2 Million Dollars Pubic Hair

I was a wife with 3 children. Very cute children, if I may add. I had a Mat Salleh husband. (Every Asian girls’ dreams? Well, not all perhaps – but I am sure most of my ex classmates in Convent do). I worked from home, trading online of paraphernalia of movie stars or rock stars.

I couldn’t recall the singer who had caused all the chaos in an otherwise perfectly normal family. (Well, come to think of it – 3 adorable kids, a Mat Salleh husband and working at home.. is not normal – it’s too good to be true!)

I have a biography book autographed by this particular rock star. To make things even more interesting, he gave me a strand of his pubic hair as remembrance. The whole internet raved about it. It wasn’t that bad till the rock star suddenly died. You know how things go when a famous person dies? Most of his things would be auction off to the highest bidder.

Interest and enquiries poured in for the pubic hair. Seriously, if the pubic hair is worth so much, why couldn’t the coroner remove all from the dead rock star during autopsy to make a quick buck? There would be plenty of pubic hairs to go around. This singer had a particularly long pubic hair! And it’s not curly, it’s straight!

Things turned nasty when I met up with few potential buyer of the book AND the pubic hair. I find that the book with the pubic hair could fetch at least USD2 million dollars. I was almost assassinated when I went out to discuss a deal. I found myself running away from those people in the highly impact chase-and-run ala Hollywood style. I even stopped by to talk to a white girl, who asked me questions on company secretarial matters. Don’t ask me how it came about – but I sort of suddenly told myself I should get back to this line. Whispers of the subconscious mind?

When I got home, the whole house was in a mess. My three children were interrogated by Mat Salleh husband because he wanted to know where I have kept the book with the pubic hair. In fact, I did a brilliant thing by sewing it into his unused Mercedes Benz’s boot. Like they say, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

I didn’t what has got into him that he had to threaten the children. I was furious and vowed to avenge this. Then I took the kids swimming at my backyard pool to help them to forget the incident. The children kept complaining to me about how their dad hit them as they donned on their swimsuits. There was sand all over their faces and hands, which showed that they were thrown into their sandbox while he was lashing at them.

As I was scheming and plotting; thinking of ways to get back at him, the alarm clock rang.

Damn. Another weird and unfinished dream.

8 thoughts on “2 Million Dollars Pubic Hair

  1. dude….aiyoo..dreams entries again? lol. u study in convent meh? i heard most convent gals r hamsup one wor…… u like mat sallehs meh? why huh?

  2. Veli de funny dream.

    Maybe it’s a sign you should stop messing around with ah bengs
    and try the mat salleh market or muthu’s or ali’s or maybe ah sing’s. lol

  3. Keatdkanasaitakeshi: No ah. Most Convent girls yes lah. I left Convent when I was 13. So I am half hum sup?

    visithra: Tell me about it. :p

    straymana: WTF WTF?

    abbot: Think I should start hanging out at clubs with many expats huh?

    laymank: LOL. Angmo very smelly and big one worr. I scared. LOL.

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