Date(s) Revisited

The Vacumn Cleaner Seller

WY text me saying that, Bruce is on tv. He was playing the Real Deal on ntv7. I quickly took the remote control and switched on the TV. There the man was. Slightly bald and bespectacled. I didn’t think he was Bruce, but WY conferred otherwise. I wasn’t sure. It was just one date where I met this guy, together with WY for security.

He was one of my earlier dates. If I could remember correctly, I was 21 and he was 29. He came over to my house to pick me and WY up in his BMW. He was a successful partner in one law firm in KL.

We went to Road House Grill on Jalan Ampang, which is now defunct.

It wasn’t really a fantastic date. I guess he must be bored shitless because I didn’t speak much. (Yes, sometimes I don’t talk that much) and he couldn’t stop talking about himself selling vacumn cleaners to sustain himself when he was studying in Australia. I could remember the vacumn cleaner story, but I couldn’t remember his face.

This episode took me down some nostalgic memory lane to recall my dates, some of which are quite hilarious.

Film Director

He claimed he is a film director. Oh shoot! I never forget one person’s name but his. If you ask me how he looked like, I am sorry. I think my memory had started to depreciate the moment I entered the big 30 phase. What I could recall was his pimples scarred face. Yes. It was quite obvious. He has a long, badly kept mane. I was young then. I am a sucker for long hair guys. LOL.

I didn’t want him to know where I stay, so I went out to meet him in mamak stall, within walking distance from my house.

He told me, Hindi is the most beautiful language in the world, as if I give a shit.

Average Joe

He just broke off with a girlfriend of 7 years. His girlfriend happened to be my classmate. I didn’t know his girlfriend until he knew what college I was in and asked me if I knew her. I started to take note. She is one hot babe with fair skin and luminous eyes.

I wonder what went wrong. He said, most probably because of the bad economy, sales of spare parts were somewhat affected. He ran into some debts as he was living quite lavishly. He failed to marry her as promised and hence, they went on separate ways.

I went out for dim sum with him one night. He said that I was mature for my age. I was 21, he was 29. A few days later, he appeared on my door step unexpectedly to bring me some nice posters of Harley Davidson. He was more interested in my housemates than me, actually, which he unashamedly confessed. I was more than happy to introduce them to him.

The girls and I went on to the Roof (now defunct – so you know lah how OLD I am!) with him and his friends and had a blast. He claimed that I amused him a lot.

Too bad my friends were not interested in him or any of his friends. I guess the reason we didn’t keep in touch was, I was quite disgusted when he told me about his rendezvous in Thailand, and he claimed he is still a virgin. LOL.

Well, I think I will stop here before I discourage anyone of you to date. LOL.

Have a good week, folks. Will update once I return from Hanoi.

5 thoughts on “Date(s) Revisited

  1. Thinking back, we were really bold going out with a stranger at night…🙂 it’s a good xp but it’s not safe now to go on a blind date at night, BUT i don’t mind being a security guard.. hehe, if you ever need me that is.

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