Picture Perfect

My dad and his sister (my aunt, that is) are quite gifted when it comes to photography. I don’t know where they picked up their talents from since gramps died way before my dad barely reaches puberty. For a poor kampong boy, cameras would probably be the last thing that he could own. In fact, I guess he got his camera when he first got his paycheck as an army with the local military. As years went by, he got another camera, a much faster model.

From the top, clockwise: Cameras I kept till today – I hope they are still in tip top condition, Fuji Camera, me @ 6 years old, old Yaschica, flower my brother took in his KK trip and another antique Yashica.

His sister, my aunt, went to England to study nursing. She too, picked up photography while studying in England. In fact, the picture synonymous to my old blog was taken by her. There were many photographs of my cousins and my younger self back then, mostly taken by her or by my dad.

I guess I had followed their foot steps, albeit having to go through trial and error like everyone else.

I got the chance to fiddle with my dad’s cameras when I was back in school due to school activities. I was the Interact Club president and since I was the one with camera, I would be the one taking pictures in any school functions, but not without accidents. Since I didn’t really know how to operate a manual camera, I always desire to get an automatic camera. I didn’t have to worry about blurry pictures. I loathed using the old cameras! Not surprisingly, if I were lucky enough, the pictures would turn out to be better than other automatic cameras in the market. I was glad that I managed to capture “my life” when I was a teenager.

When I got my salary as a waitress in Sixth Happiness right after A levels, I saved enough to buy a Fuji Camera which served me well for almost eight years. Fuji had seen me through a lot of memories – graduations, birthdays, weddings, parties, trips, colleagues and family outings. There is one shop (still exists till today) which would be truly happy to have me at their shop, every week to purchase new rolls of films.

I finally decided to migrate to the expensive digital cameras, Canon Ixus II 3.2 when I saw pics taken by my brother with his Canon Ixus 2.0. They were awesome. I wanted a camera on my own so I could further develop my interest. I got the camera almost the same time as I gotten my first blog from James. This camera has brought a lot of food pics, which catapult the old blog to the foodie category. Most people who read my blog told me, it was the makan pics that intrigued them. Haha. Malaysians are quite easily contented when it comes to food.

Luck was on my side when the CCD problem occurred. Instead of getting it fixed like everyone else, I got a brand new camera Canon Ixus 50 as a replacement. I could never be so happy.

Secret for better pics? Enjoy yourself in any occasion. Be trigger happy. Snap whatever that cross your path. Out of the 700 pics (that is my average whenever I am on a trip), you are bound to get 50 good ones. LOL.

* This post is inspired by Yuin. He told me he is gonna blog about his old cameras before he left for Japan. I beat him to it since he’s away. Actually, I am way, WAY older than him – so, I guess his camera won’t be as antique as mine! Hehe.

5 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. yashica is a good brand. i m quite hopeless when it comes to SLRs anyway.

    lei chow hoe la, so much toys to play. privileged childhood….lol.

  2. agreed.
    i didn’t get my first camera (digital, that is) until i have worked for 6 years. reason because the film, the processing and developing the pictures are way too costly than what i can afford. although i like photography as well, but just didn’t have the luxury to really ‘practice’ that. that is also why after i owned a digital camera, i have been snapping gigs and gigs of photos.

  3. The only thing I know about photography is point and click. Am trying to save up some money to get a good digicam. The easier the usage, the better. I do remember using a camera where I had to like wind a gear after each picture. It should be somewhere around.

  4. Takeshi: I was lucky. Dad let me fiddle with his cameras and even taught me how, but I was too impatient.

    LMK: I think I would have saved a lot of money if I don’t have a camera back then.. but was glad to have my old photos – they were priceless!

    inaesb: Yeah!! Same here! Even if my heart is twitching and aching for a SLR. The quality of the pics seemed to be better. Every penny counts.

  5. Oh, so you sifu is your own daddy and aunty lah. Wah he cultivated your passion and skill since young ah – no wonder your skill is so good lah.

    My dream is to own a anti-shake digicam. I have got very shaky hands😀

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