Home Affairs

I have forgotten how comfy it is to be resting at home, despite my numerous complaints to friends about my noisy house. We have 3 kids at home now and they are nothing but overly boisterous, cousin sisters who speak at top volume as if we were all in need of a hearing aid, my mom’s frequent screams at the kids to stop them from scooping each other’s eyeballs out and the over-the-top volume on Astro. Maybe, they indeed need hearing aid.

Over lunch today, I had a conversation with mom and sister not related to money, the house, my weight problem, my frequent night outings and my overspending on shoes. It was a good change.

As my sister was telling my mother about a friend who brought her home to Malacca, and unintentionally attended the Qing Ming (All Souls’ Day) with his family. We inadvertently spoke about the old grave of a granduncle who was buried on top of a cemetery hill in Taiping. Apparently, he died being love sick.

Every year without fail, my aunts and step uncle, who are already in the late 50s and early 60s now, would go up the hill religiously to clean up the grave of our granduncle. As they grew older, they find the task of going uphill indeed is an uphill task. Every year, they would complained and told the dead granduncle that, they would not come next year and hope that he would forgive them for not clearing his grave.

This year, they went again to clear the grave with my sister despite the usual annual complaint. When they reached the top, after heaving heavily on their laborious task, my 3rd aunt was searching her pocket frantically. She took out a slice of ginseng and popped it into her step brother’s mouth. She did the same for herself. LOL. I wonder how much would it cost to exhume a grave?

I went for grocery shopping this afternoon with sister. Girls will always be girls. Other than the intended groceries, we would end up buying something else.

As sister was trying out the hair band, I asked her, why on earth she would want to wear a hair band. She never wears hair band.

She said that, her assistant manager commented about her messy hair and told her to get a hair band. I rolled my eyes and said, “Well, you are taking a fashion advice from the lady who puts too much oil on her dandruff-infested hair?”

My sis burst out laughing but she went ahead to buy the hair band. The sarcasm didn’t end there. (I hate myself sometimes for this!)

As we were strolling along the aisle selling cooking oil, I quipped, “So, you should ask Ms Oily Hair, she should be saving a lot of money on cooking oil. As she cooked, her oily hair would just drip some oils into the wok. And the white flakes of her dandruff could act as ajinomoto too!”

LOL! I am a bitch.

It has been quite while since I went out shopping with sis. I should do this more often. It’s great because she paid all the bills. LOL.

2 thoughts on “Home Affairs

  1. LOL. I love your sarcasm as always. Glad that you are having good times with your family members and esp with your sis🙂

    Catch up with you soon! Take care…

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