I Feel Good

10 February 2007

The journey to the planned party place was horrendous. I was stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour. Knowing that I didn’t have much patience, WY called to check on me and told me to calm down. I struggled to maintain the “thermometer” within. Cheras is famous for its perpetual jams – but yesterday’s was the mother of all jams! To fuel the already over the top notch heat (boiling blood), it was such a darn hot day.

Dinner at Unique Fisherman was such a let down. I do not blame the organizers for choosing this place. Everyone seemed to rave about it in their blogs, even the Star newspapers. The food is overpriced. You should look at the sea creatures displayed. They looked so mutated (and some even look like genitals!! – Ok. I have a perverted mind), sort of made you lose all your appetite. Well, a conclusion – I told my fellow friends to only believe food reviews in MY blog if they really want good shit food. LOL. Si ai bin! (Hokkien: Want face). So, no pics of food coz they are quite crappy.

After braving another jam back to Seri Cempaka Suite, I took bath immediately because I was almost drown in my own sweat. It was darn uncomfortable to be wearing something non cotton for the weather. So, I dressed like Ah Soh – in my comfy pants and old t shirt – the same t shirt that I wore for my birthday, 2 years ago!

The Sweet Concoction

All guests were looking their best, and the birthday girl looked like the maid-in-waiting. I swear… even the Indonesian maids you met at the shopping mall, look far better off than me. The air conditioner here was so frustrating. I let it pass. No sweat would come in between me and Absolut Vodka! First thing I did was, to mix a cocktail with mixed fruit juice, water, 7Up and Absolut Peach. It was good, even if it’s diabetic inducing.

The ArtWork to unGlorify me

We played a few games – including smashing an egg on one’s forehead to see who got the raw one, they made a lovely poster to describe my characteristics as remembrance (yeah, they understand me very well indeed – and they even loved me for being such a bitch and harped on the gift of the gab – yeah, I know it’s kinda childish, but it’s quite fun). Then a friend decided to pop by to add drama to the party.

I simply couldn’t understand what was her purpose to blurt out such distasteful remark to someone whom she didn’t even bother to keep in touch with, in attempt to make the latter look bad. “Oh! It’s you! So slim now since you broken off with Calvin!”

Omigod! Drama! Drama! Jeng Jeng Jeng.

Instead, I guess she got a slap back on her face, as all of us felt it was not necessary to even mention such things, and worse, in front of my friends, some of whom, do not even know her. To add further insult to her tainted image, she complained that the games that we were playing were too childish that even her children would be bored. (When I told my mom about this as soon as I got home, my mom retorted by saying – so, her kids are playing adult games? What type of adult games? LOL!)

It was a lucky thing she decided to leave early, that everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Girls being girls, we bitched about her the moment the door shut behind her!! Haha! What a drama! I guess this is a nice twist to this already fun booze-birthday-get-together. (Of course at someone’s expense! But being such a good soul, she felt it’s no biggie. Yes, she needed not to stoop that low like the other woman). Guess someone just blew her chance of getting invitations again to future parties.

I swear.. it was purely accidental

The cake cutting session was the funniest. I forgot to blow out the candles before cutting it as YY was rushing me. She couldn’t wait to eat the nicely done chocolate mocha cake by WY. Everyone couldn’t control their laughter and they almost fell on the floor, rolling and laughing. It was such a comical moment.

We ended up the night, playing some silly games to finish off the vodka concoction, albeit unsuccessfully, and taboo games. I am getting a little addicted to taboo. It was really refreshing that someone gave a clue for Bosnia – sounds like a Malaysian made handbags but selling at a high price overseas (Bonia). Between Goldfish and I, it was he who guessed it correctly. Hahhaha!

Well, here’s my token of appreciation to friends who attended my small, yet warm (literally!) party:-

WY, since 1997

God blessed her soul – she baked me the heavenly chocolate mocha cake and purposely took half day leave the day before to do this (She baked me a strawberry cake in 2005). I was so touched. Seriously. Our friendship lasted 10 years since 1997, despite all the dramas and occasionally…. errr.. well, constant bitching about each other. I guess nobody is perfect.

Someone commented that our friendship is like a marriage – you always see both of us together in almost every occasion (except when she gets adventurous with her friends – no, not wild sex parties but, caving, camping and hiking – which, for the life of me, I don’t have the freaking stamina or proper physique for all these activities), acting suspiciously, we argue most of the time and behave like children. It was me, being overly sensitive, who usually cari pasal first. Sigh.

