A Night At Zohara's

I know this sounds exotic. It’s exotic indeed. Zohara’s is actually a restaurant specializing in fine Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Thanks to VJ for the RM100 vouchers. Believe me! They were put to good use! As I am writing this, I am still belching with smell of kulfi in my mouth and I desperately need ENO to cure ingestions.

Takeshi, Cili Padi aka Lil Lite Bulb and I headed to Zohara’s Restaurant in Taman Melawati on Thursday night. It was just right beside Damai Hospital, Melawati at Jalan Bandar 4.

It was raining. Lil Lite Bulb and I were early. The restaurant was deserted. There was no one inside. We were a little apprehensive. In fact, when we called to make reservations, it was quite difficult as there was nobody answering the phone or someone picked up the phone but do not know how to speak English. It was a good thing that I manage to get the phone number of the accounts executive, a friend of VJ’s and made an enquiry.

So, Lil Lite Bulb and I took a stroll along the stretch to check out the surroundings while waiting for Takeshi. Both of us almost fell flat on our bottoms because of the small staircases and slopes on the corridor. No wonder they have a hospital there. People would just slip and dislocate their hips right at their door steps. I guess probably fixing up hip fractures is their forte. Not wanting to take anymore chances, we went into the restaurant.

Fresh Papadam with Mint Sauce

Pn Zainab is a very nice lady. She made us felt welcomed and brought us starter – spicy papadam with mint sauce. The papadam is slightly salty but nevertheless, goes on well with the mint sauce. And first serving comes free! Subsequent serving is at RM2 each.

The thick and rich mango lassi!

We ordered some drinks to quench thirst. The mango lassi is really thick and there is no holding back on the mango and yogurt. In fact, throughout dinner, we had 4 mango lassi!

Zohara’s Sizzling & Grill

While waiting, Pn. Zainab suggested that we ordered first as some dishes might required longer time to prepare. Such as dum briyani mutton and chicken required 45 minutes to prepare. She suggested Zohara’s specialty – the Zohara’s sizzling grill comprising of tandoori chicken, kebab, prawn, fish and more chicken. So, we went ahead to order this.

Other than that, we had the ghosh briyani (Lil Lite Bulb called it Briyani Hantu), romali roti, puri (something that looks like roti canai, only less oily), chicken Karachi, aloo gobi (according to Lil Lite Bulb – aloo means potato, we learned a few Indian words while we were there).

Aloo Gobi

Chicken Karachi

Almond and Mango kulfi

The generous spread

We felt it was such a pity that this place is not crowded as the food is undeniably delicious. Must be due to the secluded location. However, we feel this is a good place if you want a quiet night out with your friends or family and enjoy great Northern Indian cooking. I don’t really know the difference between Pakistani and Indian food, as long as it is good food, I would enjoy it. Zohara’s also serve set lunch starting from RM10.90. The prices were not that exorbitant either. It was quite alright. There are other four plus points to dine at Zohara’s on top of the simply great and unpretentious food, i.e. –

1. There is no service charge.
2. There is no government tax.
3. They serve free plain water.
4. The air conditioning is very good and I don’t have to sweat!

Satisfying dinner!

Pictures paint a thousand words. So, I would put more pictures than usual for your eyes and hungry stomach to feast on.

Zohara’s Restaurant
Fine Pakistani and Indian Cuisine

9137, Jalan Bandar 4
Taman Melawati
53100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4106 9137
Business hours 11 am to 3 pm, 6 pm to 11 pm
(Daily except Sunday – half day)

How to get there?

Take the road towards Taman Melawati. From MRR2 (Gombak), keep to the left till you see a row of shops where MIA (Malaysian Institute of Art), CIMB Bank and Maybank. Giant, Melawati is on your right. Take the left turning into Taman Melawati. About 10 seconds later, you will see a Caltex on your left. Take the left turning into Caltex, then immediate turn to the left and then right. You will see Bridgestone Tyre shop on your left. Damai Hospital is just along the row of shop with Bridgestone Tyre and Zohara’s Restaurant is right beside it. Click here for map.

Other similar restaurants that I had been to:-

Gem Restaurant

7 thoughts on “A Night At Zohara's

  1. wahhh, veli nicely written wor this post…lol.

    yeah, it’s a great dinner with great company. which empty lassi glass is mine huh? lol!!!! u ate the least!!!! lol

  2. no regrets dining at Zohara’s… fo those of u who wans something different this is a place to try…. this blog certainly gave a very god insight of Zohara’s food…..🙂 BURRPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! (Ooppsss!!!)

  3. Takeshi: I drank too much lassi. Someone was late, so I had to finish the whole glass while waiting. :p

    papadam: I thought you said you don’t like Indian food? :p

    Shae: Yeah. It’s truly nice eh? We will go again one of these days.

    Zing: Whenever you feel like having an authentic Pakistani dish!

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