Love Makes You Smile.. A Lot

A conversation with an old IRC friend last night sent me to bed giggling to myself.

Fibi Work so hard but no money!: hey
me: hi
FWSHBN$: gina, i wanna tell u something
me: oh ok
me: tell me what?

FWSHBN$: oh yesterday went to eat dry pan mein
me: oh.. what about it?
me: long time i no go eat liao

FWSHBN$: tat 2 brothers…
me: the morons
FWSHBN$: the younger one got galfren oredi
me: what?
me: lol
me: i tot what big news you want to tell me
me: lol

FWSHBN$: he was smiling whole day
me: lurrveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
FWSHBN$: till i call him few times to collect money…. he forgot

me: love makes you smile a lot
me: lol

FWSHBN$: then he walk to us like soh lou (idiot)
FWSHBN$: like pai seh pai seh
FWSHBN$: oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy

me: oi
FWSHBN$: then he sit next to the gal.. drink soup together
me: ppl first time in love lah
me: kasi chance lah sikit

FWSHBN$: hahahh but very farneeeeee
FWSHBN$: tat gal quite sweet

me: pretty ah?
me: wah lao

FWSHBN$: she was helping out at the stall

me: i think maybe that soh lou see pretty girl
me: put some jampi in her pan mein
me: then she fell in love with him
me: lol

FWSHBN$: hahhaha
FWSHBN$: maybe
FWSHBN$: he was smiling non stop….

me: lol
me: i think i will make a trip there this weekend to see it for myself

FWSHBN$: then one auntie ask him… why today so happy???? see u smilling all the wayyyyy
FWSHBN$: he said… ohh … ohh… chinese new year coming mahhh

me: quite penipu also ah that guy
me: hahahaha
me: but the elder moron is better looking worr
me: hahaha
me: fibi, you can try your luck lah
me: owner of the best pan mein in KL, and probably PJ leh
me: you jiak beh liao (hokkien: you will be well taken care of the rest of your life)
me: lol


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