Slip of the Tongue

I always get into trouble with the slip of the tongue. It just happen. Sarcasm can’t seem to stop spewing from my mouth. This week alone, it happened a few times. Some of them are just too funny to be ignored.

Slip of the Tongue #1

Me: So, you are going to spend time with 3 different guys this weekend.

Sis: YEAH!!!

Me: People said, kill two birds with one stone. You are killing three kuku jiaos in one weekend.

Sis: @#$%^&* . You’re just JEALOUS!

Can’t deny it now. Sis is one helluva hot cake now.

Slip of the Tongue #2

Me: I don’t know why they keep on making bloody mistake with my boss’ position in the company.

Friend: What now?

Me: Instead of Group Chief Operating Officer, they put there Group Chief Operation Officer.

Friend: Aiyoh, usually Operating mah.. right?

Me: Yeah! She likes operation so much – GO HOSPITAL LAH!!! Get her brains (if any) operated!

Slip of the Tongue #3

Friend: I don’t know what he sees in her lah. Everything is so WRONG about her.

Me: If all else fail to explain it, it’s the sex. The sex is fucking great.

Slip of the Tongue #4

Me: *gripe gripe gripe* She is a moron lah.

Friend: Well, usually morons will hang out with morons worr.

*I could feel the smirk on his face even if this was a MSN chat*

Me: You are SO DAMN FUNNY. You hang out with me also what – so? That makes you a moron too?

Well, I am left all alone again at home for the weekend. Family has gone back to Taiping for Ching Ming. No more space in the car for me. I guess I have to seriously think about losing some excess weight here. Sigh..

John Lennon said life happens when you’re busy making other plans. So, I am going to let life happens by not making any plans this weekend. Gonna sit in front of the idiot box with the remote control on the left hand, and strawberry love letters on the right, munching away.

Pleasant weekend, everyone.


Well, thanks for the concern over my “depression” the past few days. I am okay. Maybe just feel like getting cranky. Maybe it’s PMS. Maybe I craved for some attention (LOL!). I am afterall, a woman. I have been on chocolate binge since Sunday. Chocolates is good for the soul. Have some.

Just for entertainment sake, I am going to share some office jokes here. Actually, also to entertain myself lah.

Story #1

Sadly, one senior manager in my office does not have even the most basic computer skills. He asked his assistant to teach him to check e-mails and use the internet.

One day, he was happily browsing the internet with his new found skills, his assistant walked into his room to get a file without knocking. He was too engrossed in checking his e-mails. He’ll be damned because he was looking at some nude pictures.

Sensing someone was looking at him, he was horrified to see that the assistant was shocked and staring at him looking at the lewd pictures. He quickly tried to close the window but new windows of porn kept on popping up. Utterly embarrassed, yet he had no choice but to ask his assistant, “Eh!! Macam mana tutup ah??”

His assistant, being a shy, unmarried Malay girl, ran off from the room screaming, “Aku tak tau! Aku tak tau!”

Story #2

The same Mr Porno strikes again.

His assistant went upstairs to sit in for the Chairman’s secretary who took leave.

Since Mr Porno doesn’t know how to use the computer, he drafted a letter and went upstairs to ask the assistant for help.

The moment he passed the document to his assistant, he farted OUT LOUD.


He exclaimed, “Oops! Sorry ah!”

The whole floor heard his fart because it was quiet.

Story #3

The same assistant went upstairs to sit in for the Chairman’s secretary.

The godfather aka Group MD/owner asked her whereabout of her boss.

Godfather: Mana Mr-Porno-Fart-Out-Loud?

Assistant: Dia pergi Perak, Godfather.

Godfather was stunned for a moment.

Godfather: Mari sini sekejab.

Assistant walked gingerly towards him.

Godfather: Lain kali, jangan cakap BERAK. Cakap dia pergi toilet or washroom.

Assistant: Bukan lah, Godfather! Dia pergi Perak. P-E-R-A-K!

Godfather was speechless.

Well, I wish everyone a good day today.


Today I felt slightly down and depressed. Maybe due to the hot weather. Or maybe due to the flat tyre that needed a patch. I grimaced at the slightest things if I want to be melodramatic. Some accumulated feelings over the past few months slowly sipped into my conscience. They are small nothings. But many, many small nothings can slowly form into one big thing.

Lack of morale to go to work despite having a really good boss and nothing much to do in office other than answering some phone calls. I must do something about this idle mind.

Having an idle mind is not great. You tend to think of things that do not matter and probably blow things out of proportion. Things worsen when you are a woman. You always tend to jump into conclusions and make a mountain out of a mole hill at the whims of your hormonal changes.

I always tell people, happiness is a choice. Whether you choose it or not – the world still go round and life cycle will still remain the same, despite many uncertainties.

I have to tell myself this today. I have to.

A Night At Zohara's

I know this sounds exotic. It’s exotic indeed. Zohara’s is actually a restaurant specializing in fine Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Thanks to VJ for the RM100 vouchers. Believe me! They were put to good use! As I am writing this, I am still belching with smell of kulfi in my mouth and I desperately need ENO to cure ingestions.

Takeshi, Cili Padi aka Lil Lite Bulb and I headed to Zohara’s Restaurant in Taman Melawati on Thursday night. It was just right beside Damai Hospital, Melawati at Jalan Bandar 4.

