Singled Out

The most dreadful thing that could happen to any employee while working in this patriotic company (Yes, we have assembly once a month, we sing Negaraku, some patriotic songs, company song and yeah – we have the ikrar as well!) is, having an open dialogue lunch with the Managing Director.

I dreaded it because this time, we even have the trouble maker in our midst. The one that has nothing better to do in office, always trying to find faults with others and treat fellow colleagues as if they were idiots.

It was really surprising that she wasn’t her moronic self today e.g. making irrational statements which made her look like she bloody own the company or think that she is the sole policy maker in the office. (She is merely a clerk – all talk and not performing one, for goodness’ sake. Yeah. You read this correctly.) Instead, she sucked up to the boss and kissed his ass unashamedly in front of all colleagues.

The prep talk is to let us know that we should be loyal to the company, there are many chances of promotion (but you work here for 10 freaking years first lah), working for 10 hours a day will guarantee your promotion (like I give a flying fuck about promotion), working 10 hours a day meaning you are hardworking and very loyal to the company (not taking into consideration that if you work within stipulated time, means you actually know how to prioritize and work efficiently?), wives should be the one sending children to school and not men (I don’t know what he supposed to do if the employee is a single father or maybe worse, a widower?), single ladies should travel more (referring to going to site visits – I don’t understand what the fuck for) and the only single lady on the table of 15 just now – is me. As if single ladies have no life or old parents to take care or no commitment at all and must be treated like a robot. I never felt so discriminated.

Seriously speaking, if you want to know how the company policy is acceptable or not, probably you should have a written survey and everything should be treated with high confidentiality. And what is the point of telling all and yet no action has been taken to mitigate the problem?

Typical Chinaman company. Hhmph.

9 thoughts on “Singled Out

  1. i understand how you feel. Nobody is prefect and the world is not a perfect place. Holding grudge will cause you more pain. Forgive and forget.

  2. CW: You try and see lah. But I think the MD thought I am married with a few kids coz I looked like aunty in that bloody uniform. Hahahah!!

    Lamb Chop: No lah.. yeah. I am only angry for a few days lah. Then I will let it go..

    WHAT is this man?? Chicken Wing and Lamb Chop?? How you ppl know I am on diet??? Hahahaha.

  3. i thought u would hv bang the table and turn it. what a dissapointment….lol.

    i think u r right, opinions and ideas should be treated as confidential. i think yr company has too much money till need to implement and organize this and that…and sing songs….lol.

  4. Takeshi Kanasai: No lah. I can be quite diplomatic at times. Yes. I feel the management is wasting a lot of money on the assembly. But good also lah.. got free nasi lemak to eat. Hahahahaha.

    Kleio: Hhahaha. I see you rolling your eyes over there. Hahahahaha.

    Stevo: LOL. You remember the perfume part ah? Hhahahahahha!

  5. I know exactly what u mean cos I’m in one too… and take it from me, urs, I believe is far better than mine…. dun even wanna start bout it…. ;(

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