Long Weekend

It’s gonna be another long weekend. Too bad nothing was planned for this 5-days-break as there was no free ticket from Air Asia for this weekend or else, it would be cool to be idling away at the beaches in Bali, checking out hot bods on surf boards. Wishful thinking. Ermm.. I just got back from Hanoi, and I guess my pocket is not healthy enough to carry on, even if the flesh is willing.

Ms Dimple asked me if I would like to join her on a trip to Sumatera via Malacca. When asked about what’s in Sumatera, she nonchalantly answered, she doesn’t know and we will find out. Erm… I doubt it. I doubt being plucked from the comfort of home and being thrown into an earthquake infested zone without a plan, at least. Sorry, I prefer to travel in comfort.

Friends were surprised to see me online yesterday night. They were wondering why on earth Ms With-Plans-All-The-Time doing at home. I was supposed to be having dinner with a friend from Sitiawan but the lazy bug got better hold of me. Not to mention the incessant cough which refused to go away. Sister and cousin sis went to karaoke with the Mechanic and gang from work, whom I couldn’t find any co-relation with. I spent time watching HBO on Astro with Ms Big Ego.

I am glad that dinner plans spring out of nowhere to cure the otherwise mundane long weekend. I would be spending dinner time for the next three consecutive days with people I care about most – or people who care to throw dinner parties just to humour me? Haha. Either way, it works for me.

Well, hope to catch up with friends who just came back from abroad. This is the best time since everyone will be in their holiday mood and yet, having no where to go.


I survived Hanoi.

I know this statement might sound discouraging, but I enjoyed the trip pretty much despite being as sick as a dog. I was down and out with terrible sore throat, incessant cough and slight fever when night was approaching throughout the entire trip. Not to mention I had diarrhea but thankfully only trice in one of the five days I was there.

My body was overheated. When I peed, the piss was scalding hot. I downed gallons and gallons of water. I joked about the whole episode. Whenever I go on trips, I usually would count how many coconuts I drank per trip. This time round, I counted how many lozenges I sucked – 25.

I lost my voice intermittently throughout the trip, much to the amusement of my friends. They were happy that I could not possibly nag them anymore. Haha. Very funny.

Feeling unwell was probably the main reason I didn’t go all out in this trip to take good pictures or scout for great bargains. Hanoi is not a cheap place after all – you have to pay for everything – especially water. Water don’t come free in Hanoi. I guess this is the only way to deal with cheap tourists like us, who hardly tip.

It was a pretty relaxing trip, despite having terrible health condition. Both my sister and cousin sis were sick too. Still, our laughter were peppered with wheezing coughs, which further induced more infectious laughter.

We stayed in Platinum Hotel on the night of arrival. It was quite good. It has flat screen plasma tv and not to mention the highly sophisticated shower with Jacuzzi and massage buttons which I don’t even know how to operate. Yeah, I admit. I am a sua goo. It was a pleasant surprise that a 3 star hotel could have above average facilities. The internet comes for free the first 30 minutes. The staff was helpful and friendly.

For the rest of the nights, we were put up in a Junk, for a night of cruise along the picturesque Halong Bay and ThangLong Opera Hotel. I like the fresh rose they provided for us every morning at ThangLong Opera.

I didn’t regret hiring Asia Pacific/ Sinh Café travel. For only USD209+, we get what we paid for, if not more. You may contact them should you wish to go to Hanoi.


Address : 30 Hang Be st – Hanoi,

Tel :84.8. 8334083

Fax :84.4. 7567862

Hot lines: 84

Email : sinhcafetour@hn.vnn.vn

Website: http://www.vietnamopentour.com


We spent most of our time far away from Hanoi, in the outskirts – a night in the Junk in Halong Bay and the scorching sun cruise through rice canals in Tam Coc. I jokingly told Popiah, who was on the same boat as me that we would be ready to be served as BBQ food, the moment we docked. When my boss asked me what is nice in Tam Coc, I said, we were practically being sun-ed like “belacan” and I was tempted to jump into the river to save myself from dehydration. He laughed. Perhaps, we should have gone there in the early morning.

