Coughing Season

I am suffering from incessant coughs since my Hanoi trip. It feels like the lungs gonna spew out from my throat any minute.

Looks like it’s gonna take at least a two more months to recover – or the Chinese called it – the 100 days cough. Being a lazy ass and also a wimp – I didn’t want to see my regular doctor because he always ask me to weigh myself first the moment I step into his clinic every time. I opted to take medicine from my cousin sister, who is also suffering incessant cough. But it didn’t work. The irritating part is, I would only cough at night or when the weather is slightly cooler.

I took Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu & Anak almost every night before I go to sleep. Thank goodness the coughs immediately stop as soon as my head touches the pillow. I guess it’s a blessing to be able to doze off at any given situation. Sleep first, cough like mad later.

When I went to My Fair Lady last Wednesday, the coughing and sneezing sounds among audience were so damn annoying. It was more like a coughing symphony than a musical. I tried to suppress mine by popping one Strepsils after another. Thank goodness I managed to keep it under control.

I could feel the Plenary Hall was oozing with germs, bacterium and viruses! Thank God the RM300 ticket is free – or else, I would never pay RM300 to listen to people coughing away. I might as well go to the hospital, putting on the headphone and playing the musical on MP3.

Enough of whining. Well, folks – pop some vitamin C, drink plenty of water and stay away from people like me. The cough is here to stay.

10 thoughts on “Coughing Season

  1. If you want, I could recommend a Chinese physician to you. One that my little boy goes to for his coughing fits. His medicine is quite effective.

    Too bad you first encounter with a theater musicals turned out like that. Hope the next one would be a memorable one for you.

  2. When I get a cough lidat instead of taking cough medicine, I take antihistamine, it actually dries up the back throat tickle (post nasal drip) that I feel which makes us cough until lungs wanna come out. Pharmacists recommend this trick to me, doctors never say anything lidat at all so it’s up to you, to try or not, I oso not lokter so kenot can oni speak from experience.

  3. Hi Gina,

    I tried this remedy recommended by my colleague. Very effective.
    Boil a can of Coke with a few slices of ginger. Leave it to cold, then drink it in 1 gulp while it’s still warm.

    Else… you can always try Tamsolo. It’s a cough syrup that can be found in all pharmacies. Works for me too.

  4. Kleio: Is he the one I recommended to your family one kah? Heh.

    laymank: I am somehow ok already today.

    cc: Will give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

    Yuin: You didn’t hear me coughing and wheezing throughout the slapstick movie??

    Firehorse: I am allergic to a lot of types of medication that I fear taking them. Thanks. Think I will see my loctor. Hehe.

    liansim: Hi there! Thanks for the tip . Wah.. coke some more.. fattening shit. Hehehhe.

  5. Yuin: Wah.. since when you become my DADDY?? Hahaha! Maybe I cough politely so nobody could hear me. Hahahha.

    Asme: Yeah. I believe it. Coz, I was almost recovering then, suddenly, I went to have KFC, and again, it got started all over again!

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