She has been there through thick and thin – even if at times, she tends to be quite aloof of my needs (yeah yeah! I am a bloody egoistic bitch), I wish that I would be a better friend to her today and forever more. I appreciate her patience, tolerance for my eruptive moods and her generosity. I sincerely apologize if I had deliberately cause hurt. (I tend to hurt people that I care about most, because, I think I took them for granted.)

Thank you for planning this party! Despite some hiccups, I am glad that I enjoyed it pretty much! (Sorry! I am so like TDM!)

Jane, since 1989

Thank you for blowing my cover as a very easy-going person. I was not a very easy going person when I was in school. I was more of a conformist. I would like to apologize if I had caused your primary school a hellish time. Hahahahhaha!!! We have known each other for more than 18 years, and I am glad that our friendship stayed strong. I admire her courage and determination in times of adversity. She is someone that I could look up to if I have some doubts.

LN, since 1989

A fellow Taiping kia. A friend of 18 years. I admire her drive for her career and wish her the very best in her pursuit for happiness. She is the role model for a strong and independent woman today. I appreciate her time, and for traveling all the way from Penang just for this occasion!

YY, since 1995

Such a beautiful soul. A subtle person who knows how to take care of people’s feelings, despite appearing to be quite oblivious at times. Ignorance is indeed bliss. Our friendship started when she… err.. no… her brother, Joe, came to our house, seeking for a place to stay for his sister. We gave the room to her because her brother is so gorgeous!!! Hahaha! Even if it was such a brief period she stayed with me in TAR College, we kept in touch till today.

May, since October 2006

I get to know her last year around October or November but she has been an avid follower of my blog even before I knew her. I like her quirkiness, frankness and ability to make me laugh out loud. Thank you for planning this wonderful party. Appreciate it.

P/S Thanks for the book and the porn! LOL!

Goldfish, since December 2006

Being the only “alpha male” in the group, he seemed to enjoy himself very much with all the attention he was getting from the girls. In fact, some of the girls said he looked so handsome in his white shirt. He looked like some Philippino actor. LOL.

Well, even in such a short period of time we get to know each other, I am glad that there is someone who is as equally gossipy as me, able to take my sick jokes, give in to most of my whims and fancy (well, most of the time) and thank you for amusing me for appearing to be oblivious to my overactive sweat glands!

13 thoughts on “I Feel Good

  1. Gina,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many happy returns!
    Sounds like you have a great bunch of friends, they would be very happy knowing you appreciate them so much! 🙂

  2. Gina,

    Heee….Drama wei…anyway all of us “Best Actress of The Year”..kheeee.

    Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m glad to be there in the party..after such a long time (sorry) for not celebrating with you. I’m happy too to meet all your good/fun friend eventhough 1st time meeting them..& I missed WY’s cake wor….

  3. fun filled party!!

    what else can one expect more but a good bunch of close friends and a hearty gathering?

    Happy Birthday in advance!!

  4. It was so much joy to be reading this post of yours. Truly you are blessed… so many good frenz to share your joy as well as low time. How I wished I am still single and swinging hence able to join in all your fun too. And be a part of your good memories.

    Wishing you an early Happy Birthday with many good returns and also Happy Valentine’s Day my dear fren.

    Bitch all you want… we would still love you the same😉

  5. Glad to be your fren too! Your remark really touching till I almost cry… TDM? LOL… Tun apa?

    Thanks for being the most understanding friend, especially keeping me sane when my mind screw up over pratical solution… hoping our friendship will grow🙂 and oh yes, hope you have many happy returns and find your Mr Right soon!!


    Jane, hope to meet up with you soon too! Next time I will bake cheese cake (May and Gina’s fave)!

    Hmm bout that drama.. somehow already felt the uneasiness the moment she walked in through the door and I didn’t even greet her like I used to…

    Again, wishing you all the best in whatever you do my dearest pal!!!

  6. What to do lah? I always regret what I did at times. So am learning how to be more tactful and not to piss ppl off unnecessarily. Heh! Thanks for bearing with me all these years.

  7. You are getting better every time we met, so there’s a progress, I also need to change my attitude and improve on my weaknesses.. so no worries, nobody is perfect, as long as you have the determination to change! So good luck to both of us.. hehe

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