It was raining. Lil Lite Bulb and I were early. The restaurant was deserted. There was no one inside. We were a little apprehensive. In fact, when we called to make reservations, it was quite difficult as there was nobody answering the phone or someone picked up the phone but do not know how to speak English. It was a good thing that I manage to get the phone number of the accounts executive, a friend of VJ’s and made an enquiry.

So, Lil Lite Bulb and I took a stroll along the stretch to check out the surroundings while waiting for Takeshi. Both of us almost fell flat on our bottoms because of the small staircases and slopes on the corridor. No wonder they have a hospital there. People would just slip and dislocate their hips right at their door steps. I guess probably fixing up hip fractures is their forte. Not wanting to take anymore chances, we went into the restaurant.

Fresh Papadam with Mint Sauce

Pn Zainab is a very nice lady. She made us felt welcomed and brought us starter – spicy papadam with mint sauce. The papadam is slightly salty but nevertheless, goes on well with the mint sauce. And first serving comes free! Subsequent serving is at RM2 each.

The thick and rich mango lassi!

We ordered some drinks to quench thirst. The mango lassi is really thick and there is no holding back on the mango and yogurt. In fact, throughout dinner, we had 4 mango lassi!

Zohara’s Sizzling & Grill

While waiting, Pn. Zainab suggested that we ordered first as some dishes might required longer time to prepare. Such as dum briyani mutton and chicken required 45 minutes to prepare. She suggested Zohara’s specialty – the Zohara’s sizzling grill comprising of tandoori chicken, kebab, prawn, fish and more chicken. So, we went ahead to order this.

Other than that, we had the ghosh briyani (Lil Lite Bulb called it Briyani Hantu), romali roti, puri (something that looks like roti canai, only less oily), chicken Karachi, aloo gobi (according to Lil Lite Bulb – aloo means potato, we learned a few Indian words while we were there).

Aloo Gobi

Chicken Karachi

Almond and Mango kulfi

The generous spread

We felt it was such a pity that this place is not crowded as the food is undeniably delicious. Must be due to the secluded location. However, we feel this is a good place if you want a quiet night out with your friends or family and enjoy great Northern Indian cooking. I don’t really know the difference between Pakistani and Indian food, as long as it is good food, I would enjoy it. Zohara’s also serve set lunch starting from RM10.90. The prices were not that exorbitant either. It was quite alright. There are other four plus points to dine at Zohara’s on top of the simply great and unpretentious food, i.e. –

1. There is no service charge.
2. There is no government tax.
3. They serve free plain water.
4. The air conditioning is very good and I don’t have to sweat!

Satisfying dinner!

Pictures paint a thousand words. So, I would put more pictures than usual for your eyes and hungry stomach to feast on.

Zohara’s Restaurant
Fine Pakistani and Indian Cuisine

9137, Jalan Bandar 4
Taman Melawati
53100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4106 9137
Business hours 11 am to 3 pm, 6 pm to 11 pm
(Daily except Sunday – half day)

How to get there?

Take the road towards Taman Melawati. From MRR2 (Gombak), keep to the left till you see a row of shops where MIA (Malaysian Institute of Art), CIMB Bank and Maybank. Giant, Melawati is on your right. Take the left turning into Taman Melawati. About 10 seconds later, you will see a Caltex on your left. Take the left turning into Caltex, then immediate turn to the left and then right. You will see Bridgestone Tyre shop on your left. Damai Hospital is just along the row of shop with Bridgestone Tyre and Zohara’s Restaurant is right beside it. Click here for map.

Other similar restaurants that I had been to:-

Gem Restaurant

Cursed Metabolism

Today while at work,

Cute accounts assistant: Eh, Ms Cheng, you sudah gunting rambut kah?

Me: Yeah! Macam mana?

CAA: Patut lah. Nampak semua pun bulat bulat.

Me: LOL!!! Cute tak??

CAA: Errm… cute… cute…

Aiseh. Now, even people hesitated to say I am cute. I was pretty much contented when people called me cute – ugly but adorable. Now, I don’t even qualify to be cute?

Seriously, I need to go on strict diet. The problem is, with the coming of age, things tend to slow down or break apart. Like my Kenari, it rattles as if the entire car gonna break apart as I speed off the road at only 90 kmph. Okay, let’s not deviate here.

I am born with a cursed metabolism. I think I could grow fatter even by just thinking about food. If you notice, I hardly blog about food now, it’s because I am trying not to eat that much. But it doesn’t seem to work.

I damn benci those people who can eat SO MUCH yet remain STICK THIN. Yeah! You know who you are! Why can’t God be fair enough to split some of your high metabolism and give it to me?? WHY? WHY?

I remember when I was in college, 10 years ago, I could easily lose 1 to 2 kgs by skipping dinner alone. Now, I have not been eating much at all, and yet, nothing seems to shed. The weight does not seem to go down. Actually, I should be thankful that it doesn’t go up either! I look at myself everyday in the mirror only to find the double chin is getting more visible and bigger by the day.

I hate to exercise.

I hate to skip meals.

I hate to watch my diet.

I hate to not blog about food.

So, I am going to eat more this week. I don’t give a flying fuck anymore. Don’t eat also, so fat. Eat also, so fat. Might as well eat more, right?