Warm and Fuzzy

Stole My Heart

12 February 2007, Monday

A planned last minute shopping at KLCC was ended before it started when JK and AJ turned up unexpectedly to join Chubby and Amy to treat me dinner. I was speechless. It was indeed a pleasant surprise.

California Pizza Kitchen offered a few new dishes and we decided to try it. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera as I wasn’t expecting this. I was thinking of merely going to shop for some new clothes and maybe, try the new McDonald’s beef foldover with extra large curly fries!!!

We had a coffee break after walking about with AJ looking around almost everywhere for free angpow packets. Well, AJ was being nice. He took the angpow packets not for himself but to give to anyone who needs them. We told him, we preferred angpow packets with money inside anytime. Haha.

They bought a piece of cake for me, called Stole My Heart. It’s purely chocolate.

13 February 2007, Tuesday

Was at One U to catch a free movie with WY. Since there were some extra tickets, I roped in a few friends.

Dinner at Just Thai was good too. There would be more meals there in the near future.

Norbit is one helluva hilarious movie. It got us into fits of laughter. Thanks, WY for this special treat.

Mango Peach from Strudels

14 February 2007, Wednesday

Ed decided to throw me a party at his house as soon as he returned from New York. He bought me two lipsticks and a nautica shirt. I particularly like the mango peach cake from Strudels. Simply awesome.

After dinner, the night was spent laughing our asses off, chit chatting and whining about our singleton lives and consulted the tarot cards from one of Ed’s close chum, Ian. It was accurate, seriously speaking. Well, I never really listen to anyone but, I guess I would have to give the cards some benefit of the doubts. It’s better to take things slowly and just go with the flow.


My family decided to throw me a small birthday party, with the usual – KFC, Pizza and an orange cake. Sasha had left to celebrate Chinese New Year with her family in Teluk Intan. This year, we have a new addition to the family portrait, Little Jumbo (Lok Lok’s little brother).

Well, I am sure I wouldn’t want to leave for Taiping tomorrow morning (for one week break) without wishing all of you, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi.

Gong Xi, Gong Xi

8 thoughts on “Warm and Fuzzy

  1. the last pic u took ar? or u nick it from somewhere? lol.

    anyway, happy chinee nude year to u and yr famili and yr boyfren wor. tell me about yr new babe ok? lol.

  2. Yes. I took the last pic. It was actually a box nicely wrapped with chocolates inside. A gift from Sasha’s mom. Quite cool eh?

    Baine: Hi there. Thanks!🙂 Hope you enjoy your holiday.

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