Long Weekend

It’s gonna be another long weekend. Too bad nothing was planned for this 5-days-break as there was no free ticket from Air Asia for this weekend or else, it would be cool to be idling away at the beaches in Bali, checking out hot bods on surf boards. Wishful thinking. Ermm.. I just got back from Hanoi, and I guess my pocket is not healthy enough to carry on, even if the flesh is willing.

Ms Dimple asked me if I would like to join her on a trip to Sumatera via Malacca. When asked about what’s in Sumatera, she nonchalantly answered, she doesn’t know and we will find out. Erm… I doubt it. I doubt being plucked from the comfort of home and being thrown into an earthquake infested zone without a plan, at least. Sorry, I prefer to travel in comfort.

Friends were surprised to see me online yesterday night. They were wondering why on earth Ms With-Plans-All-The-Time doing at home. I was supposed to be having dinner with a friend from Sitiawan but the lazy bug got better hold of me. Not to mention the incessant cough which refused to go away. Sister and cousin sis went to karaoke with the Mechanic and gang from work, whom I couldn’t find any co-relation with. I spent time watching HBO on Astro with Ms Big Ego.

I am glad that dinner plans spring out of nowhere to cure the otherwise mundane long weekend. I would be spending dinner time for the next three consecutive days with people I care about most – or people who care to throw dinner parties just to humour me? Haha. Either way, it works for me.

Well, hope to catch up with friends who just came back from abroad. This is the best time since everyone will be in their holiday mood and yet, having no where to go.

4 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. when we have no plans, we wish to have plans. but sometimes when we go out too much, we just wish to sit back at home. enjoy your long holidays!

  2. ml: You are right. Sometimes, people are just too hard to be satisfied.

    Ann: You too.

    inaesb: Wah.. where are you going to?? I am so jealous!

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