Big Ear

Why you so big ear?? (Direct translation from Cantonese meaning – why are you so careless?)

I was just mocking a mangkok friend who lost her car because she didn’t lock her car properly and another friend who dropped her boarding pass while we were in Phnom Penh airport last year.. Guess karma had run its course once again, unfailingly.

I lost my identity card and my car license – just the moment I bragged about how nice I looked in both photos.. Shit!!!!!

That is the problem with girls. We always change our purses/hand bags as if we were runway models. I don’t have such habit of changing bags whenever I go out until recently. There are too many bags in the house (from my numerous trips) and mom’s been nagging us for not using them, I tried to mix and match my bags whenever I go out. I searched all the bags that I had used the past few weeks and couldn’t find them. I didn’t even step out from the house, apart from going to work the entire last week. How could this happen??

I was preparing to go out for dinner with Hot Momma Sharon just now when I couldn’t locate the ic and the license in my purse – together with my USD20, the contact number of my tow truck driver and a Buddha’s amulet given by my friend who went to Australia to pursue her studies some 8 years ago. I had to cancel my curry mee dinner. Sigh! Maybe it’s a divine sign to ask me to go on a diet? Hhmph?

I hope I accidentally dropped it in office’s drawer as usual. I went to office just now but it was closed. I think I will interrogate Sasha later. She has history of hiding my spectacles for 2 weeks before.

Wish me luck tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed the damn thing is in office. I am so anxious now. The agony! Shit!

10 thoughts on “Big Ear

  1. this is a case of a temporary misplacement which can be detrimental. i hate this sorta situation myself but then again, u really got big ears……lol

  2. Look inside your brown color handbag, which comes side pocket with zip on the inside. But wait till tomorrow only see, you won’t be able to find it if you look tonight. lol

  3. This is a big OH SHIT situation. Very mah-fan (troublesome). Have to make police report (the long wait). Then got to separate offices to get your new IC and license. And then the long wait. Sigh…

    Hope you can get all of it sort out before your impending trip. Pray for you ok.

  4. yo! dun fret! i tink it should be in the office since tt’s the last place you’ve seen or left it. if not, try to recall again… i’m sure it’s somewhere near… hope you’ll find it 2moro!

  5. Well, thanks. But they are gone lah. I turned the whole room upside down for this. Sien. So I have to get these sorted out soon, or else I cannot go anywhere!! Thanks for the concern. Appreciate it!

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