaggerated and pretentious palace language, there are too much red and gold color in the movie that gave me pounding headache, and I think the whole movie is about the costumes… and the jiggling boobs.

Hot Date and I went to Putrajaya after ogling at the jiggling boobs. It was a photobug spree but I wasn’t in a mood to take pictures considering that the place is fast deteriorating. It was a fun outing, but I was disappointed that Putrajaya looked stale compared to my previous visit a year ago.

Jia lat state of Putrajaya

It looked as flimsy and stale as Badawi’s ruling. Seriously, as we strolled up the PM’s office, we were apparently disgusted with the condition of the tiles of the stairway. If such an official place is not even well kept, I don’t know how the cabinet ministers are keeping. Vandalism everywhere. It’s a terrible reflection of our own culture and mentality. I remember a documentary on White House and how it is kept in spick and span condition that even the toilets are given a thorough inspection and petty things like correct lightings are also not spared.

Yesterday night was fuming hot. I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t fall asleep again after twisting and tossing in bed for half an hour. I woke up and went to the kitchen for a glass of cold water. The mechanical cradle upstairs was rocking systematically to lull Little Jumbo to sleep. I wonder when the next feeding hour is. He has been quite a fussy and noisy little baby.

Yuin has left for Japan on his job. While everyone else was having a good time with friends and family, he is slogging his ass off on the ship. It’s quite sad really that some people had to work on festive seasons while other family members and friends congregated and making merry. Poor dude. No wonder he was unenthusiastic when I bid him farewell. Ah! He is greatly missed!

And I didn’t have a quiet Christmas dinner with turkey and lotsa wine. We had hokkien char near Tawakal Hospital instead.

Hope all of you had a good one!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Snippets

  1. Eh! Happy New Year to your and your family. Managed to catch up with your blog. Congratulations for winning the camera and printer.

  2. Wah..quite a handful ah, those kids. Why did you bring them along? I’ve had my share of noisy kids this Christmas too, but it’s the noise that I don’t mind. At least for that short period of time only lah. Hehe..Hols about to be over anyway.:)

    Happy New Year bash soon?

  3. Annie: Thanks!! Happy New Year to you too!

    Laymank: Happy New Year.

    inaesb: Coz I duwan them to be giving my mom headaches at home while me and sis gone for the parties. It’s a family oriented party, so I brought along the kids. No new year bash this year.

  4. Hey, what happened to my earlier comment😦 – it failed to show wor. Sigh… must be the net distruption liao. Sigh..

    What a hectic Christmas you have – poor thing.

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