Of Villains, Babies and Elephants

Sempena Mother’s Day, I dreamt of something related to being moms. No, not that I am gonna give birth or what…

After the hefty lunch – instead of kiam chai and porridge as suggested earlier, we had 13 course lunch – buttered crabs, salted egg crabs, steamed fish ala teow chew style, mushroom chicken, fried rice, nasi kerabu, ramen with char siew, steamed taufoo, stir fried kangkong, ABC soup, tempura, stir fried vege and leng chee kang!

While the 14 of my family members were toasting away downstairs with sparkling juice, I was already feeling drowsy from heavy lunch and hit the sack in the hot afternoon in my almost-like-steam-bath bedroom. In between slipping into a coma and semi consciousness, I could hear YUM SENG! peppered with laughter and chuckles as well as my anti-social dad cheering for the national badminton squad upstairs, which eventually lost.

Then I had dreams of babies, elephants, cemetery, being naked, police, US dollars and villains.

How do these sum up together?

I was instructed to borrow babies from moms for a game show ala treasure hunt style. It was kinda stupid and the cash prize was nothing more than USD10,000.

I couldn’t really tell where was I – as the place looked uncannily like Hanoi (the cemetery on the padi fields), yet it was Cambodia (the language the native were speaking) as well as Thailand (the elephants). I got all the places mixed up in this dream.

The air was cooling. As we were persuading a mom to “lend her baby” for a game show, the mom was reluctant. I saw some of other competing teams were acting like villains, trying to “kidnap” instead of borrowing from the crying mothers.

It was heart wrenching to see moms parting with their flesh and blood. I assured the baby’s mom that I would take good care of him.

As we were getting out from the place, we passed by cemeteries in the padi field (as seen above in Hanoi on our way to Halong Bay), we stopped by for a breather. My team mates were no other than my own sister and my mom. The worst part was, instead of my sis driving, my mom was determined to drive. I was alarmed and as usual, nagging at my sis to take over the car before the untoward happens. I was busy keeping the baby safely in my arms.

We decided to continue our journey. We were transported to a bustling city (looks like Bangkok to me!) and in front of us, there was a truck load of elephants! The elephants were squeezed in one big truck and were uncomfortable. There were like almost 10 of them on the truck! Their legs appeared to be all rubbery and kept slipping out from the truck! I wanted to tell my mom to maintain her distance from the truck but she drove right behind it. I prayed to myself, hoping that the elephants won’t fall off and landed on our car but they did!

I was thinking of the worst. Out of the blue, the sky was raining elephants!! Imagine, these elephants weighing almost 1-2 tonnes each, smashing onto your car. We were doomed. In my heart, I whispered, see you in the afterlife.

Miraculously, we escaped unharmed and managed to continue on with the stupid game show.

It was then I decided, USD10,000 is not worth it to make the baby’s mom unnecessarily worried about her baby and also putting my family’s lives into jeopardy. I decided to take the baby back to the mom and to the hell with this stupid game.

As I was going to see the mother of the baby, I was stopped by 3 mean looking guys, asking where I was going. Out of the blue, I had a stack of USD20,000 in my pocket and a pair of scissors. They wanted to rob me. I took out the scissors to defend myself while the other hand, carrying the fragile little boy.

I was lucky. I bumped into a policeman and he helped me to stop the villains from getting to me while I made a run for my life. (You can rely the police… in your dreams! Haha!)

I was then transported back to my late grandma’s house where I felt I needed a bath badly. Without shame, I took my clothes off in front of my family and jumped into the shower while keeping an eye on the baby.

After I was fully clothed, I took the baby back to the mother and paid her USD500 for bearing it with me. The organizers didn’t spell out the rules of the game but I had to return the remaining USD19,500 in my pocket to the game show host. (Why??)

I woke up as soon as I handed the money and the little boy to the grateful mother who broke down in uncontrollable tears.

I was sweating by the buckets over the afternoon heat, hoping some calories were burnt during the chasing scenes in my dreams.

6 thoughts on “Of Villains, Babies and Elephants

  1. i cannot resist from commenting on this entry my dear….

    ur dreams are very colorful…how long did u tidur? man u rounded the whole continent in ur dreams!!!

    i intepreted this dream that you treasure ur relationship with ur mum A LOT. yea i know u didnt ask for intepretation!!!He he


  2. e: LOL!!! I slept for like 4 hours that afternoon… I couldn’t wake up as I was too busy running and chasing. Probably.. and I couldn’t believe that I am as naggy as I am in real life, as I was in dreams!

  3. Wow, you can remember your dream in such details. My dreams are usually scattered and unclear and I normally forget almost everything as soon as I wake up.

  4. impressive dream… sounds tiring and stressful in the dream, too.
    Must be the hot weather that caused all the tension in the dream.

  5. CC: Yeah… sometimes I wonder why am I in such a boring line of work when I can be creative director based on my dreams alone. LOL.

    laymank: Haha. You can say that again. I hate hot weather.

    Yuin: Wah… macam lah. If can translate dreams and let me know what 4D to buy, then I am interested. Heh!

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