Bed Manners


me: wahh
today rain damn heavy
good to sleep in

me: with warm blanket, fluffy pillows
and long, long hours
fren: ha ha ha
fren: missing one thing
fren: from the bed
ah? what? teddy bear?
fren: let you guess
fren: ha ha ha

me: someone to cuddle is it?
me: i dunno lah. i cannot sleep with ppl one. sure kick them off the bed
me: lol
fren: yeap… a big hairy bear
fren: no wonder you cannot find a mate
fren: cannot hv such a mind set
me: haha
fren: 8-|
me: find already also kick them off the bed
me: how ah?
if not also
i snore too loud till ppl also sked
fren: ini macam, mana boleh
fren: [-(
unless i get a partner who really sleep like a dead log
till rumah terbakar also cannot wake up type
then, shud be ok lah
fren: no comment
fren: dont think it is a good idea
fren: a sound sleeper normally snore too
then ah
both had to be heavily sedated with valium
in order to sleep

fren: then the robbers also carry yr house away

fren: ha ha ha

A conversation this evening sent me chuckles.

When I was younger, I swear I didn’t snore, unless I am dead tired.

These days, even taking afternoon nap, I would snore. The worst part is, I am always awaken by my own snore!!!

A colleague asked me why didn’t I take a short nap in office since I looked so tired. I said, you wouldn’t want to see me when I sleep. I would snore obscenely loud. I might scare my boss and he might fire me, thinking I am actually a man in woman’s clothings.

I remember I once laughed at a friend when we went to have facials together. She was lying on the bed next to me. 10 minutes into the session, she snored – rather loudly. I tried to contain my sniggers as mud was being slapped on my face. Don’t want to get wrinkles. I told her that when we were done and her face blushed.

Karma is a bitch. So, I think I am snoring now because I laughed at people. I even snore when I am in yoga class – doing my favorite pose – the corpse position. This is really disastrous. Sigh.

Snoring runs in the family or is it the food we eat? Sasha seems to snore too! She is not biologically linked to us and she is only 5 years old.

I really pity my room mate whenever we go traveling. Most of the time, I would let them sleep first before me or else, they find themselves cannot sleep at all. Usually, we would be dead tired by the time we were back in hotels, so, there hasn’t been any case of not being able to sleep. Thank God!

A rather embarrassing thing happened to me the other night. I was watching tv upstairs when my sister’s friend dropped by to say hi. After chatting for a few minutes, he went downstairs to talk to my mother. As I was very tired, I dozed off with the tv on. When he was about to leave, he came upstairs to bid me good bye.

Lo and behold – there I was, lying in corpse position (just that I don’t even look half as good as the model in the picture!) in full snoring splendor. I got to know this when I woke up and my sis threaten to take video of me if she caught me in the act again. No more visitors after 9 pm or whenever I am sleeping in the living room upstairs, please.

Is there a way to cure snoring?

14 thoughts on “Bed Manners

  1. Oh, snoring huh..My husband’s snore really geng one. Like train is moving around. Last time I really be tahan, and recorded it down, let him listen. Then he sleep with side style, better

  2. When I was young. My grandma’s snoring gives me the creeps *bulu roma naik*. Freaking scary man. Sounded like some monster or alien being coming to get me. Fuyoh. Then I ended up tossing and turning and sweating in the bed. LOL

    I believe I am not a snorer. At least no one told me I am one. I think sleeping on your side does help. Good luck.

  3. Kari Kai: It’s not a pretty sight. I assure you. LOL.

    Yuin: I sleep on my side all the time. I think only when I turn and do corpse position – unintentionally, then I would snore.

    Jenny: LOL. I think all my newly married friends have the same problem as you. All also complain husbands snore too loud. If I ever get married, the reverse would most likely to happen. He would record it down and show me.

    Kleio: The kids also scared when my mom snores. LOL. You ah.. I doubt it. Hahahhaa.

  4. Forget about cure. You will only stress youself more.

    Wear ear plugs when you sleep so that you won’t wake yourself up.

  5. LRC2: Hahaha!!! So that I don’t wake myself up. That’s so funny! Hahahah. But then, how ah? If put on ear plugs, then we can’t hear the alarm?

    Kari Kai: You put ear plugs for what? You snore also?

    Takeshi: Maybe by wearing a bra to sleep, it would stop me from breathing too hard? Maybe it’s a good idea. Hahahah.

  6. Try breathing as how you do it in your yoga session.. i think it helps.. I’ve started to sleep in corpse position and breathe accordingly, I guess I snore less now… not as heavy as last time.. remember the redang trip incident, wah, I’m really dead tired that time… hehe.

  7. hahaha…. your friend will probably think you’re tired… that’s all…

    i heard sleeping side ways can prevent it… dunno about curing it…

    by the way… the description of your blog… better to sleep with a cannibal than a drunken christian? hmmmmm

  8. WY: Yes, you were really loud in Redang. LOL.

    Zewt: These few days, I slept side ways and yet, I could hear myself snore. Sigh… The description of my blog – errm…. It’s better to be practical and not pretentious lah. You can see from the way I write – no pretence, spur of the moment and no hypocrisy. It has nothing to do with wild sex lah.

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