Na Tuk Kong Rocks!

Ann shared good news with me today. She passed her tax exams! Not merely pass! Pass with a merit!

I was glad that she finally got over this hurdle that haunted her for years.

I was too, stuck with a paper back then. I couldn’t seem to pass the corporate finance paper, no matter how hard I studied. I took classes, intensive courses, making small little notes there and then, and yet, I couldn’t pass. I was at wits end and almost gave up graduating from ICSA.

One day, a friend advised me to go to this temple in Jalan Ipoh. I was a bit apprehensive but after so many years, I didn’t really have a choice. After attending churches every time I felt like I needed a divine intervention, it didn’t really work. I know, I am a conditional church goer – God-if-You-grant-me-this-I-would-do-this-and-that. My bad! So? Sue me!

Out of desperation, I did what she told me to do. I bought some betel nut, betel nut leaves, tobacco and rokok daun and went to the temple in Jalan Ipoh which is situated right in front of Dynasty Hotel. It was fated, because I happened to work near that area that time. Other than that – I went to a crystal shop on the pretext of buying a present for a friend, but ended up buying blood crystals for myself to boost my luck in exams. Not only that – other than buying the Na Tuk Kong the offerings and crystals, I ended up burning joss sticks and joss papers to other deities there almost every day for a month! Talk about desperate measures!

That sitting, I passed with a merit too!

I decided to help Ann since I couldn’t tolerate her incessant whining about her lack of luck (Actually there were other reasons that caused her losing her concentration on her studies for 2 sittings, known only to both of us. Heh!) and, so, I went with her to the temple and did the same (Only the Na Tuk Kong part – no crystals or placing joss sticks for one whole month!) I am glad things worked her way.

Congratulations, Ann!

Hmmph.. I wonder does this work for other requests? Heh!

9 thoughts on “Na Tuk Kong Rocks!

  1. Me think it’s all in the mind. Maybe praying to NaTukKong helped boost your confidence and gave you hope😉 I know you can do it… you just have to believe in yourself.

  2. Ann, wah……power wor lei. congratulations. i m happy for u too. r u gonna belanja me too??? lol.

    yeah. james cameron just did a documentary on jesus’ tomb where he was believed to hv a kid and a wife (marymagdalene)………………emmmmm, now, there must be some codes to dechiper hor?

  3. one sweet also ok……ferrero roche!(consider sweet la)

    but it’l b great if u can buy us a meal at this ‘lau heong’…….hor?

  4. congrat to Ann, way to go Gina….:)

    I know this temple, kinda old and popular too, a friend told me, it belongs to Dato Chua Song Seng, liquor merchant taiko.

  5. Ann: No prob. What are friends for?

    Kleio: Sometimes, we would need more assurance other than self confidence to achieve things.

    Takeshi: Aiseh. Stop flirting with my friends in my blog!

    VJ: Is it? I dunno about this but I know this temple rocks! Hehe.

  6. Ann, grats for passing with flying colour!!!

    I stuck with PA last time and only passed the paper on the 7th attempt.

    I decided to take desperate measure, prayed at a famous temple, namely ‘si yeh miu’ located in KL centre (behind Pasar Seni). I passed thereafter…🙂

    Takeshi, you’ve become a gay??

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