Mini Getaway

Avillion in Port Dickson is an enchanting place for a mini get away. They have nice water chalets perching on the sea front, private sandy white beach – this is probably the first time I see a white beach and a blue sea in Port Dickson in so many years!, infinity pool for adults, mini pool for children, children’s play cabin, spa, karaoke lounges, petting zoo, etc.

This morning, I took a stroll around the place, while my friends preferred to idle away in the cozy room reading and resting. I was caught by surprise by a monkey named Awang near the beach. He was plucking young coconuts for guests to drink.

The petting zoo is a hit for both adults and children. They have activities of feeding chickens, rabbits and tortoises and even, bathe them, much to delight of both adults and kids. I couldn’t tolerate it as the place was infested with mosquitoes or was it, because mosquitoes prefer people with A+ blood? Everyone else seemed unaffected. I took a detour, while a friend of mine stayed on.

Everywhere, I spotted some quotes from the Lord Avery – the guy who founded this place. I was curious but due to time constraints, I didn’t get the chance to do any snooping around for the story. I came home and searched it on the internet. It was like a fairy tale like story that you thought you could only watch on tv.

I told my friend, AJ, that this place is a good place to bring chicks if he wanna score. It’s a love nest. You could see some lovey dovey and also suspicious looking couples, stealing kisses when they thought no one was looking. The Cochin Pool, meant for adults only, should be called the snogging pool. Heh!

What is a trip without good food? The gang loves it in Mutiara Seafood restaurant that we had both dinner and lunch at the same place. Check out the butter crabs. It’s yummy.

This year, I didn’t get pissed drunk like my ritual trips to PD. Another sign of old age. I guess when you are getting older, you would tend not to take unnecessary risks. It beats me why I would be drinking my life away just a few years ago. I guess it all boils down to the company that you are with.

This time round, friends were pretty much the laid back type. Not that I am complaining. But I guess it’s really nice not to do something detrimental on holidays and make ourselves sick. This is what I need. A pure relaxation. Ah.. it’s sheer bliss.

10 thoughts on “Mini Getaway

  1. m sure u taken nice pics of the room interiors, hey, please send to me, especially the bathrooms. hv been trying to google bt cannot get la.

    pd? got nudies or not? if not, not my type la….kakaka.

  2. Shae: Everyone shud bring their McDreamy there!

    Takeshi: When I find time, I will mail you.

    Yuin: I didn’t get a good shot of the Cochin Pool. But will show you if you want to see.

    Ryuu: Indeed bliss.

    ml: Thanks.

  3. Yeah, I wanna see the Cochin pool too *pout*. How come you missed it. I wanna see the snogging pool, I wanna see the snogging pool, I wanna see the snogging pool.

    Again, great pics. At first I tot you snag it from a holiday promo webpage or something. You are really amazing with angles. I just can’t help singing your praises on your awesome photography skill. Thing is, you are only using a point and shoot digital camera and not some high end SLR… even that does not hamper you from taking great shots. That’s why I bow to your gift. Skill is learned but gift isn’t and not everyone has it. Treasure it and expand on it dear. Btw, I am still waiting for that Coffee Table Book of all your masterpieces. When ah dear? Anxious to drool all over it and to gush at it shamelessly.

  4. Kleio: You can check out the cochin pool in my multiply! I have uploaded the pics over there.

    Aiyoh.. don’t praise me too much liao. I am so pai seh! *Blushing* Later I felt overly pressured to perform all the time in taking pictures. It all depends on my mood one. So I guess when my mood is good, I tend to take better pics. Some were purely lucky shots.

    I am picking out the best pics in Hanoi to incorporate into the Coffee Table Book.:) Some are taken by my friends in Hanoi. So I want to make it a memorable Coffee Book. Thanks for reminding!

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