10 Things I Learn Over The Week

1. Fried grasshoppers taste like ikan bilis.
2. Squirrels are best fried and they taste like chicken.
3. There is a much better durian species compared to the overly expensive D24.
4. Boys are equally gossipy, if not more.
5. When you were young, naughty and did badly in school didn’t mean you would screw up the rest of your life.
6. Toyota cars still have in-built cassette players.
7. Apply insect repellant if you wish to watch movie at Mid Valley to avoid flesh-biting bugs.
8. The PM’s office in Putrajaya should hire a feng shui master.
9. No matter how angry you were with your teachers in school, please do not throw duster at them.
10. Not many people are able to live up to their given names. *Lol*

5 thoughts on “10 Things I Learn Over The Week

  1. so u mean i hv not been living up to my ‘takeshi’ name? it is ‘given’ u know?

    boys being gossipy? even if they r, they do not EQUAL girls, not to mention MORE. feminism brought disorder.

  2. 1. Is it? Wah…although I like ikan bilis but grasshopper…err..
    2. Will try soon…i hope?
    3. I eat any durian…except rotten ones. 🙂
    4. True true…times change
    5. Look at Bill Gates, Einstein…not that they were naughty that much, or were they?
    6. They do? The new models?
    7. OMG…flesh eating?
    8. With all the bad publicity already? It’s about time, I say.
    9. I have never thrown a duster at any teacher lol
    10. No comment. Hehe.🙂

  3. Takeshi: Yeah – self given. :p Happy New Year, Chipet!

    Inaesb: LOL. You really came up with 10 comments? Hahha.

    thatjames: LOL. You mean to be perpetually smelling like a salted fish and uncontrollable release of barley-like substance when provoked?

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