Unfortunately, the museums were closed on Mondays and Fridays. We didn’t get to go to the Museum of Ethnology – which is highly recommended as we could get to see the 54 ethnics in Vietnam and their origins, as well as Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum. We just managed to take some pictures on the outside of the Mausoleum. Other than that, we went to this unnamed cathedral (too lazy to check the internet), one pillar pagoda which is near Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, Temple of Literature and other smaller temples.

Our guide, Nguyen The Truong is a nice chap. He speaks most of the time in his heavily Vietnamese accented English on the history of Hanoi and Vietnam in general. My sis and I found it rather amusing that he could plucked random figures out from the sky – from the dates to days and years, number of islands, legends, etc, not that we are well versed in history of Hanoi to validate his explanation. But, we are pretty much impressed by him.

Truong is 28 years old. He just got married a week ago. We were damn keh poh (Hokkien: Busy body) and asked to see his wedding photo. He married a wife 5 years his junior, whom he met in 2005. His parents wanted him to be a teacher when he was young but he ended becoming a tour guide. I could see his strong hold in history. He would have made a good history teacher.

All in all, it was a good trip. I didn’t have much to write as I was half stoned most of the time. If weren’t for me succumbing to sickness, I would probably enjoyed it more. I will let some pics to do the talking.


Well, thought of penning down some highlight/stuffs of the trip here:

1. There is practically no fat people in Hanoi. They looked at me as if I were a performer in a freak show.

2. When my fellow travel mates called me FAT – Truong was nice enough to say, they meant PHAT – Pretty Hot and Tempting.

3. The Amazing Caves in Ha Long Bay is quite okay to explore. People with totally NO STAMINA like me could make it up to the top and came back alive in one piece.

4. They sell only ONE thing in ONE street. If they sell shoes, the rest of the row of shops would be selling shoes. I wonder why they don’t have pharmacies selling Strepsils in one whole freaking row when I was almost dying of sore throat pain.

5. They don’t barge when you bargain for cheaper price, which made the 50% rule discount everywhere in the places I visited invalid here.

6. On the contrary to what people believe about getting dog meat everywhere, they are now being centralized somewhere out of town. We don’t see dog meat everywhere now.

7. Since there is nothing much to buy, we spent a few million VND in supermarket buying nuts, just to get rid of the notes. LOL.

8. Eat Cha ca fish carefully. I burned my tongue as I was too hungry. The smelly vege that comes with the fish is chives.

For detailed excursion stories, check out AJ’s blog!

Date(s) Revisited

The Vacumn Cleaner Seller

WY text me saying that, Bruce is on tv. He was playing the Real Deal on ntv7. I quickly took the remote control and switched on the TV. There the man was. Slightly bald and bespectacled. I didn’t think he was Bruce, but WY conferred otherwise. I wasn’t sure. It was just one date where I met this guy, together with WY for security.

He was one of my earlier dates. If I could remember correctly, I was 21 and he was 29. He came over to my house to pick me and WY up in his BMW. He was a successful partner in one law firm in KL.

We went to Road House Grill on Jalan Ampang, which is now defunct.

It wasn’t really a fantastic date. I guess he must be bored shitless because I didn’t speak much. (Yes, sometimes I don’t talk that much) and he couldn’t stop talking about himself selling vacumn cleaners to sustain himself when he was studying in Australia. I could remember the vacumn cleaner story, but I couldn’t remember his face.

This episode took me down some nostalgic memory lane to recall my dates, some of which are quite hilarious.

Film Director

He claimed he is a film director. Oh shoot! I never forget one person’s name but his. If you ask me how he looked like, I am sorry. I think my memory had started to depreciate the moment I entered the big 30 phase. What I could recall was his pimples scarred face. Yes. It was quite obvious. He has a long, badly kept mane. I was young then. I am a sucker for long hair guys. LOL.

I didn’t want him to know where I stay, so I went out to meet him in mamak stall, within walking distance from my house.

He told me, Hindi is the most beautiful language in the world, as if I give a shit.

Average Joe

He just broke off with a girlfriend of 7 years. His girlfriend happened to be my classmate. I didn’t know his girlfriend until he knew what college I was in and asked me if I knew her. I started to take note. She is one hot babe with fair skin and luminous eyes.

