Today I felt slightly down and depressed. Maybe due to the hot weather. Or maybe due to the flat tyre that needed a patch. I grimaced at the slightest things if I want to be melodramatic. Some accumulated feelings over the past few months slowly sipped into my conscience. They are small nothings. But many, many small nothings can slowly form into one big thing.

Lack of morale to go to work despite having a really good boss and nothing much to do in office other than answering some phone calls. I must do something about this idle mind.

Having an idle mind is not great. You tend to think of things that do not matter and probably blow things out of proportion. Things worsen when you are a woman. You always tend to jump into conclusions and make a mountain out of a mole hill at the whims of your hormonal changes.

I always tell people, happiness is a choice. Whether you choose it or not – the world still go round and life cycle will still remain the same, despite many uncertainties.

I have to tell myself this today. I have to.

6 thoughts on “Broken

  1. The gloom clouds paid you a visit also ah. My last few days of whinny self, I blame it on PMS. Ahahaa. You also PMS ah?

    Take it easy fren. If you want someone to talk to… I am all ears. Hope you’ll shake out of it soon like I did.

  2. Dear, I’m sure your coming trip to Hanoi will boost up your morale. As for your work, you can definitely do something about it. No worries, just a matter of time. If you feel that you are being too idle, please move on… will be there to support you. Call me and rant, will always be there to listen to your heart…

    XOXO, hugs n kisses…

  3. Hey, think positive, those “free” time gives you opportunity to do research work.🙂
    Fancy studying again?😛

    Ask your boss for you to take on extra role? Maybe that may help somewhat…

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