Throwing a Party

Do you know how troublesome it is to throw a party?

The list of invitees, logistics, food, booze, parking space, finances, etc. It’s an event management by itself!

I used to throw parties the last two years due to discounts given by the company that I worked with to rent apartments. Got it dirt cheap and we could just trash the apartment with our booze parties. But now, since I have changed job, I had to give up that privilege as well. *Sigh*

For the past few years or birthdays of friends’, I am the one dominating the arrangements – where to eat, who to invite, etc. Usually, the birthday boy or girl would name their favorite restaurants and choose a date, and e-mails would be sent to all invitees and we will congregate to celebrate with him/her.

So now, it’s time for people to arrange for me, since it is my birthday. It’s about 3 weeks away from today.

Due to my overwhelming variety of friends – too many of them: the internet, the ex colleagues and other friends I picked up from gym, the streets, travels, etc. it can be quite challenging to arrange for my birthday party.

Ms Lactose – God bless her soul, tried really hard to convince me to have a booze party in Melaka for the weekend. Since it’s near Chinese New Year, it is very unlikely that anyone to drive all the way there to get pissed drunk. They have better things to do. I doubt they would turn up. I told her not to even think about it.

She has some corporate rates for hotels but they are at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. I think the last thing people would want is to drive all the way to Bangi or Dengkil to get pissed drunk? Might as well go Melaka, right?

Then, she suggested a picnic at Titiwangsa in the afternoon. A PICNIC????? For someone with overactive sweat glands????

LOL. I declined politely, albeit being quite hysterical about it at first.

I asked Cili Padi for advice. Knowing me, Cili Padi told me something that made me laugh like a hyena in the office.

[16:09] Cili Padi: let them arrange for u once
[16:10] Cili Padi: pls do
[16:10] Cili Padi: n when u do dun be like tun mahathir
[16:10] Cili Padi: go n shoot the organiser down like anything
[16:10] Cili Padi: keep n eye open n the other close
[16:10] Cili Padi: just enjoy the moment
[16:11] Cili Padi: unless the entire party sucks
[16:11] Cili Padi: then u say something
[16:12] me: lol
[16:12] me: you make it sound like i am a dictator
[16:12] me: lol
[16:13] Cili Padi: laugh lar…. true
[16:13] Cili Padi: u r not but in the eye of others u might be
[16:13] Cili Padi: cos u r a perfectionist

Wah lao. It’s so hard to please a woman, especially myself.

I think, I prefer a small and quiet gathering (don’t laugh, Goldfish!) with close friends over a scrumptious dinner anytime. Anyway, it’s only a birthday. No biggie. And it’s quite depressing turning 31 this year. LOL.

12 thoughts on “Throwing a Party

  1. It’s true. Since it’s your birthday, let your kakis have the honor and the pain of setting it all up for you – for a change😉 You should just sit back, relax and bask in the attention. Let others touch you with their sincerity for once. ok.

    May you have a happening birthday celebration, Valentine girl🙂

  2. it’s possible for a small and quiet gathering …. but the amt of friends u have, i doubt it can ever be a ‘SMALL’ & ‘QUIET’ gathering …. for all u know it will definitely turn out to be a ‘BIG’ & ‘NOISY’ gathering …… by the way, cili padi sounds so familiar… hmmm…….. ;0

    have fun on ur b-day…. wishing u a Happy 31st Birthday in advance as i won’t be around to wish u ….. hopefully no one pisses u off tt day wherever u may be (on the road, in the office, in the toilet, etc) ;p

  3. Zing: Eh? The Budak Kilang you met over one bowling session – I met her in the gym mah! I went to the gym 2 years ago.. and then stopped.

    CW: Ok ah. Since now you know already, I am expecting something from you. Muahahahahah!

    Goldfish: Shut up! LOL

    Takeshi: I am old, no fucking. Hahaha.

    Kleio: Haha. I dunno. If I don’t do it myself, I don’t feel good. See what Cili Padi said. LOL.

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