Cursed Metabolism

Today while at work,

Cute accounts assistant: Eh, Ms Cheng, you sudah gunting rambut kah?

Me: Yeah! Macam mana?

CAA: Patut lah. Nampak semua pun bulat bulat.

Me: LOL!!! Cute tak??

CAA: Errm… cute… cute…

Aiseh. Now, even people hesitated to say I am cute. I was pretty much contented when people called me cute – ugly but adorable. Now, I don’t even qualify to be cute?

Seriously, I need to go on strict diet. The problem is, with the coming of age, things tend to slow down or break apart. Like my Kenari, it rattles as if the entire car gonna break apart as I speed off the road at only 90 kmph. Okay, let’s not deviate here.

I am born with a cursed metabolism. I think I could grow fatter even by just thinking about food. If you notice, I hardly blog about food now, it’s because I am trying not to eat that much. But it doesn’t seem to work.

I damn benci those people who can eat SO MUCH yet remain STICK THIN. Yeah! You know who you are! Why can’t God be fair enough to split some of your high metabolism and give it to me?? WHY? WHY?

I remember when I was in college, 10 years ago, I could easily lose 1 to 2 kgs by skipping dinner alone. Now, I have not been eating much at all, and yet, nothing seems to shed. The weight does not seem to go down. Actually, I should be thankful that it doesn’t go up either! I look at myself everyday in the mirror only to find the double chin is getting more visible and bigger by the day.

I hate to exercise.

I hate to skip meals.

I hate to watch my diet.

I hate to not blog about food.

So, I am going to eat more this week. I don’t give a flying fuck anymore. Don’t eat also, so fat. Eat also, so fat. Might as well eat more, right?

9 thoughts on “Cursed Metabolism

  1. Gina…u dah lama tak exercise yeaaaa..heyy cam mana ni??dun giv up lah gina..on weekends instead of stuffing yerself silly kita pegi walking/jogging nak??(goes for me tooo lah, hehe) have a grt w.end dearie!

  2. eh… you have 8 more months to fit into bikini…remember?

    so long you are ok to wear bikini, I am ok to look…. Cool?


  3. Ya’lah, I see you eat so little only all the time! Maybe you secretly snack at other times?😛

    Go kai-kai around your taman daily would be good also, provided safe’lah. Instead of thinking it as a form of exercise, think of it as opportunity for you to take photos while going jalan-jalan.🙂

  4. I’m sure you can shed off those few pounds, I’m with you, cos I’ve gained weight TOO! Damn those CNY delicacies which I can’t resist…

  5. yzzi: LOL. Ok. I will try to wake up early on weekends.

    CW: Ok!! Gambatte!

    zing: You also realize I ate less than you ppl leh? LOL. Yeah.. I think I will start my walking regime soon!

    Kat: You monster!!! Hahahah!! Ok ok! We will set a date to go makan at Sentul again.

  6. Drink more water perhaps😛 Dunno wor… looks like it’s working out fine for me these few days. I tried it out coz my skin looks like shit and I dunwan to end up looking like a prune or worst, raisin. It seems like the water fills up my stomach and at the same time flushed out excess water from my body. I don’t look so puffy and heavy now.

    Drink water each time you feels like eating or thought of food. Just fill it up with water. Yay! But I am only talking about times between your normal intake of food ok. Don’t get me wrong here. Eat healthly still.

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