Last week was quite a challenging week. I thought I would be in my most jovial mood as I would be relaxing in office since my boss is away.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Apart from running around again like a headless chicken because things cropped up last minute, an ex Boss called up asking for favours.

She has been calling me almost every other week asking me for things which I had grown feeling a little annoyed and abused.

Ex Boss: Hi, morning. Are you free?

Me: Morning (Shit. What does she wants now??)

Ex Boss: You are free to talk?

Me: I am okay coz my boss is not in mah. (Big mistake!!!!)

Ex Boss: Then ah, can you please help me to check with your friends, how to incorporate a foundation or yayasan? Company limited by guarantee?

Me: @#$%^&* (In my heart)

Ex Boss: Hello??

Me: Err… I don’t think my other ex colleagues did this thing before. Maybe you should check direct with the Companies Commission website.

Ex Boss: Aiyah… since you are so free, can you please get for me the info??

Me: @#$%^&*. I will try but no promises.

Ex Boss: Well, if I ask you for favours, you have everything to gain also. At least you have something new to learn.

Me: YA RIGHT. (In my heart)

Ex Boss: I am still looking for a new job lah. I can’t stand it here.

Me: Then, move on lah. Get yourself registered in jobstreet or jobsDB. I am sure there are lotsa jobs out there for people with good qualifications like you. (AND yeah right– I have to work for you even when I am no longer reporting to you! @#$%^&*)

Ex Boss: Yeah. You are so resourceful. My mom said, ask the fei poh (Cantonese: fatty and she was referring to me) to get me a new job. Ha ha ha!

Me: …………..

Come on. Something is very wrong here.

You are asking me for a favor and you call me FEI POR? No doubt, I am someone who could laugh at my own insecurities and inadequacy, that doesn’t mean that you could do the same. Fat people have feelings too.

After 5 minutes browsing on the internet on the companies commission website, I e-mailed her 25 pages of guidelines to incorporate a company limited by guarantee. Sometimes I don’t understand at this age, some people are still plain ignorant that internet could do wonders.

There won’t be a next time. I swear.

This morning, right after I drafted this, she called again. Speak of the devil.

As soon as I heard her voice, I said, “I AM NOT FREE!” and ended the conversation abruptly.

22 thoughts on “I Am NOT FREE!

  1. giving in to the current boss all the time can be sinful… giving in to an ex-boss is just totally out of this world!

    i guess you’re a lawyer or a company sect.

  2. Wow. Really. Who does that? Call up an ex-employee for help and then insults her? And thinks it’s funny? Really.

    Look on the bright side: at least it’s the EX boss. Could still be your boss, and owwwch. Right?

    Have a good Wednesday tomorrow!😀

  3. Zewt: Yeah. You are right. I am a Company Sect. Boring job with boring bosses. LOL. Now I am not longer in Com Sec line. Find it quite a relief, actually! Yeah. I am just too “nice”.

    Ann: Nobody will call you fei por one lah, you skinny ass. Hahahahaha! Joking ok!

    Goldfish: Is that you?

    Blue Devil: I kena pijak a few times last week. Aiyoh.. wads going on man? I think the Devil in Me, really gone liao. Must ask him to come back.

    KM: Yeah lah! Aiyoh. Actually she is not very difficult to work with. Probably that time, since I am reporting to her, I am still okay with her pushing me around. But now, we are no longer bond to each other mah… anyway…. our community is a niche. So what goes around, comes around… very hard to say no to people in this line. But now, I couldn’t be bothered! Thanks for adding me in your bookmark page! Cool! I added you too! Heheh. Absolut Genius ah?? Absolut Goofy got lah. Got trampled all over last week.😦

    ml: Yes. From today onwards, my standard operating procedure in answering her phone call is – I AM NOT FREE! Don’t play play.

    colourmecrazy: LOL. I left the previous company bona fide. Nothing bad about her, really. Apart from her lack of communication skills and totally ignorant about internet – uhm… so I can bitch about her more lah! Heheh!

  4. Hey, know what? you should be proud (of course can feel pissed as well, lol) she is your ex-BOSS, and yet she needs you to assist her, that tells everything. Mana her standard being a BOSS?? You tell her la, she had convinced you to find her a job, because she doesn’t deserve the title and sit in there. kekekeke

  5. Your ex-boss is quite a thick-skinned one eh. When you first told me I was aghast… didn’t know there’s really such kind of person. It amazes me.

    Well anyhow, it’s good to stay in good terms with her provided things wasn’t going overboard. I can pretty understand your frustration here. I would have felt the same too. If someone would to ask for help but didn’t even bother to ask nicely/civilly.

  6. True also lah, May. That is why, before I leave (and she didnt know yet), I did tell her to learn to use a certain program by herself – LEARN! Then, she said, she rather rely on me. I said, what if I were to leave one day? She said she will die standing. She didn’t also. Hahahahahahah. Anyway, it was good that she must learn to be independent without me lah.

  7. Kleio: She is quite ignorant one coz she doesn’t have much social life. She is one mommy’s daughter who would go to school, tuition, piano classes then come home straight. Hardly have any friends other than her own husband. That is why mah like that lah…. sigh… I think social skills are acquired, and not inborn. She has a long way to learn.

  8. You must be a wonder person, to help an ex boss who doesn’t even know how not to use insulting words. The next time she asks you for a favour, just say no politley. No more kek sum.

  9. Yeah……. but if someone insult me, I wouldn’t even help. I’m surprised u helped her when she call u fei por. Usually you won’t tolerate this…. hehe!!! Hey…..you mellowed down??

  10. fishtail: Yes. I am puzzled myself. I thought I was a total bitch.

    Yuin: Scorpions snack got slimming effect one ah?

    Ann: Like you said before, better not burn bridge. Who knows? We might need her help later.

    YY: Thanks for the idea. I think it would be a great christmas gift.

  11. Yeah.. I should start charging for my advice! Advice doesnt comes free! Anyway, she called again yesterday asking for things and demanded me to revert to her. I hung up on her.😛

  12. I truly undersatnd how you feel… some ppl just like to take other ppl for granted …. and since she has no respect for you for calling you names (although not her calling u but her mom) she laughed at it though, i dun see y u need to respect ppl of this sort … at times, ppl just forget tt teasing is not a fun thing to do especially when u hurt someone’s feeling … making a joke at the expense of another is disrespectful but i guess we have to live with it cos disrespectful ppl r everywhere …

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