Well, thanks for the concern over my “depression” the past few days. I am okay. Maybe just feel like getting cranky. Maybe it’s PMS. Maybe I craved for some attention (LOL!). I am afterall, a woman. I have been on chocolate binge since Sunday. Chocolates is good for the soul. Have some.

Just for entertainment sake, I am going to share some office jokes here. Actually, also to entertain myself lah.

Story #1

Sadly, one senior manager in my office does not have even the most basic computer skills. He asked his assistant to teach him to check e-mails and use the internet.

One day, he was happily browsing the internet with his new found skills, his assistant walked into his room to get a file without knocking. He was too engrossed in checking his e-mails. He’ll be damned because he was looking at some nude pictures.

Sensing someone was looking at him, he was horrified to see that the assistant was shocked and staring at him looking at the lewd pictures. He quickly tried to close the window but new windows of porn kept on popping up. Utterly embarrassed, yet he had no choice but to ask his assistant, “Eh!! Macam mana tutup ah??”

His assistant, being a shy, unmarried Malay girl, ran off from the room screaming, “Aku tak tau! Aku tak tau!”

Story #2

The same Mr Porno strikes again.

His assistant went upstairs to sit in for the Chairman’s secretary who took leave.

Since Mr Porno doesn’t know how to use the computer, he drafted a letter and went upstairs to ask the assistant for help.

The moment he passed the document to his assistant, he farted OUT LOUD.


He exclaimed, “Oops! Sorry ah!”

The whole floor heard his fart because it was quiet.

Story #3

The same assistant went upstairs to sit in for the Chairman’s secretary.

The godfather aka Group MD/owner asked her whereabout of her boss.

Godfather: Mana Mr-Porno-Fart-Out-Loud?

Assistant: Dia pergi Perak, Godfather.

Godfather was stunned for a moment.

Godfather: Mari sini sekejab.

Assistant walked gingerly towards him.

Godfather: Lain kali, jangan cakap BERAK. Cakap dia pergi toilet or washroom.

Assistant: Bukan lah, Godfather! Dia pergi Perak. P-E-R-A-K!

Godfather was speechless.

Well, I wish everyone a good day today.

7 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. You’ve in depression too?

    Wonder why lots of people are in this mood lately.
    Maybe it’s the weather.

    Btw I also love to indulge in being depress, sometimes.

  2. Abbot: I guess it’s the weather. It’s hot really, despite the rain.

    inaesb: These are all TRUE stories.

    Takeshi: It happened. No, I didn’t witness it. The assistant told me about it. LOL.

  3. inaesb: Hahaha! Not really. There are funny moments every other week lah. But this is not called job satisfaction mah…. I need to get a new job.. sigh.

  4. Yep. It’s all true stories. I can vouch for it. Tee hee hee

    You made my day. I laugh my head off reading this and remembering you telling me of it.

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