I wonder what went wrong. He said, most probably because of the bad economy, sales of spare parts were somewhat affected. He ran into some debts as he was living quite lavishly. He failed to marry her as promised and hence, they went on separate ways.

I went out for dim sum with him one night. He said that I was mature for my age. I was 21, he was 29. A few days later, he appeared on my door step unexpectedly to bring me some nice posters of Harley Davidson. He was more interested in my housemates than me, actually, which he unashamedly confessed. I was more than happy to introduce them to him.

The girls and I went on to the Roof (now defunct – so you know lah how OLD I am!) with him and his friends and had a blast. He claimed that I amused him a lot.

Too bad my friends were not interested in him or any of his friends. I guess the reason we didn’t keep in touch was, I was quite disgusted when he told me about his rendezvous in Thailand, and he claimed he is still a virgin. LOL.

Well, I think I will stop here before I discourage anyone of you to date. LOL.

Have a good week, folks. Will update once I return from Hanoi.

Home Affairs

I have forgotten how comfy it is to be resting at home, despite my numerous complaints to friends about my noisy house. We have 3 kids at home now and they are nothing but overly boisterous, cousin sisters who speak at top volume as if we were all in need of a hearing aid, my mom’s frequent screams at the kids to stop them from scooping each other’s eyeballs out and the over-the-top volume on Astro. Maybe, they indeed need hearing aid.

Over lunch today, I had a conversation with mom and sister not related to money, the house, my weight problem, my frequent night outings and my overspending on shoes. It was a good change.

As my sister was telling my mother about a friend who brought her home to Malacca, and unintentionally attended the Qing Ming (All Souls’ Day) with his family. We inadvertently spoke about the old grave of a granduncle who was buried on top of a cemetery hill in Taiping. Apparently, he died being love sick.

Every year without fail, my aunts and step uncle, who are already in the late 50s and early 60s now, would go up the hill religiously to clean up the grave of our granduncle. As they grew older, they find the task of going uphill indeed is an uphill task. Every year, they would complained and told the dead granduncle that, they would not come next year and hope that he would forgive them for not clearing his grave.

This year, they went again to clear the grave with my sister despite the usual annual complaint. When they reached the top, after heaving heavily on their laborious task, my 3rd aunt was searching her pocket frantically. She took out a slice of ginseng and popped it into her step brother’s mouth. She did the same for herself. LOL. I wonder how much would it cost to exhume a grave?

I went for grocery shopping this afternoon with sister. Girls will always be girls. Other than the intended groceries, we would end up buying something else.

As sister was trying out the hair band, I asked her, why on earth she would want to wear a hair band. She never wears hair band.

She said that, her assistant manager commented about her messy hair and told her to get a hair band. I rolled my eyes and said, “Well, you are taking a fashion advice from the lady who puts too much oil on her dandruff-infested hair?”

My sis burst out laughing but she went ahead to buy the hair band. The sarcasm didn’t end there. (I hate myself sometimes for this!)

As we were strolling along the aisle selling cooking oil, I quipped, “So, you should ask Ms Oily Hair, she should be saving a lot of money on cooking oil. As she cooked, her oily hair would just drip some oils into the wok. And the white flakes of her dandruff could act as ajinomoto too!”

LOL! I am a bitch.

It has been quite while since I went out shopping with sis. I should do this more often. It’s great because she paid all the bills. LOL.

Tumpang Glamour

The first thing I bought from Tumpang was a Simian laptop knapsack and it was cool. (James: Where is that tumbler?)

Anyway, since today is Friday the 13th, I feel like doing a good deed to counter off whatever bad deeds I had done over the week to avoid anymore jinx. One black Kat is enough. LOL.

Good things are meant to be shared. So, here, I would like to invite you guys (especially eligible handsome and still available ones lah) and girls (okay lah – can still be friends what, right?) to join me on 3rd May 2007 for Spiderman 3 at 9.30 pm, Cathay Cineleisure Damansara. I will get my tickets as soon as I request my TAC from Maybank2U. For more details, click below!

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