Unexpected Events

When you were in Port Weld, Taiping for a week; and the moment you opened your eyes one morning, suddenly “Long Live Chairman Mao!!” came screaming throughout your brains – you really need to get a grip. Oh boy!! Am I glad to be back in KL!

I was reduced into a vegetative state in my late grandma’s place in Port Weld, Taiping for a week. Heck. Come to think of it, I am also in a vegetative state when I am in KL. Most of the time would be idly spent on the lap top, going online and blogging. Well, at least, I make use of some brains left in the latter case.

After a mug of kopi O and popping pills of sorts, my daily routine was reduced to plunking my ass on the couch, getting hold of the remote control and flipping channels. Rerun of old VCDs – Hong Kong based movies, which I hardly watch when I am in KL, I watched them. And boy, I watched them all. Singapore based Hokkien movies – yes, Jack Neo’s movies are so damn funny, Thailand based series on tv, Venezuelan’s soap operas, Japanese international movies – that was all I did while I was in Taiping.

I watched “What Women Want” on 8tv last night. Yes. I can’t believe that I am watching that useless show. I am actually very surprised that Hafiz could carry such decent conversation despite limited English. In fact, I was impressed that he gave massage to the girl. Well, I guess all girls are suckers for guys who are nice to them, irregardless of looks, races or status. Really. It pays to be nice.

Surprisingly, I didn’t pig out as much as I thought I would. The spread this year was rather mediocre and way too much meat. I am glad that I actually could buckle my jeans when I slipped into it this morning.

A series of unexpected events happened while I was in Port Weld, Taiping.

Firstly, I helped to bake cakes. Yes. This bitch can bake. LOL. Whipping the butter manually is no joke. I couldn’t feel my hands after whipping it for 45 minutes.

Ta daa… butter cake with cherry on top

Then, my cousin brother’s grandmother died in KL last Friday. Since most of us were already in Taiping, our relatives in KL told us not to come back. They would see to the ceremony accordingly. It was a good thing that my first aunt – daughter in law of the deceased decided to stay back in KL after complaining of the unfinished painting job.

During my one week stay, I had witnessed 2 funeral processions – one of an elderly lady and the other one was a 10 year old mentally challenged boy. He fell and drowned; while playing on the fishing boat, by the sea. He was found after a few days of frantic search by worried parents. They combed the entire mangrove area, only to find the body stuck under one of their boats, near the dock.

My uncle came home and told us not to venture out into town late at night. Apparently, there were 3 cases of robberies on Tuesday night itself. The perpetrators pretended to ask for help with their default vehicles and robbed people who were kind enough to slow down to help them. Well, I take back what I’ve said earlier in paragraph 4. It doesn’t pay to be good sometimes. So, exercise discretion.

I couldn’t read much while taking a break here. I brought along some books with me, only to have them lying idle on the table with packets of angpows in them. The mind was not even in the right frame. I was exhausted most of the time – from sitting too much.

Out of boredom, I took some pics of my late grandma’s old house. This house was bought for only RM8,000 and now it’s worth more than RM100,000, some 40 years later.

Old house with old furnitures

Despite many face lifts given to this house – some renovation and painting, I still miss the old the green colored cement floor. Seriously, it was quite cooling compared to the new ceramic tiles that we have now. We used to have an open area by the house where goats and chicken roamed freely – yes, I was once being chased by a goat for throwing a rock at its horn. Now, they were all taken up to build more shop houses. The upstairs is basically still left untouched. It’s actually quite creepy as you could smell old furniture, antiques and wood. It would be a cool set to shoot local ghost movie!

Here, we witnessed many things happening in our family. It was here that we paid our last respects to our beloved uncle, who died of kidney failure in 1989 and not long ago, in 2003, the passing of my late grandmother. This house survived a flood, thankfully not as devastating as the one in Johor recently.

Not all events were bad.

My brother was born in this house. We held a birthday party for our cousin brother here when he was 6 – the first birthday party in Port Weld, and everyone follow suit later on. My aunts opened their first hair salon here and they are still in business till today. My late uncle opened his first electrical shop in this house. I have my free dentist service here for the past 25 years of my life. Yes. And my dentist is still renting the small room for a mere RM100 per month in front of the house for his practice for two days – Fridays and Saturdays, which sometimes turn into a guest room whenever we returned for a short break.

Well, all is not that bad. Despite a rather unproductive week, I am glad that the family gets to congregate in the living room, talk rubbish and stuff ourselves silly with mandarin oranges and cookies. If this is what Chinese New Year is all about, so be it.

9 thoughts on “Unexpected Events

  1. Ann: I didn’t even read anything on China while I was in Taiping.

    WY: Erm.. one fine day. One fine day.🙂

    laymank: I know you miss me. Haha!

    Takeshi: That is why some bloggers just don’t use their brains when they blog, they ended up taking pictures in disabled toilets and made a monkey out of themselves.

    e: Hey. When is the next tarot reading session?

  2. So nice ma, to have bed sores….

    I wish I had them.

    But being in the hostility line meaning you’re working your ass off so other people could have a memorable celebration.

    I meant, hospitality, of course!

  3. It’s nice to have a place like that to go back to and reminisce about the good ol’ days. CNY can be very boring for KL people like me with no hometown to go back to.

    Since my mom renovated her house… that place where I grew up has turned alien to me now. Everything in the house has been changed. I truly missed the old un-renovated house… it felt more like home.

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